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Police, Here to help?

I was just looking at, and we all need to check that shit out. Everyone should be very affraid of the police. These guys are out to kill us (no shit) because of our hobby. All these porkers (traffic cops, not real cops) can talk about is how great it is when sport bikers run and crash and die. One officer talks about how he likes to stay just close enough to watch the guy wreck and die. Great, remember these are the assholes that we pay to protect us. How many times have you been riding the canyons and seen some ass hat in a lifted truck pulling a boat pulled over for going over the line in a turn?----NEVER In the same breath, how many times are you out riding the canyons and you see a guy on a sport bike pulled over? Every flippin time, and for what? Out having some fun on a non-populated road, with other bikers, and there isn't even a guard rail to fix if we beef it over the side. See, that shit doesn't cost the taxpayers squat! Leave us alone you under-educated, fat, Harley riding, racist, profilin, loosers who had no friends in high school and got stuffed in a locker every day so now you have to mess with us, piggies.

PS, this is in no way a reflection on the men and women who protect and serve the community every day by taking real criminals off the streets and actually making a difference.


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Edit: I was trolled and deleted what I typed, considering it a waste of my time.

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LOL I was waiting for that one Josh.

But umm... Oh yeah, keep the personal crap down...

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Man, Sindic, I didn't get to read what you had to say. I hate the fact that stuff just gets tossed here. Even if there was an attack on my character I would love to see it. I posted this to see what you guys thought of that site. I know some cops belong to this forum and would love to see their response.
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Why do I get the feeling this thread will be short lived....

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Scott, your powers or prediction amaze me......
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Why do I must read this?
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The reason for the must read is: Either we are doing something wrong or they are! Are the collective actions of the Sport Biking world slowly wrecking the sport for all of the non-runners and for all the folks who ride at reasonable speeds. If you took a look at you would see that there is a problem that should be addressed. I mean, many of the officers have an extreme dislike for sport bikers. I know for a fact that there are countless nubers of LEO that ride sportbikes, and they look at the small town anti-biker mentality in the same way, they don't tolerate it. From my own personal experience, when I am pulled over ( I regularly speed ), the officer is usually surprised that I stopped. I always procede with the "you got to pay to play" speach wich they seem to find amazingly honest. Most of my tickets are knocked down in speed or thrown out. The last ticket I earned was in the canyons and I was doing 60 in a 25, a modest speed for the road. I stopped and had a long conversation with the sherrif. We were kind of picking each others brains about what exactly the problem is. His stand was that we are all F-n crazy to ride roads like the one I was on at speeds. He also rode, a Harley of course. I simply told him that there are only a few places out here where you can open up and have some fun in the twisties. He asked how come we don't go to the track. I told him that most of the guys running are younger, can't afford the tickets and insurance hikes, and can't afford all the gear and track fees that are associated with track days. Some are just intimidated by the track due to lack of skill, so they come out and play in the back canyons. Now maybe my former statement about not costing the taxpayers money is BS, cause they are gonna have to do traffic studies and crash analysis and all kinds of fun stuff if there were to be a crash. Anyway, the way we left it was that the sport bikers will not go away, they will not stay on the track, so the cops will continue to be hard asses and toughen up more and more as we screw up and run etc etc. Now, if anyone has anything intelligent to say let's hear it.
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After 30 minutes of browsing, I still havent found anything about sportbikes. But it wont suprise me in the least if there are a few rants on there.
Think about why 90% of people watch races.. For the wrecks. Why should cops be any exception?

And why are you so ticked off about getting in trouble for crossing the yellow line. Sure, I've done it myself countless times. But I would expect to get in trouble for it. A truck towing a boat is a different story, because its so much harder, and often time impossible for them not to. Show me a corner that you cant take on a bike without crossing the line.. there aint one.

Now your whole spill about trackdays is totla BS. "Cant afford the expance"? most tracks charge around $100 a day. Thats not a whole lot of money, and its much cheaper than a ticket. "Feel intimidated"? Have you ever been to a track day? The area is lined with people who are ready to help you out with absolutely anything.
"Cant afford to get gear"? thats the worst one yet. If you cant afford the safety gear, you cant afford to ride. Period. End of story.

Now relax, no one is outlawing bikes.

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Yeh, it was kinda tough to find the posts. I heard about it from another SBW member. I just searched "sport bikes" and weeded through a couple of posts in the "LEO only" section. I love trackdays, and definately find them to be fairly reasonable. I am just stating what excuses I have heard from some cats out here. It just sucks that two of my favorite roads are now costantly patrolled and they have at least one chase a week on both of them. Bad publicity for my favorite sport and for some of the nicest and coolest people I have ever been associated with, the sport biking community. (for all you AZ riders I am talking about Tortilla Flats and Bartlet lake.)
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