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Thumbs down Down I went!

Some bad luck plus some good luck equals a bruised knee, some lightly scratched fairings, and misaligned steering. Here's what happened:

I went down to Malibu with some friends, and we decided to hit up Latigo Canyon Rd off of Pacific Coast Hwy. We got on it, and stopped at the very base. The guy that was organising the whole thing set us up into groups. Total noobs in front, and those who'd been in canyons before in the back. I was put into second-to-last place in line (I successfully scraped pegs [unintentionally] at Pallomar and survived, so I guess my ego was a bit bloated). And so we were off! We were going pretty slow, and the road was VERY mildly twisty. I thought we were there because the roads were like that, due to the new people. When the first sharp turn comes around, it catches me totally off guard. I guess the guy in front of me slowed down to let the others get ahead so we could have some space to twist the throttle a little bit. He went through the turn fine, but I went in way too fast for my own good. I lift my ass off the seat, scoot it over as far as I can, lean my body in the same direction, and start scraping my pegs. I'm still however going off the road. The scraping doesn't help, because that just scares me and I turn less to not scrape (natural reaction). By that time, I realise that I'm gonna go off, and I don't really know what did then. So that's the bad luck part. Here's the good luck part: the outside of the turn was a steep hill (going upwards, not a cliff) covered in soft dirt and green vegitation. so I kinda slam into the softness and the bike on top of me. The guy in front and the guy in back of me both stop to come help me out. We pick the bike off of me, make sure I'm alright, look the bike over (the front turn signal looked broken, but it turns out it was just popped out of place and could easily be popped back in; lightly scratched fairings and clutch cover; and dirt and grass all over the place. After a surprisingly small bit of cranking, the bike fires right up, and we get going. The thing I immediately notice is that the steering is off. the handle bars have to be turned slightly to the right for the bike to go straight. The forks looks straight and compress normally, so I guess they just got misaligned somehow in the whole ordeal. I'll check that out later on today. Besides that, everything looks fine. When I come home later on, I notice that there's a small bruise on left side (the inside) of my right knee, and that's about it. Today I'm sore all over the place, but I think that was just from all the riding done that day, and not the crash.

I got lucky in many ways. Once we started riding again, we passed a bunch of stopped, worried looking bikers. We didn't know what was going on. Later on we found out that some dude took the turn too fast (hmm... seems to be a trend), but unfortunately, there wasn't a soft hill to cushion his fall, but rather a steep cliff, going down pretty damn far. Not sure what happened, but we think the guy jumped off the bike and saved himeself before going over, but the bike is a gonner.

This was a damn gentle first crash, and it sure as hell slapped some sense into me. I shall from now on take it slow when going on a road I've never been on the first time. That, and it kinda hit me with how vulnerable we really are (I already knew, but this was a strong illustration that really drove the point home).

I feel bad, because it was a new bike (funny how everyone warned me about that) and now I can't say that it was never dropped or crashed. Weird, because now that I'm over the shaky feeling of the crash, I wanna go fix my bike and hit up more canyons, practice, get better. The bike now has character, and more character won't hurt as much

So what do you guys think... does crashing 3.5 months into the sport make me a squid or something?

Bah, I'm probably making too big of a deal out of all this, and this post is way too long as it is. But thanks for reading .

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I think crashing is just part of the learning process. I went down less than a week into riding on a corner same as you. Glad to hear you came out alright. Sounds like your bike got lucky and didn't take much damage. Grass is a beast on farings, it pulled mine apart. Try putting the front wheel between your legs and twist the bars back straight. It could just be that bars bent slightly or if they are clip-on just loosen them up and get them back in place. Get some bengay and rub your sores down. Get back on the road soon.

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I'll be back on the road in about 15 minutes. I have class
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LOL. Be careful, your bars might have warped and could start to wobble. Take it easy until your sure.

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Newbie lessons

No, you are not a squid just because of your crash. I read a statistic somewhere that says that 80% of new bike owners have a crash within the first 6 months of ownership. Hey, and it sounds like you've learned from the experience. Furthermore, given your lack of any serious injury, it also sounds like you were wearing proper gear. All signs of non-squidlyism.
Plus, aren't you glad this happened to your $3000 250 instead of the $9000 600cc sportbike so many newbies buy?

Glad you are ok. Best of luck and carry on!
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Well you had nice soft dirt and that other guy had some cliff, so I guess when I crashed yesturday I found myself somewhere in between. Yeah that is it. In between some bushes after evidently my bike and I did a back flip into it. I was just like you, a little shaken by it, but I had to get back and fix my bike. I broke a windscreen and damaged some fairings just a little. Just got back from a ride that went a lot better thank god. Actually, reading your post made me feel a little better about my own crash!
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I only crash due to deer and stunting. Taking stunting out of the equation, but the ever elusive deer remains a problem. Pesky deers.
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Yea, deer tend to like things mover at around 60mph with highbeams on and horns blaring. I had one run into the side of my ford explorer about 5 years back on a trip to Virginia. It just ran head on and smacked right into the driverside window... it lived beleive it or not, well atlease long enough to get out of the road.

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holy crap Late, glad you're alright, I was over at Malibu this past weekend as well but didn't go through Latigo. I was following a few experienced riders a month back goin' through there, and it scared the living shit out of me, couple of those turns I ended up crossing double yellows.

This past weekend I was with a few new canyon riders, which got a little dangerous since we let them go in front and they would just brake and suddenly slow down a lot, sometimes not even putting throttle through the turn, scared the crap out of me as I didn't wanna pass them midturn so my other choice was attempt to brake midturn, never really had to brake that hard through a turn, very good experience that I'd rather not have to use or repeat in that manner.

If it makes you feel better I first crashed my bike about a month or two after I got it Haven't seen you around in a while, stay safe man
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You realize you went down pretty lightely. You did not take out the mirror, only popped the signal light out of its rubber position, no hand control lever broken or bent all to 'ell. Only some marks on the fairing & not enough damage to where many relalize the panel or possibly the nose piece has to be replaced, no engine parts damaged or scared, no foot control levers bent of broken. Just the bit you mentioned says that was probably close to 15mph when you went down.

Like your helmet or riding gear has not been toren up up & parts needs to be replaced like especially the helmet Most riders going down at 50mph have a lot more damage------so you were I lucky one. True you landed on some grassy bit, but I have seen bikes hit the same & far more damage.

So you have to look towards the REAL one of where concussion is part of said prang, bike has to be hauled back to some shop & will be tied up a few weeks waiting for parts or a few months as you grope around for parts with possibly a broken bone that gives you trouble. Not pleasant, but yours was extremely light & the big one has yet to hit you.
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