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anyone ride a new yzf600r?

I heard this is a great daily rider, and rips like the R6 but just tamer.

I want to buy a new one, but dont know what is better suited for daily riding the yzf600r, cbr600f4i?

thanks all for any input
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I had a chance to ride a 2003 YZF it is an awesome bike.. Very comfortable, very forgiving, great breaks, good accelleration BUT I went and bought the 2004 F4i. Honestly I went with the F4i because of the new technology in the bike.. Fuel Injected, is probably the biggestest difference. The ergos are a little less radical if they could be any on the F4i. The seats are just as comfortable. The power.. I would have to give it to the F4i. The F4i is considerably more expensive... but I believe its worth it if you have the cash.. Either way your not going to lose!

Good luck.. I was in the same boat as you...

Have you had a chance to look at the new FZ6? That is an awesome bike especially if your going to commute.

Good Luck
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What happened to starting small? This bike is more of a second bike from what I have been reading.
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My F4i is my first bike. My friends YZF600R is his first.

I think out of all the 600s the F4i and the YZF600Rs are among the most forgiving and easygoing... short of a Katana 600 or something.

The problem isn't really so much being too big, the problem is your self control. You don't want to dive right into heavy traffic, you want to practice quite a bit and work your way up.

The reason so many people scream "too big! too big!" is because there are so many people that have never ridden a bike before and don't realize how powerful these bikes really are.

Just remember, barely twist. That's all it takes.
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I have a Yamaha 600r from the first yr they came on the road in '97, but then I am an rider with a lot of yrs experience. Like when the Honda 929 looked like it was going to be avaliable & bought that as well.

Both are my two main bikes I ride. To ride the 600r was really a piece of cake to me due to my prior experience & same with the Honda 929.

To many are assuming if a friend or someone they know can ride a certain bike then they can as well. Not necessarily so.

Personally I would say the Yamaha YZF600r is the 2nd bike up, but then there will be others that claim I am so wrong. As that or even better is what they started out on & their experience is that short time they have been riding the bike.

Up to others if they feel they have that experince & knowledge to handle the bikes they have on mind for after all, next step will be a 1000ccc & after that ---------well I really do not know for what else is their to aim for unless they decided to go down to a Harley or some larger engine size in a Cruiser.

Everyone is in such a hurry to get a hot trotting bike so their next will be the hottest & meanist bike on the street & then they can quit riding & go for something else rather then m/cing. Well after all so many seem to become bored with what they have & I really feel sorry for them as they have not tried out all ways & fields of riding.

Sort of interested to know----well how many of those incourging first time riders to buy a hot trotting 600 four as they have the same. Like have you been riding your 600 for the past 7 yrs & even more powerful bikes like GSXR750 & others prior to that????
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I love how everyone needs to scream... "TOO BIG OF A etc etc." Its called self control. Unless the power to weight ratio is way high (like the R6 or the GSXR 600) a 600 is NOT TOO BIG OF A BIKE. I would say probably the first few times I road the bike I was a little surprised by the "power" and by the breaking ability (Duh.. maybe thats just getting use to the bike?? ). But honestly it takes a lot to get the front end off the ground, and the breaks are not anyworse then a crappy old NightHawk. The ergos... 4gettabouttit they are cumfy and extremely forgiving.

So to say a YZF 600 or a F4i is too big to start out on is bullsh!t!
I am so happy that I didnt listen to the idocy of some of the people on this forum. I would have spent 3 - 4 grand on something that I would have grown out of in a few months to just have to spend more money. I think I will grow with the F4i and probably will not need to upgrade for many many years. Look I agree that a R6 or a GSXR 600 is NOT the way to go.. Power to weight is crazy.. Ergos are for racing, and breaks are very touchy...

Dont put all 600s in the same class.. I love how people say that the SV 600s is a good starter bike then the F4i.. Mean while the ergos are more radical, the bike has better touque in the lower RPMs which of course will bring the bike right up and even weighs more which for a new guy is horrible!

Most of us on here are over 18 and majority are probably over 25 or 30. We are not kids and dont treat us like one..

Most of you who say this probably think that Guns kill people.. Never thinking that its the person who pulls the trigger that kills the person.. The gun is only the tool... Same with Bikes...

The liberal mentality that we no longer take personal responsibility for our actions is so strong it is sickening. Lets just blame the tools and the machineary that we invent rather then blaming ourselves for their mis-use! And honestly just like the liberal BIG Brother banned the use of Trikes in the 90s they will surely start to regulate the use of certain types of Motorcycles for street use with this type of thinking. All because the individual didnt want to take responsibility for their actions. I had a trike and new its limitations... I rode for 5 years even after the ban and never had an issue.. Why because I knew my limitations and the machines limitations. Everytime someone on here screams "THE 600s or BIGGER WILL KILL YOU!!!" That gives a liberal politition more ammo to create laws that will rip our riding freedoms away. They did it once...

Get off your liberal thinking high horse and let each person live in liberty... Let them choose.. A recommendation is a statement that is backed up by choices NOT a statement that is willed upon another person!
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Originally posted by stanglx
\Why because I knew my limitations and the machines limitations. Everytime someone on here screams "THE 600s or BIGGER WILL KILL YOU!!!"
The way I see it, if you don't have self control, ANY bike will kill you. Granted, not as fast on a smaller bike, but if you don't have self control or even realize how powerful motorcycles are, you'll get in deep shit fast on any bike.
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Originally posted by NovaHawk
The way I see it, if you don't have self control, ANY bike will kill you. Granted, not as fast on a smaller bike, but if you don't have self control or even realize how powerful motorcycles are, you'll get in deep shit fast on any bike.
Bingo, 100% IMHO.

Also, BOT, I think the yzf600r is a great bike and under rated by the general public. Most people (me included) make sportbike purchases based on emotion more than logic and an extra 1000-2000 bucks for the raceier 600's isn't hard to work out when you lust for the biggest/baddest. But with that said the yzf600r would do 97% of what the r6 would do when ridden by 99% of the riders out there.
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I didn't read anything posted above because it always turns out the same. I have a 98 yzf600r and I like it a lot. A friend of mine bought a 2003 last year and I like it more than mine. Good power and very comfortable ergos. Very nice bike.

Originally posted by sidewaysducati
If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all who claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think everything you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told you should want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned...... Tyler
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I have a 2000 YZF600R that I got used. Awesome bike, I love it, and have hardly scratched the surface of its potential. Nice as a daily commuter (what I use it for), it also rips thru the canyons and twisties (which I do every time I'm not at work ) I don't have much experience with it, and no experience with other bikes, but I'm glad I chose the YZF and haven't looked back.

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