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Yes, only my third ride on my new F4 and anoter one of my riding buddies goes down(see post titled crash in this forum). We were on the annual Pitkin ride and a deer jumped out in front of my friend's Superhawk.

He has a broken tibia/fibia, and many lascerations on his body from sliding across the pavement. Another bike is totaled and the deer is dead.

His helmet probably saved his life. The doctor in Canon City told us that some blood vessels were damaged and he has poor circulation in his leg. So they just got done transporting him to Penrose hospital in Colorado Springs.

I was less than 100 yards in front of him when it happened. 3 of us got ten miles down the road and waited for the other 2 to show up....we turn around and find him lying over 200 feet away from the bike and the deer another 300 feet behind him. The last guy in our group saw it and stopped, so did some other kind people. The ambulance came about 10 minutes after we got there. He said the deer jumped out of the ditch without him even knowing, so he had no time to react.

This same thing happened to my parents when they were driving home from gunnison to pick my sister up from college.(In a car)

Please be careful when you are riding! I have had two heads ups in the last week. I can't believe that all my friends are getting injured when all these squids can ride through Canon City "poping wheelies" and doing nose wheelies with girls on the back without helmets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aaaaaggggghhh hhh!!!!!!!!

The other post is right "Squids Want to die".

By all means, my friends nor I am a squid. We are all experianced riders with no intentions on doing stupid or crazy things to harm ourselves or others. We always wear all safety gear weather it be on a long ride or to the grocery store.

P.S. Watch out for deer and wear all your protection!!! I can't say it as often as it is needed.

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What time of day were you guys riding? Was it a heavily wooded area? Deer crossing signs? Just trying to get some additional possibly helpful facts. Thanks

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It was about 10A.M. No trees near the road(at least 100 feet away). Rock cliff to the right and rolling hills to the left. The deer was in a ditch hiding in some deep grass. I thought I may have seen something when I passed that spot, but wasn't sure what it was. No deer crossing signs.

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Makes me realize how lucky I am...

Two or so weeks ago CBR600F4GD (Geoff) and
I were riding along having a blast and he
was in front of me. He entered a turn and
I was following, both of us at about 90 mph.
I never lost sight of him as he entered the
turn and I could only see a few feet infront
of his bike. Suddenly, his brake lights
went on. Geoff is a predictable rider and I
always know what he is doing which makes for
a great riding companion. Well if his brakes
went on in the middle of a turn that meant
trouble so I uprighted the bike and nailed
the brakes while watching him the entire
time. As I rounded the turn so that I could
see clearly infront of Geoff, a little tiny
baby Doe ran 10 inches infront of Geoff's
front wheel. It just missed him/ he just
missed it and the stupid ****ing thing
decided to turn around and run right at that
side of his bike. Fortunatley deer hoofs
and asphalt make for crapy traction and the
stupid stupid mishap of nature lost all four
feet and did a home plate slide across the
road as it tried to change direction. At
first I was laughing my ass off b/c it was
small and he would have sent that thing
flying; with most likley no damage to him or
the bike. What I found out later was that
Mom had passed shortly infront of Geoff also.
I know they are supposed to be cute and all
but I HATE deer. I am not a hunter but I
hate them. Sorry man but they are stupid!!
Nothing should be running around that big
with the brain size of a bee-bee. They
have run right into the side of my car while
I was traveling at 10 mhp!! How frikkin dumb
can you be??? Deer are the exception to
to survival of the fittest. When I see them
in the road and I am in my car I TRY to hit
them. Sorry nature poeple, I love nature for
the most part but deer are sooo damn dumb and
there are sooo many out here they are a huge
problem and if I do get hurt 70% chances
say it will be by a God #*%& deer. So yes be
careful... Makes you want to get off the
street and hit the race track eh? But there
is a lesson to be learned here... Go slow in
dense forest-like areas... Wait until you are
in the clear!!! There is a time and place
for all kinds of riding, I need to remind
myself of that at times, right now too!

Thanks for the reminder! Hope that your
friend heals very fast and I am sorry that
this happened to him. I am glad there is one
less deer out there. Sorry people; if you
HAVE to rib.. well whatever feel free but you
won't change my opinion - and that's what it
is, an opinion.

Kill 'em all!!!! There are no lions around
here so we have to take over. Put a big
spike on the front of your car and make
a shish-gabob (sp)!

It's nice to have one of the biggest...
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Again, this wasn't a wooded area, at all!!! So, you have to be on the lookout for yourself and others at all times.

I went and saw Joel today at the hospital. He is doing fine and is heavily drugged up. His lungs filled up with fluid, but the doctors say it isn't life-threatening, and he will be out of the hospital by friday.

A cop was in the room when his dad and I walked in and he gave him a ticket for reckless driving! I guess Joel said he was going @65, and the speed limit is 55.

Now I want to take my riding to the track. There are too many variables on the street. This doesn't mean I am giving up street riding, but like was said before, there is no trophy at the end of the road.

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As said above, don't forget they travel in groups or pairs. If I saw one some yards ahead I may be tempted to come to a comlete stop if I have the room. Let them all go by and proceed slowly.

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wow, nice cop.. i got my reckless ticket while i was still in the er on the operating table.

has n e 1 seen those silent horns that only aminals can hear? i think jc whitney sells/sold them. they mount to your big as rusted out pick up & when u drive the air goes into them & makes an ultra high frequency noise that makes aminals run. i was thinking about trying to fit 1 under my fairing somewhere.

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You can get "DEERGUARDS" (the silent wistles) free from State Farm insurance agents. They've been giving them away for years. Use 2 of them and yes, they do work.

Slowing down helps too.

Our greatest challenge in life is living up to our own potential.
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tahoe:

Slowing down helps too.


Yeah but that's just not an option...

It's nice to have one of the biggest...
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