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Noob Buddy Bought A '93 F2

So I have this buddy that wants to learn how to ride. So I start looking around for a starter bike for him. Found a '92 Katana, not only was it the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but it was in poor condition and needed around $600 of TLC to be safe. So then I found a '93 F2 at another dealer. It was in good shape, they did the valves, newer tires, full service. It was ready to go with only 12,500 miles. So we went down there yesterday and jewed him down to $2100. Hey it had an ugly blue rattle can paint job. Then hauled her home.

Now I did the same thing with the 3 other guys I taught to ride and took him out in the country on some long straight roads so he could get a handle on counter steering. I went over all the basics with him and let him go as I followed in a cage. He was wobbly as hell until he got up to speed. I told him to turn from the yellow line to the white line on the road to get the hang of turning left to go right ect. I could tell he was slower learning it than the other 3. His first two slow corners I was shitting as much as he was. TURN MOTHERFUCKER, TURN!!! He pulled off the side and I told him what I could see he was doing wrong and what to practice.

Ok about 15 minutes into this we come to the first stop sign. Both feet down, classic noob. We were turning left from the stop sign, his first time turning from a stop. Well he took off and was turning it like a bicycle. That worked for about 5 ft and the bike started to go upright then right. Pissing his pants he tried to grab the clutch and the brake, upon grabbing the brake he gave it more gas, somehow let out the clutch for a second and spun the tire over, grabbed the clutch for a second and let it go and shot straight into a fucking ditch. ???

Now I'm not the best teacher or the nicest guy so I was LMFAO!!! Trying my hardest not to but after I found out he was ok the tears where rolling.

After a bitch of a time pulling his bike out of the muddy ditch there where only some scratches on the left fairing and mud all over the tires. So I took it up the road and back to get all the mud off and make sure it was ok to ride. Then I had him get back on the bike and keep riding. He took 2 more turns and a long straight with no other problems. His death grip after the crash had worn out his hands so we switched and I rode it back into town to his house.

Next up I will be taking him to an empty parking lot to practice his starts and stops, E-brakes, and turning from stops.

Any advice on teaching noobs that maybe I missed?

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Hey, strangers might help you when you dump it, but its your friends that will never let you live it down.

Reminds of teaching a friend to ride. He claimed to have some dirtbike expirience, which I took to mean a whole lot more than it did. His main concern was figuring out the hand clutch. So right there in the parking lot, I tell him to just roll a few feet to get the hang of starting. First time he stalls it, but get it right the second time. He is now rolling forward, with a big smile on his face.
Then he wants to stop. Somehow when he applies the brake he also twists his arm, unknowingly applying throttle. The bike accelerates to maybe 15-20mph while dragging the front wheel a tad. I'm watching in slow motion as my confused friend attempts to apply more brake (and throttle) this time slowly accelerating towards a fence (plenty of room to stop, except that he is not stopping) Finally he gives it a whole handfull of brake (and almost WOT) locks the front wheel, spins out the rear, and the bike goes over, lands on top of him and continues to slide using him for lubrication (and scratching up my brand new helmet). I remember thinking "Hey, his oil pas is dirty" because the bike is almost a full upside down on top of him. So for his first ride, he literally slid longer than he rode. He figured it out later, rode for 2 months and sold the bike. To this day he doesnt have much of anything warm to say about 2 wheels.

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My buddy had my helmet on too. No damage though.

I don't understand how they turn the throttle when pulling the brake.

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He was moving his elbow down, I dont know if he was looking for better levarage, or what the reason was.. I dont think he did either...

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I wish I had a teacher to help me, I just rode my bike around the neighborhood for a couple of weeks....not to put anyone down or anything, but its not that hard to figure out.
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Some people have it, some people have to learn it.

The hard way.

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Why wouldn't you just have him to take the MSF??? Second of all, I wouldn't have him out on a public road, even if it is in the middle of nowhere. Get him to an open parking lot, where there's no ditches/trees to catapult himself into.
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Well that's where I learned years ago and two of the 3 riders I have taught. Lesson learned. MSF course is a ways away from us. I will urge him to take it when he grasps the very basics.

So for now - empty parking lot.

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I was asked by the RCMP HQ in Banff National Park in Alberta, B.C. to teach two of their Constables to ride this 74 OHV Harley-Davidson.

Okay this was going to be a task for had only tought customers in some cases & helped others to learn competition sports.

Everything seemed to be okay though I had to get them to ride the bike over the short Bow River bridge & turn right towards the Cave & Basin. I had some dirt land I wanted to do basics with.

Unfortunately both put their foot down when it came to a sharp right turn & a bit of a dip & suddenly each came off.

Still it was the dirt field that they learned & learned the hard way. I based this on my early year of riding in '45 & '46 with my 1/2 block down the dirt road from my home & then the rest in the bushes. True my bike was a shot & much older Harley 45 flat head, but theirs was again hand shift & foot clutch work, spark & all.

It seemed to work for when it came to teaching them how to ride around town & on the hwy said days of dirt field rough goings had corrected them of many wrong doings.

Not what I would recommend, but that is what I had to do in a matter of a few days & it seemingly worked. No such thing as parking lots & they few that were around were gravel & fell of tourists--------I felt dirt would be easier on their hides. No protective gear, like just jeans & sweat or T-shirt, no helmets & such for that was back in '56 which was well before the MSF Courses in the states or the riding of most of you on this board.

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I remember the noob days of when I first started on my F2. I was scared to go down my driveway when I got the sucker. I waited 3 weeks before I got a friend to help me walk it down my steep hill. There on out, practiced in my neighborhood for a week and finally progressed to the streets.

Personally, you should have taught him in a parking lot first since traffic tends to scare people, not to mention the trickiness of using the clutch from stop position.

Upon teaching a friend, he almost did the same thing with my f2. He used the front brake to slow down, but gave more trottle and did a rolling burn out. I was pissed when I saw that, but glad he didn't go sideways and wreck my bike. That would have costed quite a bit.
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