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my 04 gixxer stolen,no insurance

i came home at 230- in the morning last sunday night, i wake up at 5 am because another cars alarm goes off and just soince i woke up i decided to go and look outside, i did and my bike was gone, it was a brand new 2004 gsxr 600, yellow and black, i did;t have insurance becasue i could;t afford it, the bike was financed for 48 months, 230 dollars a month which im gonna have to continue to make, im still in shock actually, it hasen;t really hit me the fact that my bike is gone and im not gonna be able to get another one, i just know that night i lost my bike i actually even contiplated suicide, even though i of course changed my mind but i haven;t had hurt like this since my father died

last week, my friends 750 almost got stolen here in my complex, it was, and i kid you not, 330 in the afternoon and 2 guys in a windstar minivan pulled up to the bike and carried it on to the minivan and drove off, but a lady in a car saw them do it and followed them, she followed them into this apt complex 3 blocks away from my complex, they dumped the bike their and went to the supermartket, this lady followed them to the supermarket then drove back here to let the owner know what had happened, by then the police were already their and she let them know where the bike was in a apt complex up the street, they recovered the bike their, a week later my bike is stolen, and 2 days after it got stolen i decided to drive by the apt complex where my friends bike got dumped at, and what do i see? a brand new 2004 gsxr 500 yellow and black, but with a aftermarket muffler, and undertail kit, i got out the car and tried to put the key in the ignition but it did;t turn, i wrote down the tag number of the bike and called the police and asked them to run the tag and they said the tag came back empty or blank, i asked them what does that mean and they said that most likely the vehicle the tag is on is either stolen or another bike, so i told them to go over their, i could;t go cuz i was at work, i called back an hour later and they said the police officer had just arrived, then i called back another half hour later and asked them what happened and they said well the call was cleared so i guess the officer did;t confirm that to be your bike so now i don;t know what to do or to assume, its just oo much of a coincidence that that bike is their in the same place where the other stolen bike was dumped, and that the tags came back blank, also what are the chances of a guy having the same bike i have which first of all is a 600 (nobody really gets 600 around here, too small) and that same color and year, this bike only came out a few months ago, the coincidence is just too great

GSX-R 600 alstare
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How did you finance a bike without insuarance?

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TonyMontana, why can't you look at the VIN for the bike?? Should be a surefire way to tell if its yours.
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And if the VIN matches.... re-possess it!
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I wouldn't just re-posess it. If they found it once, they'll find it again. Instead, go to the cops immediately (before they move it) and provide proof of ownership with the VIN listed. Get them to go check it out and bang, bike is yours and they go to jail!
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sorry to hear that, you don't need insurance in FL even if your financing it, as long as the bike is under $10k

makes me sick thinkin about that story, hope you get ur bike back

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In B.C., Cdn one is only required to obtain liability insurance. Still with m/cs being stolen I also have my truck & present two bikes with the addition of Fire & Theift insurance.

Also my bikes are in my own garage & it is locked darn tight with some tricks as to how to get in & raise the front door.

Hope something on the right side comes out on your lost bike.
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I'd say check the VIN as mentioned above.

As far as the payment of the bike, I doubt you'll have the option to just continue to make payments. The collateral for the loan is gone, they are going to want payment in full right away.

Hope things work out for you, I know exactly how you feel.

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I feel for you dwag; but let me give you a piece of advice if you are constantly going up to this bike an placing your key in it the owner might not take to kindly to that.. I would hate to see you loose your life over a bike that may not be yours >> hey if you gangsta like dat den do you !!

But please make sure you bring some protection the next time you go mess wid the person's bike..

I am not trying to be mean but straight up if I see someone sticking a key into my bike while it's parked outside I am thinking he is trying to jack me and there isn't gonna be too much explaining you are a gonna be able to do dawg.

I hope you find your bike <> but don't loose your head in the process .... I feel for you Homie!!
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Ouch! Good luck with your recovery.
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