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I have read a lot of posts about get offs, wad ups and leather vs. asphalt tests, but what type of serious injuries have you had as the result of being an adrenaline junkie?

I have been lucky so far and not had a serious "rapid dismount" in quite sometime but when you play the odds eventually your number may come up. and I'd like to know what to expect in the bodily injury dept.

I hope this isn't a SORE subject for anyone. Ha Ha

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Dumped my F1 at 15 mph in a drive way. My front wheel locked (must have been sand or a pepple). I slide for 30 feet UNDER the bike. If it wasn't for my leather jacket I wouldn't have much skin on my right arm. My shoe was scuffed and my hand (left) and knee got scraped.

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I went down on my CB250 (Nighthawk) at about 10-15MPH. I am glad I had a leather jacket on. I hit right on my elbow and slid. The leather managed to heat up and burned my elbow. Better than road-rash! Never realized how much ones flexes the elbow until it hurts to do so.

I knew a guy that went down at 120 into a gaurdrail. He destroyed the bike (GSX-R600 polished, jetted, and piped) and walked away with a bruise on his hip. Full leathers of course. Lucky SOB
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While I was doing some canyon carving, I went into a left hand sweeper at around 70 or so, at just about my entry point to the corner a oncomming car was half way in my lane comming straight at me, so I had to stand the bike up(so i wouldnt get hit). but i didnt have enough time to get back on a good line to take the corner at the speed i was going, so i ended up getting into the gravel on the side of the road and hitting a guard rail, the bike and i slid for about 100 feet or so, needless to say the bike was totaled and i walked away, with a dime sized hole in my arm,(I think it was the brake lever). The side of my helmet was worn down to the fiber glass(where my ear is) and i'm so luckly that is was wearing my dianese body armor w/ back plate, my hands didnt have a scratch on them, my pants were torn up and my ankle had a nice abrasion on it. thank you dianese.

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In October of '95 I had a little mishap on my F3. Four of us were returning from a ride and were on an outer road. Two of the guys passed this van that was in front of us. Another guy and I pulled out to pass then saw an oncoming car and decided not to try it. As we were braking and pulling back behind the van, the van slowed down. I got too much front brake and the front washed out, lowsiding. We were only going about 45 or so I think but I got to slide for a bit. I didn't touch my helmet down at all. I jumped back up, upset about my bike, and went to retrieve it. My friend came walking over and at that time I looked at my jeans (I know, I know) and there was a hole probably 2 1/2 inches across. I looked inside the hole but saw no blood. All I saw was white. I looked up at my friend and said "That's my kneecap, isn't it?" He said "Yeah, don't look at it!" I think he was figuring I'd go into shock or something but it didn't hurt at all (adrenaline probably?) Anyways, I ended up with a hole about 1 1/2 inches diameter directly above my kneecap. Went to the emergency room and nothing else was wrong. Incredibly, no chips or anything, just wore the skin off. 4 stitches brought the hole together. I kept my leg completely straight for about a week and a half for fear of ripping it open again. That was the worst part-working the flexibility back into it. It was the back of my knee that hurt the worst! Now I have a pretty purple knee with no meat under it. I guess there must not be many nerves under there to begin with, because it never really hurt. What I probably should have done differently was to brake hard first then pull back in. Lesson learned...

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I rode sraight through last winter. In MD, they use some kind of stuff to melt ice; well, when the ice is gone, it leaves a nice white residue not unlike baby powder all over the road. I was unaware of how slippery it was until I went around a 90 degree left hander at about 15mph. All of a sudden , the bike just washed out from under me. Happened in the blink of an eye. I had a leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves and helmet on. Everything except my helmet was scuffed. Nothing else was hurt. Some scratched plastic, turn signal, mirrir. Lucky me I guess.

Other that that, I ran off the road when I first started riding on a 1980 Suz GS450L. Went into a turn too fast, got off, hit my head pretty hard (thank you Shoei). Got poison ivy all over. I was young and stupid- had on shorts and a t-shirt.

Nothing really bad, knock on wood.

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I was riding in staggered formation when the guy I was riding with took a right turn at an intersection without his blinker. I had no clue until his rear tire hit my front. I was going 20-25 and slid some distance on the asphalt with no shirt. got some road rash on my back, which didn't hurt, but when they had to scub the asphault out of my back at the ER, I was in some pain.

Passed 2 guys on outside of turn at track. Couldn't get back inside to make next turn and ended up hitting outside rumble strips, which instantly made me lowside. I tore my rotator cuff from sliding over the rumble strips. My shoulder still hurts now and then. I love it.


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I had a wicked high side about 14 months ago in a fast left hand sweeper. After seeing earth, sky, earth, sky, earth, sky, I tumbled to a stop.

Immediately, I got up and staggered to my bike and picked it up off the ground to view the damage. At this time a car stopped to see if I was ok. It happened to be a paramedic in his personal vehicle who lived across from where I wrecked.

My left collar bone started hurting. The paramedic lived just across the street and I rode my bike about 1/4 mile to his garage, and the man took me to the ER.

I had zero rash, one broken collar bone in two places, and six broken ribs.

That is my only mishap. I was back riding after 5 weeks of recovery and therapy on the arm.

Remember to ride within your ability. My crash resulted from going too fast on rough ashpalt.

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sept 16 1996. broke my right femur in two severing the femoral(sp) artery. destroyed 75+% of the soft tissue in my left foot(airwalks). light road rash on my legs (jeans). 3days icu 3 days in regular hospital bed 6 days in rehab 2 months to walk w/out cruthes, 2.5 years to walk w/out a limp, 4yrs & im almost completely recovered... have a doctors appointment tomorrow (7/12) to hopefully make my foot 110% & then its off to the military !

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SpeedPhreak:
...then its off to the military !
Dude, don't do it! Don't sell out to the man

ps - you know what the Marine Corps emblem is? It's a turkey sitting on a beach ball yelling "Go Navy, beat Army"

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