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Dropping bikes due to conditions.

A number of riders in the States are dropping their bikes due to trying to ride when conditions are not suitable.

I do not know if any of our registered members have done so, but I am noting it on other m/c sites. Not any any speeds either, but at slow speeds & so much points to New tyres, cold conditions, rain, parinted parts of the roads & often at STOP sign points & turns to either side.

Sort of amazes me considering so many of us have been giving out warnings about the above happening EVEN in the Summer such as new tyres, or painted parts of the road with them being wet.

I gave up riding both my 600 & 929 on Sept. 25th for I am a hwy rider & not one that rides around town. The conditions became to cold for me to feel there would be sufficent traction between the tyres & the roads on the twisties I like to ride. I was sure we would have a warmer October, but it never did come about. Still I felt loosing traction & pranging my bike was simply not worth it AND so a long wait for me, but it is less costly then trying to rebuild the bike especially with some personal injuries.

So a WARNING to those itching to get the bikes rolling come the next 2 to 4 weeks ESPECIALLY if the bike is new or with new tyres.

Also when we start to ride in the early part of the season PLEASE take note that your area might have used a mix of sand/gravel/salt to give cage drivers tractrion & it still around that will bring you down faster then one can believe.

Another thing is to EDUCATE the cage drivers that WE M/CISTS are out & riding again, SO be ready for them to not see you are Stop signs or four-way crossings & be willing to sort of give them a small signal with your hand as a sort of "Thank you for noticing I am on a motorcycle" if(?) they do hault their cage from coming out of the alley or driving lot ALMOST without noticing you, but they did.

Be POLITE at intersections of where a cage driver & you are at a point of WHO has the right of way & if it was only yours by a few seconds difference be polite & wave the cage drive to move on
(like you are saying "Hey man I am in no rush") for believe me they will remember the polite motorcycle rider rather then the one that gave them some dirty hand signal.
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Excellent post Smitty....lots of great info....

Old, Slow, but ...Smooth
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I second that opinion.

A few weeks back the weather warmed up enough that the snow had cleared off the major roads, so I gave in to the temptation... The small road just out of my driveway still had some slushie/icey stuff on it, so I thought I'd go really slow there. As I hit that slush patch, I got the idea that I was still going faster than I should, so I hit the front brakes. The bike was on its side before I could even think of any cuss word. Fortunately, the only thing that got hurt that day was my pride, considering I dropped my Bandit in front of my chopper-riding neighbor's house.

It still amazes me how the bike that feels so light and nimble on the twisties can be such a bitch to pick up when completely on its side .

The stubborn dumbass that I am, I still rode around town after that, just to get my fix . I was aghast at the amount of dirt on my bike when I got back home. I think I will heed Smitty's advice this time and wait for the salt to wash off the roads with some rains .
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Dropping aside, who wants to take all the plastic off and try to get all the salt and crap off every little part so it doesn`t rust/corrode by the time summer gets here? I`ve be en so close to shoveling what little ice is left in the driveway out so I could go for a short ride around town, but I know it`ll be worth the wait to just sit back and let the warm weather come, and not worry about dropping it, or getting salt all over things... but its so hard when you have 40º days after weeks and weeks of 0-20º

Look . . . the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fu|< with us.
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Lightbulb Weather

I will only ride after it has rained a few times to get the salt off the road.. Im really in a hurry to ride but yet i dont wanna take the chance of the weather makin me do some damage to my bike... Its gonna have to clear up before i do anything and thats gonna be quite awhile in northern indiana... Salt sucks... but what can we do about it??
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Two words, move south. I live in Texas and I rode my stand up jetski yesterday! We'll, I was wearing a wetsuit. Sorry guys, springs on the way though.
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Weather Conditions and Riding

I commute 125 mile roundtrip. My normal ride parameters for southern New Mexico are if the temprature is above freezing and tghe wind is less 45Mph.

Friday it was below freezing and I thought I might try to ride the FJR, but then they threw chance of rain.

So I took the cage to work and on the trip in I encountered freezing mist and black ice.

Spun the cage around 3 times, luckily it never left the road.

I need the upholstery cleaned now.

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Throttle control

I'd like to add to Smitty's suggestions that everyone needs to practice throttle control once in a while. It's not just a newbie thing; it's something we can all use, especially when the road turns wet and dirty.

In the current issue of Cycle World (3/04), former AMA 250GP champ Nick Ienatsch describes his guest ride on Ducati's MotoGP bike. Worried about the demand on his throttle control skill made by 220hp in a 300lb motorcycle, Nick prepared by mounting a slick on the back of his dirtbike and riding around a dry lake bed to sharpen his touch.

Nick suggests this throttle control drill in his book, Sport Riding Techniques:
Take your bike out on a deserted street or parking lot and accelerate and decelerate in first gear, using various rpm. Roll the throttle on and off slowly at first, just easing it open and easing it closed. Really concentrate on your right hand, finessing the grip open and closed. As you get smoother, increase the rpm and try to roll the throttle on and off just as smoothly, but more quickly. Find the point at which you can quickly open and close the throttle while maintining smoothness. This skill must be practiced constantly to overcome our inherent instinct to be more aggressive when trying to excel in sports.
I recently did my favorite throttle control practice, in which I try to avoid brakes and use only throttle for deceleration. The route I chose includes about 5 miles of reasonably well groomed dirt road as well as 25 miles of paved goat trails with lots of gravel and 1st-gear turns. As always, I started off a little rusty but quickly sharpened my skill and came away with the feeling that I had accomplished something.

In addition to awesome top-end horsepower that demands the utmost respect, today's sportbikes can also be sensitive to throttle at low speed. Hamfisted throttle application while turning or on a poor surface—such as pulling into traffic as you exit the gravelly Kwik-E-Mart parking lot—can put you on your ass in an instant. Take some time to work on throttle skill. You just might save yourself some aches, embarassment, and motorcycle repair bills.
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frboate: Now if you had taken the bike just think of what would have happened when you hit the black ice!!!!!

DataDan: You are right about throttle contorl at the first. I usually get to use the school yard on a Sat or Sunday to practice a bit THEN with the 600 & not the 929 as it has a mean motor, I go for the backroads which are still a mess of sand ---believe me that settles one down to riding with caution SO when I hit the more groomed roads I will be better.

I was reading about one chap with his new cruiser, down to the fuel station to fill up then his driveway is rather steep & rear wheel spun on some melted snow & now gravel so he was going backwards, then off the bike to have it follow him down to the road---sideways & scratching up the bike as well plus some parts ripped off Not to mention dead lifting the bike upwards which just about did him in.
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Thumbs up

I look at it like this.....even though the Kentucky Wildcats will never stop winning basketball games.....every year is a new season and new seasons bring new players......cage drivers and riders alike. Practice like you're gonna play guys!

Whew.......it's almost time again...........
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