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CrAzY OlD LaDiEs!!!

Just wanna start off by sayin hey to everyone... but i need to vent... so bear with me and let me tell u this story.

Today I left my house on my bike (600rr), n e way i was on my way to the gas station to fill up. All of a sudden this car pulls out in front of me making a left hand turn, i lock up my brakes going 50 to 0 in a fraction of a second. the thought of dumping my bike crossed my mind but i decided to stay with it. I came within inches of hitting her. she speeds away knowing what should had just done. but theres more... I turn around and follow her, she speeds up and slams her brakes in front of me. So i beep and try to signal her to stop. she doesn't, so i decide to pass her and stop to make her stop. So i do so and she does stop. Im in the process of getting off my bike when she floors it and she hits me and my bike. My bike goes flying on its side and i go flying over her hood. My bike luckily has frame sliders so none of the plastic was hurt. thank you honda. so i pick my bike up and walk it to the curb. I tried to start and it would not turn over. i let it sit and it finally turned over. the FI light was on for about 10 second then finally turned off, so im thinkin my bike is gonna be ok. by this time im so shook up from the accident i didnt even care about the lady that hit me. i didnt know wether to call the police or not. this is the problem, i had plenty of witnesses on the street that seen it all happen and they have the ladies license plate number. MY bike is insured and registered, but i only have my permit because i had never took the time to take the road test... so if i call the cops im gonna be at fault too. i mean this lady try to run me over! she sent my bike and me flying in the air. and drove off to top it off. ok heres the other problem, i was on my way home from the accident and i let off the gas to turn the corner, tick tick tick... im like wtf, it only happenes when i let off the gas. so i got home and i found out the bolt that hold my rear suspension onto my bike was almost completely off. when i let off the gas the slck from the chain hits it, when i hti the gas the chain tightned up and it didnt touch the bolt. she must have hit me hard enough to knock that bolt loose and off, i cannot get it lined up to slide the bolt back through because of the tension from the spring. i am hoping that she didnt bend my frame... i dont know what to do, i am thinking about calling a lawyer to see about my options, but like i said i only have my permit. i have her licnse number and witnesses. what do u guys think and do u think my bike is gonna be fine? i mean do u think my frame is bent? or would it take much more than that to bend my fram, she hit my bike hard enough to knock that bolt almost straight through. im sorry to bore you guys witht this long ass story, i just need to get it off my chest.
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OMG man, you better get this lady in a heap of trouble! This lady should loose her license so she never does this to another one of us again!

Sorry i'm not very mechanically inclined so I can't help you with your problem, but dam this old lady best get whats due to her.

What state was this in?

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holy crap dude, glad u wernt going 50 at the time cause i would have put it past her. good to hear ur alright. I would definitly turn her over to the police, just a phone call and a complaint about her to start, then get ur liscence and see what u can do from there.
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The worst that would happen to you is that you would only get a ticket for improper license. It in no way puts you at fault for what happened. By all means you should prosecute. Talk with a lawyer first, to be sure.

A good example for anyone else who gets mad, and decides they want to initiate a dialogue with another driver. Forget about it. No good ever comes of it.

As for your rear spring, the bolt may be broken. The only way to tell is to get the rear wheel up in the air some other way than using a swingarm stand, and pull the bolt out & examine it.

Glad you're alright, Meat. Didn't you say your girl was a nurse......
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Lesson learned here is to never take on a cage driver & never try to have it out with them in talking to them EVEN if they are in the wrong.

Who will guarantee you that she does not carry a h/gun for self-defense? Cages are always the winners for they are like tanks compared to our bikes in weight, balance & so much more.

I have been forced off the road accidently to intentially, a number of times, so I speak as one with some experience like 59 yrs of m/cing experience.
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Hi Woods-

Keep in mind that she may have just as many witnesses that will identify you as a young thug who was intimidating a grandmotherly older woman who was on her way home from church.

Glad to hear you're OK now...don't try to "settle" roadside problems without exchanging information and getting the police involved if there is any danger the other person may flee the scene.

~ Blue Jays ~
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I totally agree with Smitty. When you are on your motorcycle its not the time to be confrontational.

First thing I would do is call a lawyer. Since you didnt call the police right away you are probably going to need one to get all this sorted out.

I would take your bike to the shop to get checked out too, things like that might seem small but could actually end up in a totaled bike.
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thanks guys... ya i just went to the police station to get an officers opinion. he said that she was no way at fault bcuz i didnt have my endorsement. he stated that bcuz i didnt have my license i should have never been put in that situation to start with. I guess this is a lesson learned! i hope my bike isnt tweaked in any way... I cannot get over how the nut off of the bolt came off? i hope it isnt nothing serious. if i bring it to the shop will they beable to tell me if my frame is tweaked at all? thanks for the support and be careful out there
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That sucks what happened but I agree with the others. Because you went after "the poor old lady" she will say she feared for her life and acted in self defense when you "blocked her from getting to the police" or thought you had a weapon or some B.S. like that.
A judge may see no good reason for you to go after her and stop in front of her. And there are a lot of fearfull people in this country believe that fear or perceived threats justify any action. To them, it does not matter if the fear or "threat" is founded in any reality. So good luck with a jury too.

Unfortunatley those close calls caused by idiot drivers are going to happen alot. I bet everyone on this forum has had something like that happen to them. Several times. So just take comfort in this. Your a motorcyclist, fearless and living free. She's just a scared old woman traped in a cage. Thats her punishment.
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Not sure about your state but in PA a permit is plenty. You just can't drive at night or have passengers. You keep it for a year and it automatically becomes a license. Or you can go take the road test and get it right away and it helps out with insurance. So having your permit wouldn't mean shit here. Regardless of who scared who or what happened. She freakin hit you and your bike. Thats rediculous. I'd get her and sue her for damages. If people can in for spilling hot coffee and falling through skylights while tryin to rob a place, I'm sure you'll get somethin out of it. At least get someone on her ass about it. I dunno man, I just wouldn't take gettin hit by someone so easilly. Glad you and your bike are both somewhat ok though. Lesson learned I guess. Be safe.
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