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Who (other than people who have raced or do race)do not use the clutch to shift, cover the front brake or clutch lever with two fingers. While taking a MSF course, the practice was cover the clutch for emergency
reasons and leave the front brake uncovered.
In the November 1997 issue of Motorcyclist, the Street and Survival Skills section it speaks about the mastery of clutchless upshifting. Then in the Skill Building section it is suggested to drape two fingers over the front brake lever to reduce reaction time for stops. I have watched professional riders/racers do it however what should the normal public do.


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when i ride i always keep fingers on the levers, if something happens your right there to hit the brake n shift

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I usually do not use the clutch to upshift, and I always try to cover both my levers in case of an emergency.

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clutchless upshift, yes, but only so i remember to them on the track. on the street, it doesn't matter. i generally try to not shift on the street a lot.

as for covering levers, never.

this will be argued by many, but it's my opinion, and i will continue to do this.

in a panic situation, survival reactions (sr) kick in first. i am of the opinion that sr's are generally counter-productive on a motorcycle. i feel that my first action in a panic situation will be sr-based. after that good judgement holds court.

therefore i think if you cover the levers, your first movement is to slam on that front brake, and then you're on your ass wondering what happened.

doing it my way, your first reaction is to extend the fingers, then you can squeeze teh front brake.

this is the same reason why i don't use the rear brake.


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I do not usually use the clutch for upshifting. I keep the levers covered when there are alot of vehicles around (traffic) If Im out on an open road, I dont really worry about it.

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Typically the only time I cover the handles is approaching a busy intersection or if I'm caught in a cluster of caged morons.
If you went to an MSF course you are probably familiar with the S.I.P.D.E method (Scan Identify-Predict-Determine- Execute) I usually cover between I and P. if something up ahead looks unpredictable.

I am not too familiar with the clutchless upshift method. Is it the same as a reg. shift just without pulling the clutch in, or is there a different technique to it. "Inquiring minds want to know"

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Vroooooommmmm, shift, vrooooommmm, shift, vroooooommmm, shift, vrooooommmm...simple as that. Well, actually, preloading the shift lever and closing the throttle a tad before clicking the next gear helps.

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oooooohhhhhhh- - It's the vroooom-shift
vroooom-shift tecnique
That explains everything.
I'm going to go try it right now
Thank's Pete.

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The way I ride is a combination of everything already stated...but I want to feel special, so I'll just go ahead and post anyway !
When I have cages around me, period, I cover my front brake. Those assholes are less predicatable than the weather! When I 'm on the open road, in the twisties, I don't cover the front brake at all. Mostly because at the speeds that I usually take the twisties at, there wouldn't be much chance of survival anyway To be honest, I do agree with the statement already made that in a panic situation, the survival instinct kicks in, usually resulting in the grabbing of a big handful of front brake, resulting in one wrecked bike and one pissed off rider. However, I've been riding for a long time, and have wrecked a few times (not proud, trust me!) Most, but not all, incidents like a car suddenly changing lanes or pulling out of a driveway can be handled simply by swerving. Just like they teach in the MSF class (BTW, the MSF class is the best thing you'll ever spend money on. If you ride in the street , you need to take this class. I learned a lot. I took the class "because I had to in order to get the insurance discount, but walked away impressed and smarter) Throw the hips to the left and then quickly back to the right (or vice versa) and you can avoid a lot of stuff. If I'd have known this back in 1986, I would've avoided my first bike wreck when a drunk woman in a piece of crap Chevette (5 different colors of primer, BTW) made a left in front of me. The accident was totally avoidable, but what did I know back then? I just froze and bit it. But, I digress. Cover that front brake. Think before you squeeze too hard. It's a learned skill, but it's saved me too many times to count. Just my $.02. Cheers.

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Dick Dick(Pete Richard),

You're killing me man. ROFLMAO!!!

Ride Hard!

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