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Hey folks,

I figured I'd share my first prangtastic incident on the ex500. For the curious I'm fine and my bike is only slightly less fine.

I'm mostly a lurker here. Posted a lot last year when I was trying to figure out what bike I wanted for my first ride and all that, and I figured I should come by and give my first crash report.

Almost exactly one year, and about 9800 miles since I bought my bike I had my first accident. There's a traffic light on the way home from the office that is timed so that if you rush you can usually make it, and if you don't you're guaranteed to just barely miss it. The weather yesterday was nasty, everything was wet, and needless to say, I was rushing it. I even told myself as I was doing it 'you're gonna crash you asshole!', and yet I did it anyway. I could blame it on the guy thyat cut me off, but it really wasn't his fault. I just wasn't focused and when I tried to scrub off speed for the corner, grabbed a little too much front brake, and instead of relaxing my grip when the front started to skid, I tightened it up, and down I went. I think I was probably only going about 15 when I fell over. To add insult to injury I stopped skidding just barely into the intersection, so there was more than enough space to come to a stop, I just had the wrong reaction.

Moral of the story, stay calm and listen to that little voice that says 'don't be stupid, asshole!'

As for the bike, the front brake lever snapped off. I think the piston is lying somewhere on the road out there too, but I didn't see it when I looked for parts on the road, probably under someone's car or something. Also ground down part of the cowling, but the cowling was screwed up when I bought it, so I don't really care too much about that. The rear brake lever is mangled pretty good, so that needs replaced too, but I think the footrest came out okay. It folded up to let the brake lever take all the damage. Which is awesome, considering the brake lever is only like 4x more expensive! I also ground down some of the metal on the water pump cover. All of that stuff should be pretty easy to replace.

I managed to ride the bike the remaining mile home using just the rear brake without any kind of trouble. On the trip home however I thought it felt like the right handlebar might've gotten bent out of shape a little bit, and I'm trying to decide on whether I should be able to diagnose that before or after I get the rest of the stuff fixed.

Anyway, there's my crash story. I was really looking forward to never dropping my bike, but at least it happened on this guy instead of a nice shiny new one.

Also, I'm looking at getting all the parts OEM from, or maybe from ebay. If anyone has any other parts suggestions. Or suggestions of any sort for that matter, feel free to pipe up. I also ordered the service manual from Kawasaki, along with the supplement. So that should give me a good start for my foray into parking lot bike repair!

Thanks for listening!
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Glad to hear you came out alright. As I'm sure you already realize, wet weather is not the time to push your limits.

Ronayers is my favorite place for new OEM parts. even ebay doesnt touch their price on new parts (but you may be able to get used ones cheaper). The one complain I have about ronayers is how long it takes them to ship a part. So long as you are not in a hurry, the deal is good.

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Glad to hear you didn't end up as anouther statistic. It sounds like you got out of it without to much damage. Check the bar to see if it didn't just slide back, like a set of clip ons, rather than bend. Good luck, and hope it comes out cheap for ya.

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Originally posted by SepiasSoul
Glad to hear you didn't end up as anouther statistic....
Sure he did, now he's a member of the motorcyclists who've gone down stats. Also, he's now a welcome member of the asphalt surfers club - we welcome you open armed

In all seriousness, glad to hear your get off ended up relatively painlessly, recognizing your mistakes is half the battle - sounds like you're off to a great start, have fun bud - and hope you get it fixed as fast as possible.
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I had a 10mph crash and shattered my wrist/radius, so when you crash and theres no broken bones that's a plus.

It's raining and windy here today. Yesterday? Sunny 80 degrees. Damn this state...

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Damn, sorry to hear that mstrand. Little did I know how lucky I was. Thanks for the confirmation on Ronayers Vash, I figured it was the way to go, but wasn't exactly sure.

I think I'm going to wait for the service manual to come in, and then take things apart to see what parts I actually need. Then I can try and get everything at once. It'll probably take longer this way, but I have a civic that makes a great daily driver, and it just had it's 20k maintenance, so it'll be good to go for a while.
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Honestly Koob, I really do NOT like to read about prangs. Especially ones that mean serious injuries or death. Still yours made a lot of sense & basically no injuries though bet you are feeling some parts of the body now or a few days later, that seeminly are a bit different. Said mini-prang is worth reading about.

Ah yes---------another one of those that will not listen to the little guy inside. I know for most times I have ignored him I have pranged or possibly not ridden up to par to sometimes feeling I was lousy on those few twisties or that said off cambered bend felt a bit hairy when usually I like that bit of a challange.

Yes I agree that the Manual on the Kwacker will be a good purchase & help you on some matters.

Sepias has a point, for if you bike has clip-ons the right one might have just been pushed back, but I have a feeling you a riding a bike with a single set of bars. So it could be loosen up the steering head yoke bolts & you can bring all back to par by simply placing the front wheel between your legs & a slight tug one way or the other will be the answer. Though do remember to snug up the loosened bolts.
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Glad you came out OK, but what the hell is a "prang"?
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Prang comes from the Brits during WWII when allied aircraft crashed on the runways. For in a way "parng" was of of the many sounds when the poor aircraft & pilot &/or crew came to land the hardway.

We had a lot of Brits come over to Cdn & buy m/cs so "prang' became a universal word for crashing or spilling a bike. Sort of like "footrests" another Brit word used for what you might call "footbegs" to "mudguards" in place of "fenders" for latter is for cars to the Brit riders, & in wet conditions with so many dirt roads the really were mudguards. Lots of other words became the lingo of m/cists. Like none of us used the so called "scooter" word of HD riders for we all knew what a scooter was & in many cases had riden or worked on them. You see shortly after WWI the Brits leaned towards real scooters only they were a flop.
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Smitty introduced us to the word prang in the Smokers on Road poll not to long ago. This is a quote of its introduction.

....After all here in North America a fag means something else. But then pranging a m/c is another Brit slang work I prefer over "crashing". LOL
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