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Unhappy 600cc and smaller bikes are for 'trainees'

Please don't get to bent by this thread's title, It's not meant to be taken seriously.

I've been riding sportbikes for a season and half. I started on a Ninja 500R and now own an YZF600R. MY question/point is this.... Although my ego tells me that eventually I'd like to move up to a BUSA or GSXR1000, my brain screams WHY! Granted my YZF600R may not have the fastest 1/4 mile on the track and may top out at dare I say a mere 150mph, but I've never come close to using the bike's full power/speed on the streets. The way I hear people talking on these 'sportbike' boards and magazines, you'd think that the 600 class of bikes was simply an intermediate 'trainer' bike. So I have to ask...

Where do you 'racer type' guys/gals get to test the true limits of your bikes? I've had my bike up to about 90-95mph on the freeway and it wasn't even sweating. I on the other hand was fearfully awaiting the appearance of the pretty red and blue lights behind me. I can't imagine what the cops do to you if you're caught doing > 115 mph on the freeway. I'd imagine that they don't even waste time asking for your license and reg. They simply handcuff you and read you your rights. So, anyway back to my question. Where do you really get to 'test' the limits of a sportbike with 600 or more ccs? The track seems to be the only place realistically, but access to these places is both limited and expensive. Do you guys/gals risk your licenses and potential freedom by doing it on public highways?

If you agree that it's nearly impossible to fully utilize the performance in a 600cc bike, then why are WE always 'upgrading' to even bigger bikes. Illogically, we buy performance that we'll never get a chance to really use. As I said in the beginning of my post, to some extent I've been subconsiously lured into the same zombie like 'must upgrade....' state, but I wonder why...why....why.. we just can't recognize that bigger isn't always better. O'well, I guess it's the american way.

See ya on the road. I'll be guy on the Turbo Busa with the puzzled/panic'd look on his face ...

BTW: Has anyone ever been stopped by the police while going
over 115mph? So... What happens? I'll certainly understand
if it's too painful for you to recollect.

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Ok bro, here's what kind of responses you're gonna get.

A lot of people will say they only test their bikes on the track. And you'd be stupid to test them on the streets. But I'd be willing to be alot of them aren't being completely honest.

Then there's those who say they just turn in loose on the streets, and don't let the cop's catch them.

I have had my bike as fast as it will go on the highway where I KNOW I won't see a cop. I have also had it pretty fast on back roads where I also know I won't see a cop. But if you really want to go nuts without fear of anal raping you're sure to get in prison, go to a track. I have the same bike as you, and I would someday like to get an R1, or a zx9. Why? I don't know.

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I know I've seen statements from world class racers saying all you need for street riding is a 600 streetbike, anything more is overkill. I know I lost the "must upgrade" mentality through a combination of hitting the age of thirty and also attending some track days. When you get passed by someone on an older bike with half the horsepower, you'll understand that for most mortals, riding skill counts for more than technology/displacement. The only real difference I noticed in going to a 900 is the added midrange, which is nice. But as far as my riding pace on the backroads, it is probably the same between the 600 and the 900.
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This is really a good question. I, for one, might offer this (though with NO personal experience to back it up). Sportbikes are my kind of bike. But I commute mostly on mine. How comfortable is a hot 600 (R6, GSXR600) for an hour or more in time? Not very. I suspect a 1k might be more comfortable, but that's the ONLY reason I could see upgrading that far. The tradeoff in insurance cost is huge, so the comfort difference would have to be too.

I like tight handling, but with some comfort. And I haven't had my bike to its limits b/c I haven't been on the track yet. I live in a wildlife zone, so there's no safe speeds beyond 80 or so on public roads. And, while I might be labeled a liar, consider my age and family background, and the realization that I might actually be honest presents itself. Safety, for me, is paramount, but I refuse to give up the fun itself.

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I went from an F4i in March to a 929RR in June. Reasoning - I was too big and uncomfortable on the 600. I'm 6'4" and about 250+. The 600 was just way to small for me to be on. Plus being on the bigger bike makes me more comfortable in my riding abilities.
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ever hear of this theory?

MORON Theory= If something in some quantity is good, then more is better (ie-- Put MORe ON). Applies to ketchup, nails/screws and engine displacement, among other things. Always cracks me up.

Reasons many folks would upgrade to a 1000cc bike--

a) Need to go faster (some people gotta...)
b) Like the more easily usable midrange (practical folks...)
c) Big/tall people who feel smaller is not proportional (valid...)
d) Ego/bragging rights/I-got-the-money-why-not? satisfaction.

The allure of track time for me is a) traffic of like mind, b) traffic going one direction only, c) legal and d) safer placement (run-off area, no trees, ambulance, etc). I wouldn't necessarily go faster if I was on a track, but I'd feel better/safer about doing it.

There is a huge difference between my wife's Ninja 500 and my 600R, but a much smaller difference between 600R and 1k anything. It gets me going plenty fast and has more fast to spare.
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Originally posted by thompsonian
I went from an F4i in March to a 929RR in June. Reasoning - I was too big and uncomfortable on the 600. I'm 6'4" and about 250+. The 600 was just way to small for me to be on. Plus being on the bigger bike makes me more comfortable in my riding abilities.
Strange answer...
I say this because the 929 is more cramped than the F4i
I ve ridden both, and the reason why I didn't buy my friend's 929 2 months ago, when he changed to 954, was that I couldn't fit!!!


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See I feel more comfortable and at ease on the 929. To me it feels like a bigger, more comfortable bike. I know the engine is bigger, but the ergo's to me feel more like home than the 600.
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Originally posted by ariszr7
Strange answer...
I say this because the 929 is more cramped than the F4i
I ve ridden both, and the reason why I didn't buy my friend's 929 2 months ago, when he changed to 954, was that I couldn't fit!!!

I agree with this. Bigger engine doesn't always mean ergos for bigger people. My F4 fit me WAY better than my XX did. The XX stretched me out in the upper body more as it had a longer wheelbase, but my legs fit the F4 like a glove, while they were always uncomfortable on the XX.

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Re: 600cc and smaller bikes are for 'trainees'

Originally posted by YZF600DREX
I wonder why...why....why.. we just can't recognize that bigger isn't always better.
Yeah keep telling yourself that and your girl friends. Until one day someone bigger and better will comes along

But on the serious note. A bigger bike makes things easier in my opinion. You can ride bigger more powerful bike much harder with a lot less effort then a 600. Thatís probable the reason many people get hut because they donít realize how fast they are riding. The power and the midrange itís just great for the street especially on the back roads but you have to be experienced to use it the right way thatís why many of use start small and work are way up. Believe me going from my CBR 600 F2 to my ZX-7RR the power and handling is so different. I could not be happier with my ZX-7RR. You don't have to use all the power if you don't want to but there are places where you can and I donít care what 600 your riding your will have a hard time keeping up. (On any bike) First of all itsí all about experience and the more you have riding the better. If you canít ride your 600 to the point when it feels slow and itís not that fun anymore. Then youíre not ready to move up to bigger bike. If you think a 600 is all you need for the street then please stay with it because your not ready to move up.

An other perspective is the looks of the bike. Some 1,000 look better then the 600 but now days they are very similar. Like my bike only comes in a 750cc so I canít get a smaller or bigger bike even if I wanted to. I like the way it looks and thatís one of the reasons I wanted one. Also there is a tone more upgrades and custom parts for the 1,000s as well. I only wish I could buy half the crap for my bike thatís out for the R1 for example. Now days more and more pars are available for 600 as well but if you have an older 600 forget it. And the main reason why to get a bigger bike like a 750s and 1,000s it come with better technology and suspension components. So in the end you are getting the best thatís out there the top of the line each manufacture has to offer. Just because you canít use all the power on the street it donít mean you should not have it.

Anyway I like my ZX-7RR even if itís not a 1,000 but Iím working on customizing it to be lighter and faster just because I want to make it the best I can. (Team Green Replica)

Anyway, if one day you ever ride some thing bigger then 600 or a new 600 you will understand.

Ride safe
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