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Have you ever lost?

I've been curious latetly about the idea of a 4-wheeler actually being able to out race one of our behemoths. Has anyone here every actually lost to ANY type of car/truck/SUV before? I'm sure it's possible, just unlikely. Even if you were given a run for your money please share with us what went down.

I'll start off with my close-but-no-cigar story. I was on the highway a couple weeks ago cruising alone at a speed of around 70mph when a red corvette(03-05,not sure) starts passing me in the left lane. The beauty of it catches my eye so I instinctively look over and as soon as I do the driver slows down to match my speed.

He then gives me one of the "whats up man" head nods, in a friendly manner. I gesture back and then after that he kinda nodded his head forward giving me the signal that he wanted to race. I was bored and there were no other cars in sight so I said "F*ck it, why not." This was the first time on my bike that I actually felt intimidated because I knew the capabilies and loosely, the times of stock Vets.

After a few seconds I downshifted from 5th to 3rd. I was of course careful to match the rpms before letting the clutch back out. So now my baby was close to her powerband and ready to rip. We both look at each other and nod signaling to go...

I was caught completely off guard from the quick jump his car made as we took off I had never raced/ messed around with a car with that much pull before. Sure enough I have the throttle wide open in 3rd and he started pulling ahead of me slowly but surely... I got up to about 11 grand within seconds and shifted to 4th. By the time I had finished sucking the power out of the 4th powerband I was begining to gain on him. By this time were barely over 100mph. Then I shift to 5th( a little early) and thats when I started to take him, I think he was still finishing 4th(not sure) but by the time I got up 10 grand he was a few car lengths behind me. Aftering hitting around 130 we both kind of decided it was over.

This wasn't really a true "race" but you get the picture. Please share your stories with us if you have any!
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I've never had a problem with the cars around here. Most of them are rice rockets and are absolutly no challege. There are quite a few porches but they are driven by old people who couldn't put a pinto to its limits, much less their car. I have had a few nuts on the interstate driving like mad men to try and get me to race them, but they drive so bad I was afraid to becuase they probly woulda killed me, literally, if I did. I just let those people go, Florida is full of bad drivers.

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I've lost a handful of times, but - never on the street. I took most all my bikes to test and tune nights at the drag strip, just for fun. I got absolutely obliterated about 4 times on a friends 1000rr, against a 69 camaro with slicks (and lord knows what under the hood). I also managed to lose on the f4i to a turbo'd maserati. But on the street, I haven't managed to find anyone willing to beat me into submission.

I did have one scare the ever loving shit out of me though, I was taking a decently long trip (110~ miles) to see a girl I used to go to school with, I was on a long, long empty stretch of interstate, and passed the only thing in site, an 18 wheeler. I'm pretty curiosu so as I was passing I looked up at the guy, and he nodded and I nodded back, and he did the "twist the wrist" motion, and shoved his hand from the back of his cab forward, which I took to mean "go real fast!", so I gave him a thumbs up and slowed down (we were going about 80 at the time), I slowed down to about 40, geared all the way down, tucked up under the wind screen, and pinned it, shot past him about 160, sat up, and slowed down, I was coasting at about 130, when I heard this noise like a jet was about to land on top of me, i was turning to look behind me when this 18 wheeler goes rocketing past me, black smoke pouring out of the stacks, and the turbo screaming so loud it made my head hurt, and once he passed me, the black smoke stopped and he coasted back down, but he passed me when I was coasting at 130, at a very, very good clip - I had no idea those things could go that fast (I assume he was unloaded, the trailer must have been empty), but - hell, I felt like I needed to pay him some tuition, cause he had just taken me to school.
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Wow! I heard the rigs have some good top end, but I figured 120 or so. That's pretty cool(not the fact the shit got scared out of you though).

I've never raced a car. Considering the top end of my bike is 150-155, I know there's definitely some autos out there that can beat me. I don't really have plans to top out my bike on the street anyway.

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Vettes are highway monsters. There aren't many cars out there that can go toe to toe with one from a highway punch. They pull like a raped ape

I got beat by a prelude on my friends Honda rebel
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These are some badass stories. The whole semi-truck thing was funny/scary as hell. Yea, I have yet to take it to the track and race, but I'm sure i would get smoked by dragster type cars all day long. Oh well, at least I haven't been beaten by a prelude yet!

Now, just so I am aware in the future, does anyone know of any "ricer" type can that can actually/potentionally hang with us big dogs? I don't want to look like a complete idiot if I end up racing against one someday.

Awsome stories guys! keep' em comin if you have any!
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LOL I love the semi story. I had no idea that had that much speed in them.
Never been beaten by a car, but I dont try that often. Most people know better than to try, and when they do I ussually bump the throttle, get half a lenght ahead of them, and slow down. They will get just in front of me, I'll catch up quickyl and slow down again. Thats my way of saying "Lets not race, I'll just emberass you"
Matrix: sounds like you got a bad launch. maybe next time, pull in the clutch rev and dump? or maybe drop to second?

I dont know of a single stock car that can take on the acceleration of a sportbike. But if they dump enough money to push close to 1000hp, then we dont have a chance.

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Yea Vash thats what I was thinking. I wasn't sure if my engine could handle 70-80mph in 2nd, I don't think I've tried that before...

As far as the dumping clutch thing, will that damage it if I do that at such high speeds? I'm still learning so I don't really know the limitations of my bike yet. I know that lots of people rev their engines up at a stop light and let the clutch out to get a good start. I did this on accident one time and the bike made a horrible shaving/grinding lke noise in the engine, so after rolling a few feet, but before the bike completely engaged into first, I pulled the clutch back in to disengage it and let off the gas a bit.

As a side note a few nights ago I think I made the rev limiter come on, that or my bike was about to explode. after I turned on to the freeway I stayed slow in 1st but let the rpms build up to about 8 grand and after making sure no one was in front or coming from behind to merge, I let the throttle wide open! I swear for a second the bike hopped just an inch like it was trying to come up. In less than 2 seconds my needle was pointing to 12,000 and once it hit the red spot my bike started to make that same noise it does if you play Gran Turismo 3 and rev the car at the begining in neutral. The needle just kept hopping up and down until I shifted into second. Is that normal I hope?

.....wow, big side note...lol
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Congrats, yes that was your limiter.

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Sounds like your limiter to me. Mine does the same thing at 14.5k. You bike was jumping up for wheelie when you popped the clutch out, I wouldn't try it on the interstate or on ramp though...

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