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For anyone who has ever fled the cops...

I came across this article tonight....

You'll have to copy and paste the address, sorry I'm computer illiterate.

Basically, a guy in FL was sentenced to 30 years in prison for evading a cop who was killed in the pursuit. The worst thing is, it sounds like the cop never even got close enough for the biker to see him - the case hinged on the testimony of a witnesses who said the biker "looked over his shoulder" after he flew past the speed trap. I think that's total Bullshit.

The biker was a gulf war veteran with a family, had never been convicted of a crime in his life. I know it sucks the cop was killed, but it was due to a blown tire, it didn't directly relate to chasing the motorcycle - cops drive fast all the time, not just when they're chasing bikers, so it's part of the hazard of being on the road.
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...He confessed that he had accelerated to 100 mph when he saw the trooper on the side of the interstate...
He took off after he saw the cop. He knew full well that he was going to be chased.

I think 30yrs is excessive, but he certainly deserves some jail time.

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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30 years is fuckin bullshit. Maybe if cops didn't get such a hardon from chasing bikes, both families would have their husbands/dads.
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The police officer has the ability to call off the persuit and radio ahead at any time. I say it is entirely on the officers' shoulders.
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Thats the biggest load of crap. 30 years in jai! It makes me mad that the U.S. legal system is so stupid in terms that the accident was the riders fault. Sure he made a bad decission, but he didnt kill anyone.

A stupid analogy is like, if a teacher gave a student a super hard final exam, and the student had a brain aneurism and died because of it. Ohh no.. give the teacher 500years in jail.!

Guess I should change my name, not a poser anymore.
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If the sentence had been:

6 months - understandable since there was an officer killed.

1 year - a little harsh

5 years - holy crap that's BS

30 years - WTF??!!!!
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Hi All-

That is an excessive sentence. Rapists and murderers typically receive shorter sentences. Bear in mind this comes from one of the most hardcore conservatives on this forum.

~ Blue Jays ~
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god damn! sounds more like a revenge sentence then justice. Sure he was breakin the law and should be punished for causing a trooper's life, but he wasn't directly connected to his death. Just coincedence that it happened while he was chasing (that and it was the trooper's fault after compromising his tire when he hit I believe a medium or something). I know a guy who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and got 7 years to jail. I don't remember if he was a DWI or not. But 30 years is a very very long time. I would have given him a min of 1 years and max of 5.

I can say this though, I've been stopped three times so far in the past 6 months. 2 of the 3 times was for speeding and I didn't know I was being chased until the cop came up beside of me and passed me. Once I knew that cops where after me, I slowed down and pulled over.

Chasing bikes is dangerous and unpredictable. Just this past summer, a rider was caught going 125mph+ on the hwy and was chased by a helicopter because he was going too fast for cars. That was a smart decision on our police's part up here, but in FL, the should have radioed it in and gotten a helicopter up or closer cars. That camero was going the opposite way. Last year, a cop on a harley was chasing a sports bike and crashed when he hit a road debris (a ladder that fell off a truck) and died. Should the biker or the person responsible for the ladder be charged for the death? I'm not sure if they caught the biker or the ladder owner. But shit happens and blaming other people for it is the (I guess) the american mentality.
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I've been seeing bits about this case, and apparently the trooper violated the persuit policy. The PD got around this by saying that persuit doesnt begin untill the trooper catches up with the vehicle. Well if there was no persuit, than the guy didnt run. Damn, you cant have it both ways.
The policy is there for a reason, to protect that officers life. He chose to ignore it, and died. Michelin (or whomever made the tires) is more responcible for this crash than the biker.

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"The police officer has the ability to call off the persuit and radio ahead at any time. I say it is entirely on the officers' shoulders."

ZX6R1033 is absolutely correct, my dad was a cop and i know for a fact that the officer can call off a chase whenever he feels it is to dangerous to continue. it should have been in no way a 30 year sentance.
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