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First ride, and it is wonderfull

I took my first 1 1/2 hour ride today. a month ago, I took the MSF course, after that I sepnt couple of weeks just riding around the block, to practice emergency stops and changing gears.
Yesterday I ran out of gas, so I had to go to the gas station this morning. I filled the bike with gas, then I had to stop by a pharmacy for ear blogs; I was going deaf from the wind.
Then, I took about an hour riding in a back rural road crusing at about 50 MPH. It was amazing experiece, and I really start loving the sport.

now, I have few questions:
1- When I go close to 60 MPH I feel a lot of wind resistance to my body, like someone is pushing me back. Is it the way it is, or I should lower my head?

2- After the ride, I feel a little fatigue in my right shoulder, and my palms, specially the left one close to the index finger. What I could possibley be doing wrong?

almost forgot to mantion I am seen 3 fellow riders on the road, and all of them waved to me. No one told me that I should wave to fellow riders. The first one, I was afraid to take my hand off the handel bar, so I shaked my head. Then, I waved to the other two.
I like that, make me feel like I have friends on the road.

Is there anything I should know regarding the gesture to the fellow riders?
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Good for you. As for question #1 that is to be expected for the upper part of your body is exposed to the oncomming wind & something one does no receive when driving a cage.

The faster you go the stronger the wind will be like a light whisp of some wind to the wind from a storm. Personally I do not lower my head as I want to keep my eyes on the road & oncomming traffic to traffic ahead of me even when on the hwy.

#2. You should feel a bit fatigued for suddenly there is all this strain to balance the bike, to control the bike, & such. Fatigue will come to different parts of the body for you have probably not used them in the last few yrs IN tht manner.

As for your hands that is basically because of a tight grip on the handlebars. So do not put the "death grip" to the poor old bars. As you become more experienced & clocked more hrs on the bike those things will be of the past.

All of this is why we call it a SPORT for like ANY sport you are using parts of your body & limbs rather then sitting in a chair & reading a book, watching TV, or being on the PC.
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Welcome to our world!!

Your post made me all verclempt! It's nice to see someone enjoy this sport as much as I/you/we do. Just be careful. I've been riding for over 35years and still get those same feelings. (cept for letting go of the bars) I use a VERY light grip and actually riding with no hands is not a problem.

Remember you are always riding in to the wind..... Well mostly.... Anyway one of the most important aspects to riding for me is to stay relaxed but focused. Know what you are going to do for every situation. If you see a car assume he doesn't see you.

Use the wind to hold you up off the bars or tuck in behind the cowl and go like hell. You can move your body in to all kinds of aerodynamic shapes to actually steer the bike and take The weight off your arms.

Get in shape! Exercise and lift. This will allow you to increase your saddle time. And wait until you get in a track day!!!! You think you’re excited now!

A few ccs short of a full litre.

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As far as waving to other motorcyclists, it's just one of those things. Most riders wave to others, so it's courteous to wave back...of course you'll hear of us sportbike riders bitch and moan that Harley riders hardly wave back, but that's another discussion

One thing you're doing, which is normal for a beginner, is holding the grips too tight. You mention you're afraid to let go of the bars. That's fine....but one reason you're feeling sore in the hand and even possibly shoulder is your grip.

One board member here compares his grip to "holding a wet sponge without squeezing the water out," (or close to that).

You want to keep the weight balanced between the balls of your feet, your knees snug against the tank, and holding your upper body up with your abs and back, not hunched over. Keep a very light grip on the bars, and keep some bend to your arms, don't lock them out. You don't want to put all your weight on your wrists, so you'll find it's not really your tight grip that steers the bike rather than body weight and lean.

And like mentioned already, the feel of wind is normal and it's something you'll just get used to.

Happy riding!
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Good post.
Try leaning forward a little, with your head up until you don't feel like your being pushed off the bike. You will still feel the wind but leaning forward should make you feel, and be, more in control.

BTW what kind of bike is it? Does it have a windshield?
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i like the wet sponge analogy. describes it perfectly. oh and tucking in sometimes makes it louder (depending on what helmet u got) since the air kinda flows the opposite direction ur riding...its kinda cool to see the little tags on ur tank bag flying like the wind is blowing from behind u.
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Originally posted by Snake
Good post.
Try leaning forward a little, with your head up until you don't feel like your being pushed off the bike. You will still feel the wind but leaning forward should make you feel, and be, more in control.

BTW what kind of bike is it? Does it have a windshield?
I have a 2003 Katana 600. it does have a windshield, however it is a little short for me. I am 5'10". I will have to lean too low to take advantage of the of it. What do you think?
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Man, the first day I got my license I rode around for 7 hours plus worked a full day. Man I was tired.

by the way, welcome to riding JohnE. Dont force yourself to become uncomfortable because of the wind. Don't try to lean too far forward. The tiny winshield on my bike serves no purpose at all so I'm continually blasted. If I wanted to get rid of the wind, I'd have to rest my head on the gas tank.

Good idea getting ear plugs too. On long rides, it seems like I get less fatigued when I wear them.
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The wind"shield" is really just there to push the wind up so it will hit you in (hopefully) the chest. This should allow you to take a lot of your body weight off of your arms.

Also, keep your arms bent, so that when you push on the clip-ons to turn, you should be pushing straight ahead, not down at all. If you keep your arms bent like this, it is almost impossible to uncounciously weight your hands.
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I never really had a problem with the wind? I figured you were suppose to get blasted by it?
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