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Red face

This came to me as more of a suprise then sadness.. im pretty new to sportbike riding and before i got a bike... i was drilled and drilled about how i would absolutely lay me bike down sooner or got to a pointw where i was determined not to drop it.. anyway.. i take on new things real quick.. and am pretty mechanically inclined.. body is anyways.. so i ride pretty well... had my bike for three months now... no incidents.. even ride some pretty nice wheelies.. and have hardly any chicken strips on my tires.. like a little less than a 1/4 in. anyhow.. i took a quick ride up to muholland hwy where the rocks store is today with my freind on his r1.. and took this road called latiago canyon rd.. i realize we've taken it before and decided to turn around at a turn off.. well.. didnt' see any asphalt turn outs... so i came upon this dirt overlook.. i slowed and made the turn fine.. no slipping, nothing.. well i made a u turn to the left and before i made it back to the asphalt, as i slowed, almost to a stop .. and i mean almost.. going at about 1.5 mph.. i go to turn to my friend thasss following me around the turn, and i as turned, i went to grab the brake as i stopped completely. and i guess the bike was still cocked over a little bit.. and i mean .. a ever so slightly.. well... the tire locked right up.. slide maybe three inches.. and over my baby went.. as she went down to the left.. my natural intuition said get off.. the bike hit the dirt(wit big ass gravel) and i was standing next to my bike in dissappointment, yet humorous, yet angry.. but at who can i be angry at. i look over and my freind is sort of laughin.. and im standing there like.. Sh*t... and so i picked it up.. and juss stood there.. the damage wasn't bad.. engine cover scratched up, and the factory racing colored(stickers) scratched up.. damn~!.. but oh well.. learning experience for me.. no brakes on dirt.. =T.. thass the second bike ive laid over in the five years ive been around bikes off and on.. my first was an 80cc dirt bike the first time i learned how to ride.. pant leg(baggy jeans) got caught on the peg.. and foot didnt' quite reach the ground.. went down the same way as this time.. gott off the bike... standing there lQQkin at the bike laid over.. man.. muss be me. hehe.. well anyways.. i've never had any other bike incidents although ive been close.. And what hurts the most is that i can't even say i laid it down canyon racing.. i was canyon turning.. .. oh well.. i have a pretty good attitude.. im only 21 and have lots to learn about material things.. but i do know its only a bike.. and money..... at least it wasnt' my life...

keep the shiny side up..(at least my shiny helmet was still up)

p.s. if you all come from the southbay area..310/562/323..etc.. and ride on sundays towards pch and the rocks.. email me.. [email protected]
jos F theGoldenboy

Some day, i'll ride like all the famed riders of today.. for i will be the rider of tommorrow.. , cuz as of today.. i have only three months of riding everyday experience under my n*tS..
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Sorry about your bike. Glad to hear you're OK.

Rub those pegs raw!
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Tough break Gixx,

I never use the front brake when on dirt roads,(I learned the same way) I find the rear wheel will slide more but is more controlable then a front end wash out.


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That suck's man. I'm glad to hear that you got off the bike. I'm sure you and the rest of us would rather be standing laughing at you with your bike on the ground, rather than helping lift the bike off of your leg as your laying underneath it. Live and learn.

Be safe out there.

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Great to hear it was only a "set-down".. i did that a few times on my first bike.. It happens. Better to set it down then turn it into a surfboard.

Fear Green.
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You got the right attitude Gixxerboy. Laugh it off cuz it was nothing. I dropped my canatuna 7 years back. Was stopping for a stop sign and didnt notice the dip in the road with loose dirt/gravel in it. stepped in it and Timber. Funny thing is that when i picked her up i was so freaked out i stepped in the same place and did it again.

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Sorry to hear about you droppin' it man! It happens to the best of us I guess!

I dropped my first bike numerous times doing U-turns. It usually happened on when I was doing a u-turn in a 100kph zone and was as such in a hurry to complete the turn. I'd get going a little to fast, chuck on the front brake as I turned to slow myself down and bit, and down goes the bike. This was on seal. Took me a long time to learn to lean the opposite way (which I thought was a no-no) at low speed. I realise this probably wouldn't have helped in your case, being on gravel, but I thought I'd share anyway .

Never actually put a scratch on it by dropping it like that thankfully - it was just damn embarassing, especially when you do it infront of your mate.


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> Was stopping for a stop sign and didnt notice the dip in the road with loose dirt/gravel in it. stepped in it and
Timber. Funny thing is that when i picked her up i was so freaked out i stepped in the same place and did it


Man...If I was behind ya with a camcorder, I know I would have won that $100,000 Grand Prize on America's Funniest...

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I did almost the same thing with my first bike. It's amazing how light they are when they're moving, and how heavy they get when they're standing still!

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I must say that I was too damn lazy to actually read your entire post, but I'm going to assume that this was your first crash (or whatever you want to call it), so............

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the club.

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