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Far be it from me to impose my standards on anybody else, but I just can't let this one go.........

Went for a short ride tonite. I've got my boots and jeans on, and in the garage, I put on my Fieldsheer armored jacket, full face helmet and gloves. I crank up the bike and away I go. Found some nice twisties and ran it out. Cleared the mind after a hard week.

On the way back, I'm on the interstate in light traffic, cruising about 75, and another bike passes me in another lane. That's when I about drop my teeth!

The guy is riding an obviously brand new Trophy (paper plates) wearing sandals, a polo shirt and shorts doing about 85. No helmet, of course. But, that's not all. On the back, is his (approximately) 8 year-old daughter in sandals, a sun dress, and, you guessed it, no helmet, hanging on for dear life.

Now, here's my dilema. As I mentioned above, I don't feel comfortable imposing my standards on anybody else, but what this guy was doing was criminal. I wanted to follow the guy home and whack him upside the head. "Not appropriate behavior" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it, as far as I'm concerned.

So, my friends and fellow enthusiasts, cousel me. What would YOU have done?

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see if you could ride with him til you both stop or if you could tell that they were in danger, wave him over and tell him that he needs to cool it off esp with a child on the back and suggest him to get safety gear. i wouldnt want him to get pissed and race off and put them in more danger...

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That'd weird me out, too. I won't even let my wife on the back of mine unless she's fully geared up, and I probably wouldn't even ride my 8 year old daughter on the bike, that is- if I had a daughter- and certainly not gear-less and at those kinds of speeds.

That's just irresponsible, but I'm not sure what you could have done. As much as it goes against every fiber in my being to say so- EvilGuy may be right on. If it were possible to meet him at a stop, you might have been able to say something like- "nice bike, hope you guys are being real careful out here..." 'Cause if you start chastising him, he's gonna get angry at least on some level, and that's going to negatively affect his riding.

Or, memorize the plate number or at least part of it (some of those temp plates are HUGE!) along with a descripition of the bike- pull off to the next available phone, and call the police/highway patrol. None of us really enjoy the presence of Johnny Law, but that guy sounds like he needs a good talking to.(or beating) Wrecking a bike when it's just you is one thing- but when you've put a child's life in danger is completely another. I hope they made it home safely.

Not to mention, even if they did get home just fine, that kid could potentially grow up to ride motorcycles herself, thinking it's ok to pull crap like that.

That just sucks.



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Things like that is really beyond me! I do not understand it. Why do people ride without have the proper gear on? Do people not understand what can happen to them and you need to ride like this could be the day that you go down? If the guy wants to be a fool and do it then that is his life but he should never take the chance with a kid on the back! That reaaly pisses me off!

I have a 4 and 8 year old and they have never been riding on the bike cause I do not have a riding jacket and helmet for them. My 8 year old wants to go bad but he will not untill I find a used jacket for him.

As riders we do need to educate others who have not thought about what could happen. Most riders will not listen but we need to try and hopefully the will understand and wear the proper gear before it is too late!

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I saw a similar thing in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago. They had helmets, its the law. But a young girl in shorts sneakers and tanktop. I was so pissed off. It's fine if you want to be an idiot but don't put you child in that kind of danger. If I had been on my motorcycle it would have been hard not to catch him and educate him. Catching them and educating them would not do any good. I believe that you folks are correct that it would be more dangerous.

It's probably the same dumbasses that smoke in the car with the kids present. If this offends any of you, tough sh*t. I was one of those kids that put up with the smoke in the car and I have some lung damage that is IMO due to it.


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Call me an a** if you like but if he was in his legal right to be without any safety gear, who am I to judge him for not putting value into his life or the life of his passenger.
I am a person who believes in assessing blame where blame is due. If he crashes and burns it's tragic but he could have protected himself had he chosen to do so.
Every day we ride, someone looks at us and thinks we're crazy for even riding a motorcycle, because those things get people killed. Well HELLO bikes don't kill people PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.
Life is full of decisions and each individual has to be prepared to accept the consequences of their decisions. As far as the kid, hopefully she was his daughter and his responsibility.

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There you are jumping to conclusions. You don't know that she was eight. She could have been nine. Hell, she could have even been his midget girlfriend for all you know. No, but really I agree with swdunn. It's OK for us to sit here and say he is stupid, but as long as he wasn't getting caught it was his choice to make. That's what this country is all about, choices, even when they are bad choices. By the way, my favorites are the parents with their kids jumping all around the back seats of their car.

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swdunn and colin,

Please tell us you don't have children and don't plan to soon.

I don't think anyone is questioning the legality of the act, just the sanity. Choice is one thing but placing a minor in that type of danger is another. No one suggested laws to prevent this, just suggested that a law officer might help by educating the guy.

It's not against the law to give my four year old nephew a loaded pistol and send him into my brothers backyard unsupervised to shoot at stuff but it would be stupid.

I used my nephew as an example because it would be illegal in my backyard.


"If Harley made an airplane... would you fly in it?"
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I would have turned the Mutha***** in. Not only is this a huge act of stupidity, it is child endangerment. This moron is not mentally qualified to be a parent. I just hope the little girl will survive the the foolishness of that idiot.

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The guy is an idiot. Choices are one thing, but the child is too young to make choices for herself, and he is obviously too stupid to make them for her. There are probably laws already in effect to cover this. Just like the laws about kids and seatbelts, there is probably a law about kids and bikes. Might be something to ask in case you see the dork again.

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