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Picking out gear

Hey Guys,
couple weeks away from getting on the road, did the MSF last week (and was offered a job as a rider/coach) and stoked to enter the world of riding.

Anyways, I've been checking out newenough.com and other online stores but I feel I need to go and check out the riding gear in person to see how it really fits. Now I dropped by a store the other day and the guy was friendly and nice and informative, already offering deals on items. But I wasn't sure he was steering me in the right direction, as he was showing me some of the more expensive gear I thought would be more suited to a track rider or someone doing lots of canyon runs. Compared to me, a beginner rider who's gonna be driving to and from school, around town and the occasional canyon run eventually. Like he was showing me helmets upwards of 600+ and I kept trying to talk about the helmets from 200-400 range. Anyways, that's beside the point.

helmets, the guy showing me helmets was suggesting Arai over Shoei. I'm not totally familiar with either, but I recognize the name brands and of course the dot/snell stickers.

jackets, I also got the impression from talking to riders here in LA that I should go textile jackets, as the leather is really too hot majority of the days and the people I talked to usually only wear leather on serious riding days. thoughts?

Boots, Checked out some pretty intense boots at the shop also, though I'm not sure for someone like myself who's just beginning and not gonna be doing to many serious days of riding, if I need a full on race boot. Or to rather go with some of those riding boots that double as just regular boots to walk arond in. thoughts?

Pants, my impression from any textile or non-leather pants is...w.t.f??? barely any padding and I got the feel that when I go down in em, they'd shred right up after a few feet of sliding. So I'm thinking of going the leather pants route, but I'm not totally sure what to look for in leather riding pants as the shop didn't have much selection in this area.

Gloves, I want a decent pair of riding gloves, I picked up a cheep pair to use for MSF but they have literally no padding and are just basic basic leather gloves. wouldn't help much in a crash. The store guy was talking ballpark 200 for a pair...is it just me or does that seem very expensive?

I don't want to break the bank on my gear but I also need some good protection from my gear. I'm gonna go check out another shop in a week and talk to them and try their stuff out.

thoughts, suggestions?
for a beginner rider such as myself doing daily commutes to school and around town, what kindo f price range ballpark should I be looking at for each piece of gear?

thx guys and gals.
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There is a place in Torrance that has only bike gear. I know how to get to it but I can't for the life of me remeber the names of the road its on. But is on the major road that goes though torrance. I can't remember the name of the place. But it was something like bike gear or something like that. They had a good large selections of stuff maybe worth checking out to get some sizeing and stuff.
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my first jacket was a motoGP textile jacket that had three layers, outer protective, middle water proof and inner insulating. My first pants were firstgear that were designed to go over your pants (I was planning on commuting to work a lot and these were waterproof, I live in Seattle). Awhile ago I looped my bike going about 50mph; I had the insulating layer in both pieces of gear taken out and I came out with basically no injuries. From what I understand, leather or textile is equal until higher speeds where textile won't hold up to road rash like leather will. Plus you usually get more flexibility and it costs less.

That being said, my next gear is going to be Alpinestars leathers

Whatever you get, make sure it is something you will wear EVERYday.
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I have been riding about 10 years now. To start out, you need a lid. I can't say that I have ever spent more than $200 on a helmet. As long as it is both Snell and DOT certified, you should be cool. My gloves usually run me about $100. I use a Kevlar jacket (about$250). Get a pair of boots that at least cover the ankle. I wore hiking boots for the longest time and a lot of people do. I got a good deal on some boots off ebay recently, so I have boots now. As far as you were talking about newenough.com, I have used them for 3 or 4 orders now and they have been pretty good to deal with. because of quick changing weather conditions here in colorado, I went with Kevlar pants with a removable liner for those high mountain runs. All together I would say be ready to drop about $1000 to be fully geared up. It might sound expensive, but how much is that doctor going to cost you if you got hurt without your gear. remember, there are 2 types of riders, those who have been down and those who are going to go down.
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for buying and intending on wearing gears.
I am a new riders as well. I have been riding for few weeks, and I went through the same delama as you when I was picking up my gears.
First, I want to start by telling you that there is no gears for race track, and others for street. There are more danger in the street than the track. Buy as much protection as you can afford.
Leather is the best protection you can buy. It will not be too hot if you buy a proferated leather. When you are riding in 30+ MPH, the air will cool you enough that you won't even sweat. Textile is cheap, but it will be teared apart on the first crash. So, I suggest you go with leather if you can afford it.
Regarding helmets, it is bout your head protection and comfort. Arai is well known for thier comfortable helmets. Also, it is SNELL approved. Shoui are good helmets as well, it is just made for differnt head shapes. Try both, and buy the most comfortable one.
About boots, buy the best you can afford. Go with Spidi, Geroan, or any other reputable brands. Don't think that they are for tracks. notheing worse than a broken anckel.

I did extensive search, and here what I bought for myself, and I am so pleased with my choices:
MotoGP Apex leather jacket
MotoGp Textile pants, I really wanted the leather, but it was out of sock everywhere. I will buy one when it become available.
MotoGP Leather gloves, very comfortable.
Arai Astral helmet, I get a steal deal on ebay
Geroan boots, very good choice.
yah, and most recently VelocityGear Back Protector

you can find very good prices on:

Good luck

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helmets: arai and shoei are the two of the most common and popular helmet brands and they can get a bit pricey. i got myself an arai but the important thing is bein' able to find one that fits you comfortably. at around $200-400 i've heard good things about scorpion and kbc.

i'm sure you can find yourself gloves that are under 200 bucks, that does seem a bit expensive.

I agree w/ msmyth in gettin' ankle high boots. i wear a pair of lugs that held up well in a crash a few weeks ago when i damn near pulled an endo. dunno how comfortable it would b to walk around in race boots, esp cuz you're usin' your bike for commuting.

i'm wearin' jeans when i ride right now, but i know i have to save up and buy myself a pair of riding pants. there should be some non-leather ones w/ extra padding on them.

as for jackets, i got myself an alpinestar leather jacket, it just feels safer. the heat didn't bother me much when i was riding down in san diego... i've moved up to LA but left my bike down there as i would like to fix my mirror b4 i ride it up. it does feel like its gonna b hotter riding up here though (all the more reason to ride faster i guess )

anyway, just my
good luck finding your gear. let me know if you find any great shops around the area
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Everytime I go out riding I wear Alpinestar racing boots. They are very comfortable and offer the best protection! A little squirt of chain lube will take care of the squeaking and you're good to go.

I walk around sometimes all day at college with them and like I said they are very comfortable. I usually just wear various camo pants so I put them over the boots and it only looks like I'm wearing well armored shoes. After seeing that video of the guys foot getting nearly snapped off when he crashed trying to stunt, I ALWAYS wear the boots. And helmet, gloves and jacket of course. But I see a lot of people wearing work boots or even sneakers..

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Not sure why the salesman was telling you to pick Arai over Shoei...they're both very good helmets.

From what everyone says, helmet prices are more affected by graphics, features, vents, quality of sheild, ect. So as long as it's DOT approved, they'll all offer pretty much the same protection.

I think you should look at perforated leather also. You get the protection of leather with some ventilation.

Check out the "closeouts" section of newenough, there's some good prices on all this stuff.
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Originally posted by EdgeRanger
There is a place in Torrance that has only bike gear. I know how to get to it but I can't for the life of me remeber the names of the road its on. But is on the major road that goes though torrance. I can't remember the name of the place. But it was something like bike gear or something like that. They had a good large selections of stuff maybe worth checking out to get some sizeing and stuff.

I live in Torrance, and I don't where your talkin about..if it's the one that WAS on Hawhorne Blvd...it's gone..

as for gear, the salesguy was showing you the best gear.

For selecion try Marina Ssuzki on Washington Blvd just eas of Lincoln blvd..I belive it's culver city, also Del Amo Motorspors on Marine in lawndale...you can see it from the 405 just before he rosecrans exit.

Just a note re: Newenough...Paul and Holly are grea people to deal with..if you need another place to check gear, try the Sporbike s store in the banner above..

Old, Slow, but ...Smooth
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Originally posted by Hammer 4
I live in Torrance, and I don't where your talkin about..if it's the one that WAS on Hawhorne Blvd...it's gone..
I just found it. Cycle Gear, and its on PCH I thought it was but wasn't sure.


I remember when I first saw it I thought it was for bicycles, but its not that sell a bunch of stuff. Check them out.

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