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Unhappy Forum Member Down (and out)

I've been a lurker on this forum for a couple of months. I was introduced to this forum by "1percenter". He is a co-worker and a friend of mine.

1percenter (Cord) went out on a ride this morning with a group from another forum. I was invited, but I did not go. They were running up to Yarnell, northwest of Phoenix. He was on his CBR1000RR. The rest of this thread is just "The Shit I Heard".

They were dragging their knees going up the hill, (they frequently see speeds of 120+). One dude started drifting, overcompensated, and ran into Cord. They both went into the gaurdrail. Cord was killed instantly. The other dude died a few minutes later.

I don't know if that is a factual description of what happened, but that is the shit I heard. The reason that I'm posting this is because I know that Cord has been very active on this forum for the last couple of months, and it seemed appropriate that you guys know what's up.

Cord was like 27 years old, and just got married in July to his high school sweetheart (no kids...his 4 dogs were his children). He had a promissing career as a manager in a manufacturing company. He was very outspoken and had an opinion about everything. He was the kind of person who would rather die while "living life" than to live and watch life pass him by.

Cord spoke of death often, mostly because everyone said that he was going to kill himself on a motorcycle someday, so it wasn't suprising to get the call from his widow. (Oh, btw, his widow was on the ride with him and was a few minutes behind him when the accident happened. She got to the scene of the crash in time to watch the other dude die.) Cord wasn't affraid of death, and didn't want anyone to mourn his passing. His wishes were to be creamated, and have his ashes scattered in AZ, PA, and MA. Then, he wanted everyone to get together for a big "Cord's Dead" kegger/smoke-a-thon.

This is a seriously messed up "first post", and I do appologize for having to introduce myself this way. But, you know, I thought that it was important for everyone to hear what happened. This was a very sad event, but it was no tragedy. When 2 guys are traveling at 60 or 70 miles per hour over the posted speed limit and they wad themselves into a gaurdrail, it's just not tragic. Sad, yes. Tragic, no. Tragic is traveling 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit and you hit a patch of sand in the road and your front end washes out and you wad your bike into a gaurdrail. That's tragic.

So, now I get to go to work tomorrow and deal with the whole "dead co-worker/friend" thing. (Oh, btw, Cord's dad is the CEO of the corporation that owns the company that Cord and I work for. That adds a nice little flavor to the whole "dead co-worker thing".) Not only are we going to be mourning his loss, but we also have to figure out how to re-distribute his work to the rest of the management well as talking to the vendors and customers that only Cord dealt with and rehashing the events of today over and over and over again. Then, I get to go to a funeral (which will be attended by my boss, his boss, and his boss too). Then I get to go to a big ass party because that's what Cord wanted us to do.

What I'm saying is that when you swing a leg over your ride, remember that the choices you make are going to effect others. Accidents happen, but it's the accidents that are avoidable that weigh heavy in the hearts of those who are left behind. Cord was a very good rider, always wore his gear (guys, he wore full leathers to work in the summer here in Phoenix EVERY DAY), and he kept his bikes in top working condition at all times. He was a student of the sport of motorcycling and spent a lot of time reading about the sport. In other words, Cord did everything right...except for that one thing that we all need to do if we want to live to ride another day: exhibit self control.

I chose not to ride with Cord today. That choice was made because I knew what those rides were like with that group. And I don't want to lose my driver's license, I don't want to go to jail, I don't want to wad my bike up and have to put it back together (again), I don't want to go to the hospital (again), and I really don't feel like dieing today. So I went on a "10 mph over the speed limit" ride with another bud today. We had a blast. Rode all over hell and back, had a nice lunch, rode back to his place and then I found out that our friend wadded himself into a gaurdrail today.

Today at lunch we talked about how cool it was waving at the cops as we rode past them, knowing that if we feel the need for speed, we can just sign up for a trackday and fix that problem real fast.

I lost a friend today. Do me a favor and think of how many people would be effected if you wadded your bike into a gaurdrail at 120 mph and how long it would take those people to recover from their loss. Then, the next time you swing your leg over your bike, remember those people.

1percenter...R.I.P. (ride in peace, dude)
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Thanks for informing everyone about this horrible situation. 1percenter...Vaya con Dios.

~ Blue Jays ~
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Strength and Honor
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Thanks for the update, golf. Certainly 1% is a memorable character and sad to have seen him gone. The lesson here, of course is as you've pointed out: gear only goes so far to save your a$$. After that, its about personal responsibility and luck.

I'm certainly thankful he and his wife were not yet to the point of kids but wish the best for his wife in her future.

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He'll be missed

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That is sad. R.I.P. 1percenter.
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That's quite a bummer. RIP, dude.

I can completely understand the riders who choose to stay off the street completely and do ALL their riding on track. Between the maniac inside and the maniacs in cages around, street riding is quite risky, for sure. That said, I don't feel I could afford the time and money required to abandon the streets completely.

To me, this comes down to finding a good balance between the level of excitement in life and the time to experience it. It is rare that one can live on the edge and still manage to survive to old age. But then, who wants to live a long life void of excitement? So we teeter-totter between the extremes, hoping that when we don't go too far either way. Our own Smitty is a rare, but still a great example how such balance can be accomplished!

Let's keep the rubber side down, guys!
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Later bro...and best wishes for the mrs.

Be safe everyone.
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we hope that everyone stays safe when riding.
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Very sad news indeed.

Keeping the "Hap" in "Happy Holidays"!

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