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First embarrassing moment

Well it had to happen sooner or later... today being a really nice day to ride. Me still being a new rider I decided to go out to a paraking lot and practice some emergency stops. Did that for a while then started heading back home. As i was going around the neighbourhood i decided to do a lap before i park it. then all the sudden i'm feeling a little braver having just practiced so decided to to take the corners a little faster... you can see where this is going. Then as i'm going into a corner i've seen plenty of times before i notice somebodys blue bin had been in the middle of the road i was already going pretty fast when i noticed. and i needed to change my course while turning to avoid it. As the curb got closer and close i realized i was gonna run out of road. so all i could do was hop the curb. I hit it pretty hard my forks fully compressed and i was almost shot straight off the bike. somehow i ended up landing back down on the seat and was now riding along the sidewalk. hahaha all the while some guy washing his car is staring at me. Do you think there may be any damage to my forks it hit so hard that the fender has a scracth from hitting the upper fairings.
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Damn, sounds like a rough ride. I would be concerned with a damaged front wheel in addition to the forks.

BTW what is a "blue bin"? Is it a recycle container or some sort or a garbage/rubbish bin?
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it was just a regualar recycling bin, but it freaked me out because i didn't see it till i was already into the turn, so i hit the back brake a bit to change course. Lucky there wasn't a tree or ppl on the sidewalk. I was imagining the shame i would have after limping to pick up my bike. But somehow I managed to land back on the steat although the family jewls took a good hit... and then i played it off as if that was something i do at least once a day... nothing out of the ordinary. But at least it didn't happen going into oncoming traffic... lesson learned, and i'll have to check out my rim and forks, hope there's no serious damage... everybody say a prayer for me.
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If you dont have oil seeping out of your forks, at the tof of the outer tube, then your seals should be okay, thats the first thing I would expect to go. Other wise i think your forks will be fine, as for rim, check it out for any obvious dents or cortorsions, ofcourse if you dont have any mechanical skills(I have very few), and you want to be 100%, have someone qualified take a look at it.
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Everything looks okay, the ride doesn't feel any different. But then again this is a pretty old bike. The impact was enough for one of my side fairing to crack off. Had to go back there later to shamefully pick it up. However i don't think it was acttached well due to a low side the previous owner had.
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I just replaced the fork springs and oil seals, aswell i just serviced the rear suspension, I guess this was a good test for it. Tuff little bike. I've gotta remember you never know what's around those corners.
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don't worry about it too much, mike_drz, I'm sure some other forum members here would be more than happy to tell you, if some guy washing his car was on your only witness to being stupid, you got off good. I seem to have all my stupid moments around beautiful girls, as a matter of fact I've got 3 under my belt that should, each and of their own, prevent me from ever fornicating again (luckily they haven't).

The third one I did about a month after riding, stopped by to see a lady friend, and didn't have the kickstand extended fully, so apparently I left the bike doing somewhat of a balancing act, about the time I'm up the sidewalk and giving her a hug, you hear that painful crash come from the street as the bike fell over, doh!

The second one (we're moving in order of severity here) I managed to do at an intersection in front of a highschool here, right after school let out for the day, I was about 19 at the time (2 years ago), and, hey, what can I say, school had just let out, and I was distracted by the eye candy on the sidewalk, by the time I remembered I was coming up on a redlight and looked forward, I was dangerously close to rear-ending a school bus, liking my head attached where it is, I panic braked and laid the bike down on it's left side, it was relatively slow and I managed to remain standing, barely, the bike bounced up under the bus but not under any wheels or anything, and amazingly - the bus was obvious to it, painfully I had to stand there, and wait for the light to turn green and the bus to go forward to recover the bike, stand it back up, crank it, and go. All the while having the cute little girls, I was just admiring, and their moms, asking if I was okay and wanting to call an ambulance (for a <15mph get off)

The first, and worst one, was at an intersection close to the largest of our 5 local theaters, I had seen a movie with some buds, and was making my way home, it was relatively late at night so as I pulled up to a stop light there was only one other car at it, being the generally curious cat that I am, I looked over at the driver as I pulled up next to her, and my friend, she was absolutely smokin' hot, I was glad I had my full face helmet on cause, I'd of looked like an idiot sitting there jaw dropped (but I was about to make a much better impression anyway ) so, as I'm staring at her, she realizes she'd been gazed at, and looks back over at me, I really don't know how long I managed to stare at her but, it was the only thing on my mind - so, it came as quite a shock when she smiled and gave a little wave, so, being the polite young man I am, went to return the wave, took my right hand up and hadn't taken the bike out of first gear, it started to roll forward which pulled it across the bottom of my hand, giving it more gas, I tried to stand up and let it go out from under me but, the peg caught the back of my right shoe, so the bike shot out in the intersection, and threw me back onto my ass. I almost cried, but instead, I immediately stood up, walked into the intersection, picked the bike up, cranked it, revved a few times, and tore off in the direction I came from, never looked at her again the whole time... oh well.

Anyway, the point is - it's never as embarassing as it could have been if there were good looking ladies around. I'm glad to hear the damage was minimal though, and good job on starting with a bike you can learn on.
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My first embarrassing moment came the first day I got my bike. Took a right hander waaay to wide and ended up driving across somebodys yard, while they were out there tending to it. I just kept on going and never looked back. They must've though i was the stupidest person on the face of the earth.

"Let us celebrate our arrangement with the adding of chocolate to milk."
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You're right cmd954 I can't say that it was as embarrassing as your situations with those hotties, lol. But then again a black beat up ex500 doesn't turn as many heads, but they do seem to like two wheels nevertheless. It's good to hear these stories, lets me know i got off easy. haha I'm sure lots of people have stories they're planning to take to the grave rather then admit it.

ryan that thing you said about running over somebody's lawn was really good, i had a good laugh when i read that. I'm sure if that was me i'd ride off and never show my face there again hahaha. I also tore up somebody's property that time, but they weren't there to witness it. It's good share these stories and learn that you're not the only one who's ever done something stupid. I feel all better now.
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Not that I listen to my own advice, but this post points out that the street is indeed not the track...too many unknowns there...shit in the hiding around a corner...gravel (alaska uses a lot of gravel during the winter)...bears...rhinos ect...
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