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Yesterday I went to Jail!, today I went down :(

I'll try and give you guys the short verison,



Speed by a cop on the other side of the road doing about 20mph over the speed limit, also past 2 cars.


Cop pulls me over and then arrested me on a reckless driving charge, he didnt radar me or anything just said my ridding was reckless. Bike was then towed away while I sat in the back of the police car. I couldnt believe this was happening! I really didnt think I did anything that wrong, I think this cop just wanted to give me a hard to because I was on a Sport Bike. Ill admit I was was going over the speed limit and accelerating pretty fast, but it was a some what rural empty road. Never went more then 25mph over for sure.


Im booked into jail, as you can imagine, they took all my gear and my book bag. I sat in jail for hours! just locked up in a cell with guys who were there for selling crack! all I did was speed a little.

Its much later my friends and family finally get me release from jail. Having spent the whole day in jail I was pretty ready to go home.


After I paid $250 dollars to get my bike back, I started riding it the 2.5miles home. My friend was driving in front of me. I got about two blocks from the tow yard, and I dont know what happened, but my friend slammed on his brakes! I was trying to readjust my mirrors at that extact moment, when I looked I up I saw the brake lights, I tried to stop, the rest is BLUR, nex thing I remember I'm on the ground, my bike is trashed to sh!t, but I was alive! Thank god I always wear my helmet. I only wish I was wear all my gear, I left my jacket at home and as a result I have some road rash... Not fun! But ill be ok, and hopefully I get my bike back together soon too.

I just wanted to post this up so you guys know just how quickly your whole world can turn upside down. ALWAYS wear your gear! even ifs just a mile or two, anything can happen. I would have been dead with out that SHOEI, I gave that thing a big kiss as I walked out from the street. My friend said I just flew through the air! and bounced twice off the asphalt.

Also If I had left more following distance I think I could have avoid the accident. So keep that in mind when you guys are ridding in traffic, its that important.

So now I think I need some band aids, and a good lawyer to see if I can get out of this reckless driving charge. This is turning out to be a pretty expensive weekend.

Ride safe everyone! dont be stupid like me.

-DOHCme the
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Man, some days it just doesn't pay to chew through the straps to get out of bed.

Sorry to hear about the legal troubles and the asphalt surfing, but glad to hear you're ok!

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The police one is rather strange & hope you get through it at very little costs.

Still when you mentioned adjusting your mirror I said "Oh oh" inside. One of my safe riding things is to 'never adjust or fool around while riding'. Always pull over to the side of the road & make any adjustment or checking on the bike. Still now you know that, but at quite a cost.

Second tip is something you have just found out being 'always leave yourself a good safe space from the vehicle in front of you'. Now it some twit decides to force his way into my 'safe space' I simply drop back to a safe space & let him have it.

The above comes from 50 plus yrs of riding m/cs & never creating an automotive accident. Sorry that you had to learn those two the hard way.
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Originally posted by Smitty
The police one is rather strange & hope you get through it at very little costs....Still when you mentioned adjusting your mirror I said "Oh oh" inside.
Sounds like the cop was just being a jerk, and some of them are very good at it.

I have found myself a time or two needing to adjust a mirror and as I reached for it thought to myself, "I shouldn't be doing this." Now I know why.

And statistics show that it's the short trips that get us. Whether on a bike or in a car, most accidents happen with a few miles of home.
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sounds like the cop was being a jerk and if he doesnt got any type of evidence ( like video or radar ) but only his two eyes. and u get a good lawyer that u make this cop look like a fool in court. good to hear u didnt get to banged up.
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Glad you walked away! Sounds like lawyer time to me.
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In all honestly I use to find myself adjusting the mirror or locking up the clutch/f/brake big lock ring & came close a number of times.

Often when watching a road race some pro rider will run into trouble when racing as he is adjusting his brake or clutch lever during the race --------- so we learn from others, racers & sometime, unfortunatly, ourselves.

Back around '46 I was bent over adjusting the carb WHILE RIDING down the street, & saw this pre-war car swing to the right ONLY he was making a left turn. SUDDENLY I see his darn hand sticking out of the car window----hit the rear brake (fronts only gave 20% stopping power in the Harley/Indian days), T-boned him driving his cage to go the the R/H side of the curb on the other road, bust his axle. I had welded the two left doors with my Indian, so both wife & him had to climb over the seats to get out of the right rear door.

Cops looked at it, for yes I rode home & phoned it into the police the next day (things were more relaxed in '46 then now). They looked at the metal skid marks of my bike on te pavement on the right lane & over the center line. He had a witness, being his wife, & police said it looks like a 50/50 case with his wife as a witness. I was not charged so reason I have been able to say I have never caused an automotive accident in my 57 yrs of riding/riving---weak excuse, but a fact. Never did hear from the chap even though he only lived a few blocks away from me. SO you can see I am speaking with a bit of experience to even the extreme of the very above matter.

In those days the old Harley & Indians were simply metal & none of this plastic stuff or such. Just a touch up here & there with some paint on my bike & it was perfect while his cage------welded left side & two doors plus the right front axle broken so the days when sometimes a m/c was the winner!!!!!!!!!
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After the accident I could almost car less about my plastics, any money I get is going into my gear! Then I'll worry about making my bike looks nice again, the money I had to use to get my bike back from the tow yard, I was saving up for a nice new leather jacket... damn cops. Oh well I think I can get my bike back on the road in about a week or so.


My front breaks arent working right. Not sure why, they look fine, no visable damage, when I try squezing the lever they hold good in the garage, but when I was riding it they werent engaging! what could cause that? The lever goes limp, but when I pump it its works. I would guess something to do with leak or air in the lines, but I dont see any damage, and it does not leak out when pump it in the garage, anyone have any ideas how I can find the problem? I can't seem to reproduce it while Im not riding.

Thanks guys.
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You have a commong air bubble in the hydraulic lines. Bleed it, but if in question for your own safety have a shop do it. If the bike has had the same brake fluid for year or so have them change it. I do this once a yr as I am hard on the bike & the brakes.
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I think your right Smitty,

Must be air, thats what it was acting like, but at first I thought that it couldnt be air because how could air just appear in my lines, but then I thought about the accident. Since the bike was on its side, the brake fluid res. would have been too, which could have let air get right in.

make sense? Ill get to bleeding them tomorrow.

Thanks Smitty.

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