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MSF Course

Hi, I'm new to the site and very excited. My girlfriend paid for an MSF course for me and it starts in a week. I'm hoping to get some of the basics down, get comfortable enough with a bike to feel comfortable buying one, and hopefully get in contact with some of the riding community here in Nashville. I'm curious of what others' experiences with MSF courses have been and how they found other riders in there area, not to mention how to find a good (and affordable) starter bike.
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Welcome to the online fun!

First, I recommend checking out previous threads using the Search button and terms of interest, like MSF and new rider, or whatever. There have been lots of threads on the subject, but this is the most recent, I think.

As for the getting into a group, sometimes Google will return some reponses if you list geographic location and motorcycling. Try doing the same with a local college; there are often riding groups organized at higher ed institutions.

For the "first bike" question, use the Search on New Riders and New Members, and you'll find this has been addressed constantly. You'll get a good feel for opinions around here without feeling the pain others have.
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Thanks. I have to admit, of course I want a 600cc sportbike eventually. And then on to bigger and faster and more dangerous. But I'm not the type to go out and buy a 'busa day one. I'll be looking for something decent and used. I plan on riding with a purpose, and that purpose is to become a better rider. So hopefully I will be better one month to the next.

I guess I was just curious if there was anything that people who had taken the MSF class wish they knew or had done then, instead of finding out later.

But I have been searching the forums and finding great stuff throughout. I"m sure one day I'll have ridden as much as Dad and Smitty.
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Dad due to his good riding habits & ways while me only for being that old I hope. Sorry just doing a bit of kidding, but yes Dad is one to be respected.

Of interest I note it is your girlfriend that has bought the MSF for you which proves she is a smart girl. I hope you understand that carrying a pillion passenger on a m/c is far, far differnt then carrying a passenger is a self-balanced cage due to its four wheels.

Lasly I do thank you to the board with a good bunch of fellow riders & gals.
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Yeah, she's smart and always concerned about safety. However, she knows absolutely nothing about motorcycles, and got scared when I told her that I wanted one. She had all kinds of questions about the different kinds of bikes and safety and gear and insurance. I've been a kind of motorcycle nut for the last three years, always doing enough research to get excited only to be deflated again when seeing the price tags at dealerships. But now that I'm out of college and (semi-)working, I will soon have enough money to afford a bike (insurance, gear, lots of gas cause I would ride it almost everyday all day because I am a crazy fanatic type).

I have always wanted to take the MSF course, because I like to be comfortable when trying new things, and it is obviously the best way to get comfortable on a bike. Probably even better than if your friend trains you on his because I would still be afraid of dropping it, not that I even have a friend with a bike. In any case, I have wanted to take the MSF for years, couldn't because in Maryland they have waiting lists past the summer, and was only home from college in the summer. Now I'm in Tennessee and my class is one week from today (sweet).

I won't be taking my girlfriend (or anyone) for a ride for quite some time. I need to make sure I can keep myself safe before I start worrying about anybody else. Plus she's scared. Ha.
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Originally posted by Gideon777
I won't be taking my girlfriend (or anyone) for a ride for quite some time. I need to make sure I can keep myself safe before I start worrying about anybody else. Plus she's scared. Ha.
If you do take her for a ride just make sure to be very careful, explaining to her how to be a good passenger (no fidgeting, lean when you lean, etc.). Also, just take it easy and go slow so as not to scare her away from bikes altogether.

Personally I don't like having passengers anymore, and probably will not take anyone as a passenger ever again. The only exception to that would be my wife (and only very rarely at that), who I am well aware is an excellent passenger. Only problem with that is she'd probably make me ride bitch!

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I took the msc class a couple months ago. I just took it to get my motorcycle endorsement; go figure!.. Anyway, after riding my R6 for 3 years and a Katana 750 the previous years without a D.L. I thought it was time to just go take the msc class to accomplish that. I thought I had known all, but I learned a lot! You might find some of my previous posts about the course. By the way, if you do drop the bike during the course do not panic. You are there to learn, that's what you payed for. Good luck!

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The class is'll learn a lot of things that you probably wouldn't otherwise. You'll be amazed at how handy the figure-8 drill comes in when you're putting around a parking lot, or trying to make a U-turn. I remember thinking it would be impossible to do without going outside the lines on the little 250's we had...then our instructor brought over his Goldwing and did it in the same space

The more you learn, the better. MSF is a great place to start!
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Yeah, I went and bought some gloves today. This, with a Belstaff jacket I bought two years ago and a friends old helmet (scretched up, but never actually 'used') have really got the bike bug itching in me again. Oh man, it's only going to get worse once I take the class and actually RIDE ON A BIKE. Geez, I'm going to be so bike crazy.
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This bit worries me a bit "--friends old helmet (scretched up, but never actually 'used')-----" for the helmet is probably the most important protective bit of gear you will ever wear. A hundred dollar plus will take away the worry of possibly a faulty helmet to a new helmet. I think others will endorse my thoughts.

I have something like 12 used helmets sitting out on a garage shelf ----max that shelf will carry & about every 2 to 4 yrs I buy a new helmet & unlucky #13 goes into the garbage with a blow to it from a sledge hammer so no on will see it & think of wearing it for riding. Yes some people have asked if I will sell on of the above but it is always "no as they will go to the garbage due to age or damage".

Also so many when buying a "used" bike will fork out the extra money becuase it includes a helmet only abuse to it & size can be two major flaws. WE see this going on time & time again.
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