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Ethanol Question

So it looks like the entire state of Wisconsin will be forced to use Ethanol blended gas so that the Ethanol industry can continue to line the pockets of the politicians in this state. What does this mean to my bike? I've heard horror stories from people that have ran this stuff in their cycles. I didnt see anything in my owners manual regarding Ethanol. The catch is that aside from buying a gas truck with normal gas and storing it behind my house, I'm going to be stuck using this stuff.
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All I've read on it says that the only differences between E85 capable cars and ones equipped only for gasoline is that the E85 ones use metal lined gas tanks and metal tubing for gas lines. It's due to the ethanol being more aggressive and tearing up the plastic tanks and rubber tubes in normal cars. It should run just fine in the engine though, but I've also read it delivers less power than gasoline.

This is all of course subject to debate, as I don't recall where the articles I've read were from or how trustworthy those sources are.

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I think he is refering to the Ethanol/MTBE fiasco. The idea is simply to replace one additive for another (MTBE is supposed to be a carcinogen, or polutes the water supply or both, dont know). In this context ethanol will form a very small percentige of the over all gasoline, and I seriously doubt you will ever notice it. Furthermore, ethanol is already used as an octane booster in most "premium" blends. Nothing to worry about bro.

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Thanks for the info. I believe that this is going to be around the 10% range. It just irritates me that all of these people claim Ethanol blended gas is so great, yet they refuse to let the market decide it's fate. Instead they mandate its use and the Ethanol industry and the politicians are the only ones that benefit. The argument is that it creates so many jobs. I guss that they should mandate that everyone in Wisconsin has to drive a Harley Davidson. Think of the jobs that would create. Especially for street cleaning personnel to run around and sop up all that oil.
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LOL, I love the harley analogy.

Keep in mind that this is about replacing one additive with another, not adding an additive to previously "uncontaminated" gasoline. As for jobs, its only valid on the state level. Most MTBE used in the states is manufactured in the states, so all thats really being done is taking jobs away from NY and giving them to WI.

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At least we don't have to fight foreign country for ethanol....But seriously I think the major problem is that PURE ethanol is about 30% less make bigger gas tanks to match gasoline's MPG. Oh yeah regular gasoline starts to deterioate (spelling) in about 6 months. Good Luck on that gas truck.
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Back around the 70s I had a friend that was a frantic rally event rider & had this BMW 900. So he was on his way home from a rally & decided being low on fuel he would give this Ethanol blended gas a try & see what it was like.

What a screw-up for his bike became so guttless even in lower gears he could hardly climb any of the normal highway climbs. Once home he dumped it, with aim of using it for cleaning lawnmores----his basica line of work, put in good fuel & that was the end.

So he faithfully hand wrote each one of us that he had the address of to WARN us to not make the error he had just got over. My guess is he hand-wrote over 50 of us!!!!!!!!
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In most states gas is allready 10% ethanol.
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We use 10% Ethanol gasoline in the winter here in Phoenix... have been for years. I have never noticed a difference in performance between our summer fuel, and winter fuel.

As Scott said, ethanol is a bit tougher on the rubber components in the fuel system, so don't leave this fuel sitting in your bike for an entire winter untreated.
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