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I went down

Hey guys, my Sunday wasn't so fun as it sometimes is on my bike. I was riding Santiago Canyon Road at about 9:30, nothing fast, just a nice sunday morning ride. Making a left curve, all of a sudden in oncoming traffic, over 120 bicyclists are bunched up and taking WAY too much of the car traffic lane, and completely overcrowding the bike lane. Wow, awesome site in a way, a crapload of bicycles. Now 4 cars come, and the first one is practically in my lane! He is trying to go around the bicyclists on a God-damned curve. 20 year old in a raised Ford Ranger is taking at least 50% of my lane. All I could do to aviod a head-on collision was stop turning, so I did. 2 seconds later, I'm in a rock patch of a turnout, went down immediately after trying to ride rock at 45 mph. Bike is tore up on the left side, clutch lever tip broke off, twisted ankle, swollen knee, sore as hell. That is the extent of my injuries. I was extreemely lucky I wasn't killed, I came within 3 feet of that truck. There was absolutely nothing I could do, I doubt that situation could have been avioded by anyone. No one stopped wither, at least no one that was in oncoming trafic. I was completely pissed. Everyone said it was the bicyclists fault,EDIT: I waited for a cop, even tho I knew he couldn't do shit. He said it was the bicyclists fault.I then rode it to my bike shop, injured leg and all, with no damn clutch lever. I'll get some pics of my bike, looks kinda cool now (j/k).

No more rides on canyon road notorious for these bicylists.

At least I haven't gone to work for 2 days so far.

I consider myself lucky as hell, there were all kinds of hazards that I avoided during this fall that would have made things much worse. I even remembered a comment from another post that saved my life. Don't ride too close to a yellow lane on a blind curve, no where near close. I was in the right 1/3 of my lane, and still had to adjust for some ass.

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Phew! Man you got lucky as hell!
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Ouch. Glad you're ok.
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That sucks elvis. Too bad you're bike didn't slide across the lane and take out a few bicycles

But hey, now you got time to sit and home and play ghost recon right?

Originally posted by sidewaysducati
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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident, but glad to hear that you are ok. Best wishes for a quick recovery for yourself and the bike!
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Glad you're ok Elvis. The m/c can be fixed with less pain than you!
Speedy recovery!
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The Ironman of Canada is held in my main riding area & cyclists are practicing 15 miles north to my town & some 40 plus miles farther east/west from Spring & on. Lots of twisties & basically twisty, up & down 2-lane mtn roads. One is seeing them out practicing from Spring to the Ironman in August till some still keeping in shape well into September.

Not like the glob you came up against, but times I am coming down a series of the twisties to find several dozen of them (to one or possibly three) & often some passing SO it is simply slow down & CRAWL well behind them (in 1st or 2nd cog) & slowly work ones way pass a few without interferring in this glide down the hill.

So if bicycle racing is done on your roads then you must anticipate them on the straights, on the twisties & in the shadowed areas. Another part in the life of m/cists. Bicycle racing is a history well before m/cing & they are legal in their practicing & actual racing while m/cists must find their own circuits or dirt terrain ---- the same for cages.

Sorry you went down & bike was damaged, but here was something you did not anticipate though probably will from now on. Tough break.
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The bummer of this is that it was a cage driver that forced you to the prang as he was on the wrong side of the road & in your lane.

Not much you can do as you do not have a license plate nor a witness.
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Sorry to hear about the wreck Elvis. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Glad you are ok, here's moping you heal quick and get the bike fixed.

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