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within first 48 hours 14 7.82%
within first 2 weeks 14 7.82%
within first 2 months 17 9.50%
within first year 31 17.32%
still going 78 43.58%
after first year 25 13.97%
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Question How long did it take for you to go down?

{forgot to put an option between first year and still going} say "after first year"

Hello All,

I'm curious, for new riders that just started riding, how long did it take for the first time you went down riding your new or new to you motorcycle? I'm going to start riding soon, so I just want to know what to expect. Like they say, there are two kinds of riders. I might as well go down a couple of times in msf class just to get it over with!

Don't consider dropping your motorcycle in the driveway or learing to ride in a parking lot, just normal riding.

Also please comment on the reason.
Unfamiliar with the bike or riding a bike.
Road hazard.
Pushing to hard on purpose.
Going faster than you should have without know it.


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Haven't put it down yet, but did have one really close call recently as detailed here:
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Brand new back tire + right hand turn + sand and loose gravel = 3... I mean equals crash. Nothing I could've done on this one. Just one of those "OH SH*T!" accidents. Luckily it was all cosmetic.

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post #4 of 52 (permalink) Old 05-26-2004, 06:31 PM
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Assuming you meant on the street because if we're counting dirt then my answer would be very different. On the street I was riding with my brother (I was 16y/o, he was 13y/o) and @ a fairly low speed into a left hander he shifted his weight and the bike slid out and dumped us both. I was so worried about hurting my little brother that I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me as we hit the ground. I knew if my brother got hurt my mom would kill me if this crash didn't
So I ended up with a bunch of road rash and the little twerp wasn't even scratched.
Mom still wanted to kill me though but I was suffiently injured that she said she would wait until I healed before she did anything to me.
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About 2 seconds on 1st bike XL250 in the dealer parking lot, too much gas and abrupt clutch. (like you said this really dosen't count)

Still 1st bike, XL250. slipped in rain/ oil mix at intersection within first year.

2nd bike was Suzuki 450 within about 6 months a driver pulled out in front of me and I laid it down.

3rd new bike lasted about 50 minutes, VFR 700, bike fell over without me on it due to not parking on level ground.

No additional accidents in last 17 years.
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You need a longer time period for the pole. My first *real* going down was last year, in my 3rd season. Front brake + wet tar/gravel + too slow letting go of brake = me sliding down the road after leaving a girl's house after the first date...

I quickly ripped the bike back onto it's wheels, and hauled ass out of there as she ran down the block to see if I was ok. Still haven't called her back, haha, bad memories deserve to stay buried.
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I added the "after first year" option for you.

Oh, and mine was in my third year of riding. Coming home from work and coming up on a red light. I was going about 15-20 mph and a guy turned left in front of me. I was already decelerating and he turned late enough that all I could do was try to grab some more brake to scrub off as much speed as I could before hitting him. I was thrown over the car and was surprisingly injury free. Not a scratch on my clothes or helmet. I was wearing a backpack full of clothes from my morning ride in and I managed to land on it. My only "injury" was where my forearm was dragged along the edge of the windscreen as I went flying over the bike and car. The bike was totaled because the frame snapped right at a weld and I'm sure the forks were bent beyond repair. Had it just been fork damage I might still have the bike now, but with a busted frame that was all she wrote.

I do feel like I did everything I could to lessen the severity of the crash, but having gone over it in my head many many times I fail to see any way that the crash was avoidable. If it taught me anything it taught me the importance of gear and that no matter how visible you make yourself people still will not see you.

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4 or 5 beer and the nerve to ask her.

Din't go down until my 2nd year, learning rollin circle burnouts
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About a month after I first started riding. I was in slow moving packed traffic, about 20 or 25 mph. I glanced away for a second, and at the very moment the car in front of the armored truck that was in front of me hit the brakes, so the truck hit the brakes, and I out of instinct hit the brakes and locked my front wheel, lowsiding myself. I was wearing kevlar reinforced full leathers and at the low speed I just brushed off the dirt when I got up from it. But this was in a small town and as it happens directly outside the ambulance garage so I had cops there in seconds, 3 cruisers I think, all flashing lights and making traffic worse. I only broke the mirror and turn signal, and didn't even put a scratch on my helmet. But I learned my lesson, DON'T TAILGATE.
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Originally posted by NB954
4 or 5 beer and the nerve to ask her.

LTMDGH!!!!!!!!!(Laugh Til My D*ck Got Hard)

--There is a wrong way to eat a Reese's, and I will find it.
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