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Some more "cagers suck" stories: ride report

Some days just remind me how vulnerable on bikes we are, and how ignorant people can be.

#1) ignoramous: On the highway with girlfriend on back, heading down to Newport RI. Behind an Altima, and notice a cigarette butt get tossed out the sunroof. Ok, think nothing of it. Then notice another. Now I'm pissed, and proceed to hold the salute for a few seconds in front of me, as it's pretty obvious they know I'm behind them. They then start tossing more...I'm assuming these a$$holes(guy driving, girl in are grabbing butts out of the ashtray and throwing them at me.

Pull up to the side when I can, and the guy is looking at me smirking. I get VERY pissed, and get back behind them. Follow them off the highway, and try pulling back up to them at the stop sign at the end of the ramp...they take off. Start following again with every intention of pulling him out of the car and beating him senseless...then remember my gf is on the back, and she's probably pissed at me for what I want to do, so I stop and turn around. When I get a chance to talk to my gf, she tells me she wishes I kept following them. Dammit.

#2) After a good day of riding & sightseeing, heading back home on the highway. I'm in the passing lane, and a F-150 is in the lane to my right, it's rear quarter lined up with my front wheel. Without blinker, he just drifts right over into my lane, I have to slow down so I'm not sideswiped. Thankfully I didn't make a pass at the same time. Get on the horn as he's changing over, and he just goes right into my lane regardless. Pulls back over to the right, and when I pull up to his left, he just looks over at me, then back to the road with no "sorry" or acknowledgement he could have ran me off the highway. Thanks, buddy. He proceeds to start weaving in and out of traffic ahead.

#3) Sitting at a red light, right up front. It's a major intersection, with a delay between one side turning red to the other turning green. My light turns green, get on the gas, picking up my feet, and a Camry FLIES through the red on the other side in front of me, probably going 60mph in a 30. If he was a few seconds later, I'm dead, no questions asked.

Stuff like the last two really make me question just how safe can this be? I ride with full gear, don't pull squidly moves on the road, but sometimes there are things you just can't control. Well just wanted to rant about these clowns on the road...stay safe and alert out there.
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Now I dont want to be the " do as I say not as I do guy", but here it is. When im in a car in the winter and someone pisses me off and they really do deserve it, I'll be the first one to see if they want to settle it like men. I wont go pulling people out of their car, i mean theres a big difference between brawls between two consenting adults, and dragging someone out of their car and smashing them silly... but if they're down, im down.

That said however, I keep my mouth shut on the bike, for various reasons.

1: They are in a cage, their life sucks anyways, at least more than yours does.

2: Instead of riding around them and trying to start stuff, u can leave them miles behind in a flick of your wrist, which always makes me feel better, cuz even if he hates bikes, hes still jealous.

3: Some guys are as crazy as you and I probably are. Before my riding life, I would frequently do things without even the smallest thought of the consequences, and many other people do as well.

What if that guy had done what I saw happen to my friend? Our story is similar to yours. Some ass hat threw a mcdonalds shake out his sunroof after he was like half done with it, the thing splattered my bud who was leading at the time, just he and I, we re both pretty pissed and on the freeway, at the first chance we both give him the ole salute when we get next to him. Circumstances develop forcing us to get behind him again to catch an exit coming up in a couple miles, and my buddy just cant let it go, hes got his finger out and u can see his head bobbing, he s screaming at this dude and even tho the dude cant hear it, u know he can see it, my bud doesnt wear a full helmet.

Sounds kinda similar to your story, after reading yours im really glad my friend didnt have his gf on the back like you did.

This guy brake checked us hard, I got over to the right lane in time, but i was behind my friend, who had no chance, he was going 70 and this guy must have shaved at least 30 mph off real fast, adam just went right over the front, chest bounced off the guys rear window and flew over the car into the road, and the guy, already getting back on the gas, didnt swerve enough to miss him totally, running over his right arm/leg.

Total damage? One '04 R1 insurance write off, ticket pointing my bud as the one at fault for riding too close behind, a broken collarbone, right femur, ankle and elbow, broken nose, a whole lotta skin off the right side of his face, a couple cracked ribs, and just about every part of his body banged up bad. Now the other guy got in a lotta legal trouble too, but still, no way was it worth it. The point is ur counting on that guy to be 1: reasonable enough not to try to kill u and 2: too much of a chickenass to try anything crazy.

If you are wrong about a guy and he does something like that, you could end up in serious trouble real fast.

Im not saying some people dont deserve their butt kicked, but sometimes its best to let it go. And when EVER i have my gf on the back, we do what I THINK is right, no matter what she wants. Im responsible for anyone on the back, and i take that responsibility seriously, especially when its someone i care about.

Just my thoughts.
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Version 3:

Ride with an ASP baton and crack said asshole's window or dent quarter panel as you blast past him. I had a cab driver nearly sideswipe me as he drifted into my lane. Didn't have the baton, but really caught his attention when I kicked his side mirror off. At the next light he yelled at me for breaking his mirror, but I told him it was a lot cheaper than my insurance bill would have been if he had actually hit me. He apologized and turned around to go pick his mirror back up.
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A pocket-full of big washers can do a lot of damage to a car, especially glass, right before you crack the throttle and disappear...

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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True. I like to carry those usually. If you are somewhat sly about it when you toss them over your shoulder, nobody can really say whether you threw them or if it was just crap flying up off the road.
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Kypd, you're right, and that's why I held off. Neither one of us were driving/riding aggressively, no tailgaiting, swerving, ect. It was some little punk and his fat girlfriend. I was in that "heated" zone for a few minutes, then finally shrugged it off. That sucks what happened to your friend. You would *think* people would think twice about easily killing someone on a bike, but your story proves some people really are crazier than you'd think. It's one thing to brake check someone in a car, but on a bike???

The dude in the F150, I wasn't even thinking about flipping him off. He was driving aggressively, and I didn't want him to do something stupid to me. I just shook my head and got tried to keep distance.

I wouldn't want to kick someone's mirror while moving, for that reason they could easily sideswipe me. From a stop, wehre I could easily blast off, however....
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I like to carry a pocket full of gravel, it has the same effect as washers, except it's more difficult to lay blame on a rider for tossing them.

I also not above kicking off mirrors or denting doors or quarterpanels.

It all depends on what the idiots do to me.

Last Halloween, I was riding home after work, at about 3:00AM, and some drunken idiot throws a drink at me as I ride past. I pulled over, planning to give him a piece of my mind, I mean the guy could have caused me serious injury, and possibly written my bike off, and this guy tries to pick a fight with me!

What kind of a fool tries to pick a fight with a guy wearing a full faced helmet and kevlar knucked gloves?

Luckily his friends dragged him off before anything really happened.
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i prefer carrying my 9mm

so many times i have wished that i could just shoot out someones tires for being an asshole on the road, thank god i have enough self control and fear of going to jail that i dont! lol
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ive heard all the stories about what people carry, nuts, bolts, washers, paintballs (i really like this one, but fear of having them bust) bats, hammers etc

and since ive been riding ive come to the conclusion that i def. need somthing just deciding on what. im kinda liking the gravel idea. since it is harder to point that at someone
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all that responsible crap said and done, there is one thing that I do on a regular basis in heavy traffic.

Every once in a while you get the passengers smoking and if you can catch them at lights hanging their cigs out the window, i thoroughly enjoy slapping their cigs out of their hand if I think im going slow enough not to really hurt their hand.

You never know if it is their last one heheheheh.

A side note about my english, sorry for the abbreviations sometimes but im a relay operator and its hard to break the habit, theres a ton of words that we are required to shorten and I cant ever kick the habit, like i hardly ever capitalize or use punctuation any more.

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