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NEW cops to catch speeders?

Here in B.C. Cdn the compulsory automotive insurance is handled by the Provincial Govt. The Provincial insurace firm pays RCMP constables to work over-time to nail speeders!!!!

Now they want to do three things & I am in favour on one. First being step up the speeds in some hwys like from 110kph to 120kph, but also slower speeds when night driving, snow etc., & on latter two parts that is going to be hard to get across to the drivers/riders. Second is to up the points & fines on speeding charges. Third being to hire a maze of Provincial cops for this purpose ONLY.

Not in effect & only thought on the matter plus the RCMP are not in favour of it as of to date. Still it makes one wonder.

Note our Premier of B.C., was nailed in Hawaii for drunking driving this summer.
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Re: NEW cops to catch speeders?

Note our Premier of B.C., was nailed in Hawaii for drunking driving this summer. [/B]
OOOOPSIE! I dunno how you canadians will take a split night/day speed limit, but from what I've seen it works well in montana.

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I'm all for a reasonable increase in the speed limit. I just wish that the authorities would take a lesson from Europe: instead of focusing on "speed", focus on real reckless or ignorant driving. If our road rules had the appropriate focus (i.e. passing lane only for passing, zero tolerance for passing on the right, etc) instead of this fascination with a speed limit, it might actually save some lives. Just my .
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We only split Night/day on secodary roads. It's 75 night or day on the interstates.
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Montana, home of the $5 speeding ticket! I love that place.

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Be interesting to see what comes of my lead Thread. In talking to a few people at the gym & obviously all are younger then myself I was surprised to hear some say they felt any increase in speeds would make it to dangerous, but then in knowing how they drive ------ these are the poor drivers & true the present speed is almost to much for them to handle.

Typical of lousy drivers would be on this four lane road I was at a stop sign signalling to make a left turn while the woman in the fast lane had hugged it for so long at 10kph over the max limit & was sitting a bit back of the line (also signalling left) so I was in her sight. Light goes green & WOW but she almost slams into the left rear of my bike for like so many others she cannot make a left turn in a modern cage without using both lanes & only way I was not hit was to turn up the wick fast to go from 30-40kph (on a change from 60kph to 70kph road) to 90 to 100kph. THESE are the drivers that cannot handle increased speeds on the modern hwys.
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i agree with getting the clowns that cant drive off the road......the other day a woman driver wasnt paying attention and decided to do the ole slam the brake and turn technique.....she slammed the brakes so hard i knew what she was gonna do and i still had to take the shoulder....note i was also 3 seconds behind her.....skid marks were also left on the highway from her......yes speeding is dangerous...but take a look at the accidents i bet that speeding isnt mostly the cause... my
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Talking to an RCMP Constable that works out in the gym, mentioned the above & how often this seemed to happen at said intersection. He agreed with me & pointed out that in all probability they did not realize that shifting lanes while turning was a driving offense. I agree with him as so many really do not understand the laws of the road. Reason in my bit of safe riding that one is to never trust a cage driver to obey the driving laws.

The m/cists are the ones that take all into consideration when it comes to staying upright & not having an accident by being correct in how they ride & being aware of how cage drivers are so often in the wrong. We need to have that defense mod in us to survive & unfortunately that is built up with EXPERIENCE, but best to start off in not trusting cage drivers!!!!!!
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Personally, I would like to see it get a lot harder to get a license in the first place, a lot easier to lose it, and regular testing in between. Here in Toronto we have a whole herd of young drivers who put far more emphasis in looking cool than in driving. We also have the requisite soccer moms, bitter middle-aged guys in POS cars who resent any vehicle better than theirs, cell-phone yakking BMW pilots, and any other cliché bad driver you can think of, including drunks who still don’t get it after all these years. The roads are a mess with potholes, traffic is monstrous and the weather for half the year is always a gamble. Then we throw in 3 million vehicles a day with drivers trained to a bare minimum and all seething with a “me first” attitude. How many times have you guys watched somebody weave in and out like mad for blocks just to pull even with them at the next red light? These are the ones who should be yanked off the road, IMHO.
Europe has a reputation for having better drivers, better roads, and better cars, but there’s an article in the paper today about a Mercedes test engineer in Germany who is being charged with causing the deaths of a young woman and her child on an unrestricted autobahn when he rode up on her at 250kph and caused her to swerve out of control when he went to pass her on the shoulder. Witnesses say she had no time to move over to let him pass and ended up hitting a stand of trees.
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now did the guy hit her or did he scare her by comming up so quickly that she lost controll......also what lane were she in and how fast was she going?

i want to know those questions because if she were in the passing/speeding lane why were she there....and also why were she traveling so slow in that lane if she were......but if the man who drive the Mercedes was in fact in a slow lane and then came up on the woman...then thats a toss up...also im sure there are other roads in germany to travel if she cant keep up she should have gotten off.....i honestly dont know what happened so i really cant form an just trying to see both sides
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