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Well the good news is I picked up my brand new 929rr yesterday. The bad news was the ride home. I live in tucson az which is hot. But phx is really hot. I would have just bought the bike here in town but the place in az that had a red and white 929 was prescott about 250 miles from here. So I picked up the bike and everything was fine till i left to head back to tucson. I got stuck in a hugh traffic jam. Eight lanes backed up for miles and no exit ramps. Oh i forget to mention that it was 115 outside and i am in pants,jacket,boots,gloves,and a helmet. NOT GOOD!!! So FINALLY i get to an exit and pull off and black out for a few seconds. I walk into a resturant dizzy and lightheaded and the waitress says to me "Did you just back from the waterpark" I cant think of a trip that i have taken that was this bad. The worst part is that i still had another 150 miles ahead of me and i was wiped out. Luckily i made it ok and didnt lay down my new bike. I guess it could have been worse. The upside to this is i now have a nice new red and white 929. Now that I vented i feel much better :smile

BTW break in does suck.

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up until about 2 weeks ago or so they Town & Country Motorsports in Chandler had a red/white 929 not sure if you checked there first or not but its gone now anyhow all they have now is a yellow/black one i think.. but congrats on the new bike and if you ever think you have too many ill be more than happy to take them from you lol

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Yeah, Renaissance is where I got the vest. The sizes are a little off, because I found that the Small actually fits me best. For some reason, they're cut really loose, but it seems to me you want it to fit fairly snugly around your body. Plus, I plan on wearing it underneath my racing leathers. I could have worn a Medium, but I could fold the material over about an inch or two while wearing it. The Large was like a ski jacket! Definitely check them out...

And "God...", AZ is a helmet-optional state if you're over 18. Granted, most of the cruiser riders don't ever wear them, but I would honestly estimate that at least three-fourths of the sportbike riders here wear helmets...

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Glad you made it back in one piece, Mike! I'll have to come check out your new ride.

Yeah, the heat around here is literally a killer. Imagine what we deal with when we're racing at Firebird in full leathers all day!

The big key to dealing with this kind of heat (besides just not riding in it!) is to drink LOTS and LOTS of water! Get yourself a Camelback drink system, and take plenty of breaks during a trip to get indoors and get something to drink.

Also, it helps to get riding gear that has lots of venting built in. The more airflow you can get flowing through your jacket, the better. Recently, I bought one of the new "Cooling Vests" from Rex Marsee Products. I've only used it on one ride so far, but my initial impression is that it certainly helped the situation. I could definitely feel the cooling effect. It's pricey, but hey, anything that helps in this heat is worth it.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell that you're starting to suffer heat exhaustion, because you don't think straight when it happens, so you think you're okay, when in reality, you're dangerously close to passing out. So preventative measures are critical...

Take it easy out there!

A fool and his money are soon partying.
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Duck, your story sounds a lot like mine - Traffic jam, 105 degrees, jacket, gloves, helmet, boots, new red/white 929, but only 35 miles to get home from the dealer on Friday.

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not to get off topic, but i was in phoenix at the end of june for 5 days and i must admit, i dont think i seen one person wearing a helmet or for that matter wearing jeans.
i made a (friendly)comment to a guy on a harley about riding in shorts and no helmet with his daughter in the same but wearing one of those fake helmets. (i guess ifd you are under 18 you need a helmet?) but anyways the guy didnt like my comment too much, and almost wanted to throw leather with me.
soory about my ramblings but i guess i had to tell someone from AZ, about not seeing 1 helmet during my trip.

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Scott whats up buddy! Are those vests your talking about the same ones that Steve carrys at Renaissance. I have got to get one of those because this is my daily rider. Thanks for the info. I still owe you a favor for letting me borrow the rear wheel stand.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GodCreatedOne: phoenix at the end of june ...i dont think i seen one person wearing a helmet or for that matter wearing jeans...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Its called freedom of choice. Not much you can do by expecting HARLEY riders to wear a lid. (HAHAHA) were you driving around in a corporate rental car also?? I know if i was riding and you pulled up next to me in a cage and started espousing my poor judgment i would probably laugh at you. (But i ALWAYS wear a helmet so this is strictly hypothetical)

Yes, there are alot of riders in AZ who dont wear a helmet, but these are 90% harley riders (roughly) Of the sportbike crowd, yeah there are a some who dont ride with helmets, but the excuse is very understandable. When you are stuck in traffic and the temps (NWS temp) is 115 F. the actual temp sitting in one place at a standstill surrounded by 50 cages idling thier hot exhaust, giving off even more heat, no breeze, the temp is usually up around 125 F. or more. Can you blame them? I still agree in that they are putting themselves in great danger, but i at least sympathise with them.

Now, i DO drink lots of water, I DO wear a helmet and jacket gloves, jeans (at least). Ask if RedNinja thought i was nuts driving over on Saturday with jacket, jeans, helmet and gloves when it was a billion degrees outside...(and i got stuck in traffic on the freeway too!)

Its our choice.

Fear Green.
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