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Parents Found [email protected]? What Now

Okay heres my deal,

I am a 21 yr old college student. This summer I thought it would be a blast to get a motorcycle and it would also be functional because i could ride it to class (no parking at UF). I took the MSF course got my license, and bought a bike. All this I did without my parents knowing because (1) the payments are low (2) i would be able to pay it off by myself in two years (3) im not using any of their money to fund it.

I didn't tell my parents because I knew my mom would freak out, but my dad would probably be okay w/ it since he flew helicopters for the last 30 years.

So my dad is a dispatcher and he ran a check on my name (in like a police system) and it came up w/ my car and my kawasaki registered under my name...i knew there was a small chance he would do this and find out...but hell i was willing to take the chance.

So sure enough today i get a call from my mom and she is all pissed off and distraught about me riding a motorcycle and she pretty much wants me to get rid of it, or i can't come home. I even asked if i could have a scooter perhaps but she is totally against that as well.

I'm wondering if anyone has faced a similar situation and can help me out.

im financing the bike, and have had it since may, so if i get rid if it i dont know how i should go about it, just sell it to someone else or take it back to the dealer.

Im debating keeping the bike and living w/ the reprocussions, but i'd like to go home for thanks giving and christmas this year.

the only reason my mom is so agianst it is because she isees it as EXTREMELY dangerous to be on the road w/ it when alot of people can't even drive cars.

i'm in quite the pickle right now and would appreciate some other perspectives on the situation...i don't want to say goodbye to the lovely green bike in my avatar
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Old 09-13-2003, 03:07 PM
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How old are you? Prepared to pay for college by yourself? Questions you need to answer, not us.

My mom was similar. I broke my arm going to the bank (bicycle accident) to get the $$ to buy my first bike (78 Yamaha XS400). I bought the bike anyway, and when I came into the house (this was a muggy hot July evening), she took one look at the situation, and told me to ride the bike to the hospital.

A year later she was cool about my next bike, a 77 KZ900 (much better motorcycle, btw). I used my Pell Grant to buy it.

After that bike was wrecked (an a-hole college student drove across a divided highway without looking), she was all freak-out for about a week. I bought another (78 KZ1000) the next spring.

I've had my last bike for 16 years when I wrecked it last month. Mom was all "Havent you learned - what about your wife and children". She shut up when I told her I had worse injuries in highschool playing football (and the time I got hit by a thrown baseball bat when I was third base coach).

Moms don't let go. If you're old enough to buy the bike, you're old enough to own it. If your parents disapprove, they can shut off the college support. This would mean you get a job and go in debt to your eyeballs for student loans, and probably not pay them off until you're 30.

So, how much is the bike worth to you?

My answer was plain. My mom still wants me (and my whole family) home on Christmas (it's freaking expensive to fly the five of us 2500 miles at Christmas). I'm still paying for that first bike, in a way.

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Old 09-13-2003, 04:40 PM
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I can see it a as being rather tough, on you, if you are living at home full or part-time & if your parents are helping with your college expenses.

Living at your own pad & at no expense to your parents on the above two would be a different matter.

My parents had no choice as the old m/c was sitting in our garage (another story as to how it was there & being mine) & I never did go to college plus paying for my board & room from 17 yrs of age to even nursing them in my home till they passed away at 87 yrs of age in both cases.
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Old 09-13-2003, 07:05 PM
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I "kinda" have the same problem as you, i have a bike, but its an older one, and i want to jump up to a CBR or something or other 600cc bike, my mom doesnt like that too much, not about the money cuz i could make the moeny in maybe a year, but she says she has an erie feeling about a bike that you lay down on.. LOL! so i just tried to produce facts about why they would be an ok bike.. She has asked "isnt that uncomfortable", and i say yes it can be but so is sitting on a cruiser either way your back will hurt after a while... ok 1-0 in favor of ME

2) How big of a bike are we talking?? Oh, just a 600cc(current bike is 750) hA! i got her here, she thinks all bikes are the same except for engine size.... dad walks in, she asks how fast a 600 of today is, dad says faster then the 1100cc's of my bikes era...... SHIT!! they got me..
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Old 09-13-2003, 07:09 PM
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Well, you could join a racing club at the nearest track, and turn this into a dad--son activity for weekends (more like spend a month preparing for one weekend).

I'd play up how safe it is on the track, controlled environment, etc, the glamor of the sport if you're good enough, etc.

How this would increase your skills and decrease your need for speed on the street.

Worth a shot.

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thx for input so far

but i think im gonna have to get rid of it , i feel so shitty right now...
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Old 09-13-2003, 07:46 PM
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Listen to your mom

From the looks of your Avtar (BMW, right . . paid for by your daddy?) and your college probably paid for by your daddy? . . . I think you owe it to your mom to get rid of the the bike and wait til your on your own.
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I had the same situation as you. My dad knew I was getting my bike and when my mom found out she flipped. She threatened me that if i brought it home she would slash my tires, and if I did have it I wasnt coming home. So I did what any logical 21 year old would do, I still got it. I took it home and guess what, she didn't slash my tires. No mom in good mind would disown her son over a freakin bike, don't let them fool you.
She got used to it and when I was gone on day my dad said that he saw my mom even sitting on it!! Your 21 years old and old enough to choose what you want to do especially if you are doing all the financing on it. The main thing is just to appologize for not telling her earlier about it and explain the MSF course you took. I think that any Mom who learned about the course would feel better about it. Good Luck and I hope you keep the bike. I know how shitty you feel!

PS..don't tell her how fast it is, just tell her it is a starter bike!
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How about another option,

Keep the bike, but stop riding it. Un-register it, and get a certificate of non-operation (or whatever they call it in that state), then un-insure it. Keep making the payments on it. Your mom will be happy because you are no longer riding a motorcycle. By the time you graduate, you'll have your bike all paid for, and good to go. It'll be sad looking at it in the garage (or storage unit, or whatever) and not being able to ride it, but you'll have the satisfaction of a Win-Win situation. You keep your bike AND you go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

With it not street legal, it might encourage you to seek out track time, which is a much safer way to ride anyway.

We've all had down time, where we've had to look at our bikes and not ride them (I'm in one now). Its a fact of life.
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That sucks! I'm 21 too, up here in G-Ville as well, My mother was so pissed the day I brought my interceptor home 2 yrs ago! She was glad when I got rid of it. She said If I ever got another bike id be moving out that day! LOL

Lucky my dad is cool with me riding and is on my side. But when I got my GSXR I had to hide it from my mother for months at friends house until I moved up here to Gainesville and had a garage of my own to kept it in. To this day everyone in my family knows but my mother, she thinks I take the bus to school.

So I can totally understand where your coming from on this. I know your mom is pissed, but what about your dad? Is he equally against it? If not maybe he can help you out with your mom.

Maybe you could just tell them your sorry, and that your going to sell it ASAP, put on AD in cycletrader for them to see, and just tell them that no one has offered to buy it still. Mean while you can keep riding it.
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