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License plate visibility problems???

This morning I was on my way to work. I see a couple white unmarked impalas posted up infront of a school zone. Pass by cautiously like everyone else, then take a short cut at a cross street to miss the upcoming busy intersection. I pull up to the stop sign no cars infront or to either side of me so i turn. Not 3 seconds after I turn I see in my mirror an unmarked running the stop sign flashing his lights. I pull over thinking he's going to pass me up to bust somebody...that somebody is me. So we go through the normal routine...license and insurance.

officer: How come your bike doesn't have a inspection sticker?
me: It does (pointing to the tire hugger)
officer: Why you got it hidden there?
me: I don't know? That's where the inspector put it.
officer: Well I pulled you over cause when you passed me I noticed that your plate wasn't visible.
me: Really?
officer: Yeah, when your on the bike, half your plate tucks away behind the fender, but when your off the bike its fine. I got it on video, also you didn't use your signal or its not working.
me: Nobody was there to see my signal, so i didn't.
officer: Okay, well there's a lot of bikes being stolen around here. I'm giving you a warning. Figure something out with that plate & get it taken care of. (hands me the slip of paper)
me: Okay.

Then he puts out his hand for a farewell hand shake and I stood there staring at it for a couple seconds. Then he opens his hand wider and I put my hand out. I get to work & look over the paper, and notice he's listed 3 diff. citations. (1)obstructed view of L.P. (2)Fail to signal. (3)No MVI Displayed. The first two I have no problem with because I installed the underseat plate on a hide away hinge and I didn't feel the need to signal with absolutely no one around. Is it me?...or why do I feel a lil tight that he put the inspection sticker not being displayed. Its not my fault that the inspector placed it there and it is still visible when standing on the side of the bike. I'd have a talk with someone if I had got an actual ticket for all this, but I didn't and got off with a warning so I'm not upset. I am very glad that I decided to finally bring the new insurance paper with my bike this morning.
P.S. I know warnings don't go on your record but do you know if it stays in their computer system? Because I really don't want to move my plate. It was a bitch finding a spot with the undertail exhaust & all.
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Im pretty sure even though you didnt get a citation they can still put a note on your record for the next cop that pulls you over to see
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You're gonna be off your bike when they look at it to see if the plate is visable, and like you said, its visible when you are off your bike. So unless the same cops sees you again, you should be good.
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man, that one hell of a nice cop. I've never had one offer to shake my hand before.
The inspection sticker can be anywhere. I used to have mine on the bottom of the tail. The sticker doesnt have to be visible when you pass by (after all they never really are).
As for the plate, the most important thing in texas seems to be that its lit, with visibility being a secondary issue (within reason). Take a look at my gallery, maybe you could fassion something like what I got (black faired bike), its seems to please the cops fine.

And yeah, they will have a note about you for the next cop that pulls you over

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Is the inspection sticker just a Texas thing? I hope so, because as far as I know I dont have one... Glad to hear you got off with warning though.

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ya i have only been stopped once while on my bike and i got a warning as well. i was taking the onramp to the hiway and i notice the cop directly behind me but i was just riding and the bike was bone stock so i didnt even give it a second thought. (i was in albuquerque at the time). we were all behind one of those big lincoln navigators and it was going shit...15mph and wasnt speeding up worth a damn....we were on an onramp! thats the whole point of the onramp! to get up to speed. anyway it was a two lane ramp and there was nobody in the other lane so i gave a quick signal and blasted around him ... maybe at like 40-50mph....not an excessive speed for an onramp. and like a 1/4 mile down the hiway he pulls me over. he asks for the usual, liscense, insurance, and registration. i had bought my bike in cali two months naturally i had no registration except the temporary from the dealer. (in cali they dont need to post temporary plates on new vehicles). also my insurance is from colorado since that is our home state (wifes a traveling nurse). and get this....i have a cali drivers liscense since i wanted to ride the bike and i wasnt going to CO anytime soon. and on my cali liscense was a CO I think this just confused the cop cause he was back in his car for like 10 minutes (while i'm sweating my balls of in my gear)...he comes back and says well u should get an new mexico ID if i'm going to be staying here for a while (what a tard), says dont go so fast around people like that...and sends me on my paperwork or i get on my bike like nothing happened.
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my inspection sticker is on my front left shock housing, up enderneath the front end. dealer did that when i bought it. i moved my plate from the rear to under my tail but it hangs fine no matter what, i also installed an LED to shine on it for the dark rides in the morning. cops pass me by. (picture attached)

you will only have an inspection sticker somewhere if your state requires inspections, and i know FL doesn't require, MD only requires one inspection at the time of purchase, and PA has Yearly safety and emissions testing! a big rip off at over $100 for both tests.

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tru7627, post a pic of your bike and where the tag is located.

I think the cop stopped you to check your bike out, because those things are so minor that he shouldn't really have stopped you. Unless the cops in your area are bored and overly funded.

As for the inspection sticker, most dealers I know put it on the forks either near the axle, or behind the cowl plastics. Legally speaking, as long as you can visibly see the sticker when the bike is parked you should be fine.

The plate on my bike is located under my seat all the way under my bike (front of the rear tire). I haven't had any problems with local cops and I've been stopped many times for other shit. Its clearly visible when a car is directly behind me.

I've never heard of anyone (car or bike) who have been stopped because they didn't signal correctly. Its understandable if you didn't signal in traffic, but if your alone... there's no point in using it. I call BS on that one. And besides, it doesn't really help on bikes since no matter what, cagers never see us.
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I agree with JBaz. That cop was checking you and the bike out. If there are alot of bikes being stolen then it is likely he used that shit as an excuse to pull you over.

Personally I don't have a problem with that. I lost my RC to a thief so I don't mind some profiling if it helps find bikes.

I'm always happy when I get a warning. I don't give a shit what he writes down.

Damn I'm glad TN doesn't do that inspection shit on motorcycles.
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With interest I note in your post, so your words, it reads "--the underseat plate on a hide away hinge---". Sort of interested in your words for it is saying something like being hidden from other vehicles.

So many people believe in tucking things away & not thinking of what others see--especially a LP so others cannot turn them in for whatever. After all if he was told to keep his eyes out for bikes that might be illegal or stolen THEN he was only doing his job.

After all you only got a warning ticket so consider yourself lucky.
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