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Help - Bike is belching gasoline from exhaust

I'm having some probs with my 2001 929rr (~2500 miles). It sat in the garage for a while and when I finally got it up and going and rode it, I noticed the following things:

- heavy gasoline smell from exhaust and burping some liquid
- Bike will not idle. Will run if I give it gas but as soon as I'm off the throttle, it croaks and dies. Sound like it is "missing" and runs very rough at low rpm especially.

Here is what I have tried so far:
- Installed new factory spark plugs.
- Drained gas tank and put fresh gas including injector cleaner
- Checked each coil for spark. Each one did have spark, although it seemed somewhat weak. Not sure if this is how it supposed to be.

I have exhausted my technical abilities at this point and really need some help. The bike only has 2500 miles on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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This is a fuel injected bike, isn't it? Sounds like an ignition or computer problem based on your description.

The plugs have individual coils, and the computer is unlikely to fail, so start with the simple stuff......

How long has the bike been setting up?
Is the airbox clear and the filter clean?
Are the battery connections tight, and the battery in good shape? Did you wash the bike by hosing it off on top of the motor?
Is there any possibility that something was chewing on the wires while it was put up? Are the connections for the engine kill switch & kickstand switch tight, and the switches are working correctly?

I kinda suspect the battery connections, so check them out first.If you don't find any problems after checking out these things, write back and let me know and we'll go to the next level.......
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How long did the bike sit? When gas goes bad it can do all kinds of damage to a motor especially FI.

Old gas can coat the fuel system with sludge and varnish. Crap stirred up after a long sit can clog your filters/injectors. Also old gas will run lean and you can burn valves and pistons.

I would guess it's your fuel pump/filter if engine won't idle. But it's running real lean when ya wrap the motor.

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The bike sat for about a year. I just put in a new battery, not bought from Honda though. Could that be a problem? I checked all connections and they are tight. I also checked the air filter when I had the gas tank off. Everything seemed to be ok.
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I'm guessing one of your cylinders isnt firing. Try checking the exhaust headers for heat. Take the plastics off, and take a wet rag and touch each one.

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One last test - Start the bike up, let it run for a few seconds, and then shut it off, and pull a couple of plugs. If they are wet, you can be sure that the engine is getting fuel, but the ignition isn't working correctly.

If this is the case, you'll pobably end up taking the bike to the shop, because ignition problems can be rather difficult to find.

It's possible that an injector has failed, and is stuck open. You can test for this by turning the ignition on with the airbox off of the bike. Don't actually start the bike. Open the throttle wide and look down the throttle bodies. If an injector is stuck open, you should see it spraying fuel into the inlet tract. Don't let it spray too much. You've already changed out the gas and plugs, and even though the battery is not a Honda battery, if it has enough power to turn the engine over easily, then it is doing the job.

If you don't already have a manual, download one and review the section that deals with the ign. & FI.

I think it's something simple because you said that the bike ran fine when it was put up. Anybody else have any ideas...............................
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Appreciate all the responses. So I used one of those infrared heat guns and checked the exhaust headers while running the engine. The outer two headers were cold ~ 110F and the inner two were hot ~270F for the few short minutes that I ran the bike. I guess this tells me that the injectors for those two cylinders (1,4) are gunked up or something. Is this the right conclusion? I want to go ahead and start the long process of getting them out and cleaned/replaced but I don't want to do it unless I'm sure thats the problem. I will try rundog's recommended test in the previous post. . Any other thoughts??
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If you did it only at idle, that could be a synching problem too, but in light of your other problems, who knows. Something else to consider is that on most inline fours, 1&4 are on one coil and 2&3 on the other. That could suggest ignition issues also.

You aren't having to jump start it, are you? They require a good battery to run and start properly. If you're jumping it or catching it in gear, charge the battery fully or if questionable, get a new one.

So hard to tell after that because old gas stinks when burning and moisture may just have been condensation from a cold start with some humidity in the air. The rest of the list you've received are also possibilities. Not sure what to tell you sight unseen. It's probably something relatively simple, though.

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