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Cage Courtesy?

OK, now I'm confused. I was riding home from work on friday when I had not one, but two cagers get out of my way! Amazing. First, I got stuck behind an SUV coming up on some twisties. Bummer I think, no carving on this set. Then, the guy pulls off the road and waves me around. After I pass he pulls back on and keeps going. Weird. (Mabey he rides?) Next, I'm approaching a left hand turn that goes up over some RR tracks and into a cool chicane. An oncoming mini-van is just about to turn right in front of me when she stops and waves me ahead of her! It was refreshing to see this kind of courtesy. More often I'm dodging cagers as they pull in front of me. Not used to them getting out of my way.
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Yah, that's always cool to receive such courtesy. Rode the mountains today and had several cars do this. I always try to throw a big thumbs up or wave so they know it's VERY appreciated. That way they'll be more likely to do it again next time.

Must have made 2-3 dozen double yellow passes today, I've given up trying to behave, I'll just take the ticket and consider it money well spent for all the times I haven't gotten caught.
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Re: Cage Courtesy?

Originally posted by BanditBoy
OK, now I'm confused. I was riding home from work on friday when I had not one, but two cagers get out of my way!
Maybe some other rider softened them up by making room for them to merge, or letting them into heavy traffic as they exited a parking lot, or waving back at their kids. BTW, I hoped you waved "thanks" to the guy who let you pass.
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There is a reversal in this for you to cage people.

If I ever come to a normal intersection & there is hesitation as to who should roll 1st I ALWAYS give the 'go ahead' to the cage driver. Now if a cage driver is about to come out of an alley or parking lot & slams on the brakes in seeing me as a m/c rider & the one in the RIGHT, this is when I give a small salute in saying "Thank yor for recognizing me as a m/cist". Obviously if they pull almost off to the shoulder to give me the way to go by I ALWAYS wave a THANK YOU to them or sometimes I will partially turn around in the saddle & give a nice little 'thank you' salute.
There are some decent cage people out there & they are not all fellow riders in a cage.
What I am doing is trying to show cage people that I am a decent guy & I ALSO recognize when they almost block me off in coming onto the road, but instead will slam on their brakes. Sure I am in the RIGHT, but nice to notice that cage driver actually saw me.
Often I park in the same parking lot & sometimes see the same cage driver. So once my helmet is removed I will often compliment on their car or possibly say something about the weather, ---- believe me from then on you sort of have a friendly fellow parker & will often find them willing to speak to you --- which means they will watch out more as to where your m/c is parrked.
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Originally posted by apexismaximus

Must have made 2-3 dozen double yellow passes today, I've given up trying to behave, I'll just take the ticket and consider it money well spent for all the times I haven't gotten caught.
I too have decided that the the double yellow rule is frequently a pain in the a$$. It's nice to hear about a cager giving a bike some room. A little while back I had the pleasent surprise of a cager obviously making room for me to pass so I didn't have to cross over the double yellow. You have to give a good "thanks" wave when that happens. That was one out of the bunch of passes I made that day. All the rest were either over a double yellow or in the rare instance when my favorite road has a broken yellow that allows for passing. In 25 miles there are just a couple of them. There must be dozens of pull outs in the same 25 miles but for some reason the cagers just ignore them. To give some of the car drivers credit though some slow down when they see you starting your pass. I've always appreciated that & will wave my thanks.
Do you think that most car drivers know that the bike is capable of passing weather they pull over or not & they just decide not to use the turnouts or give a little room in the lane?
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We often have cages pull over and make room for us. I just hate it when they pull over on the shoulder and spray us with gravel. Gee, thanks!!
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Drive with brights on.

When I ride with my brights on I get a lot more people that move out of my way. Especially when in the fast lane on the freeway heading to the mountains. And I do wave as I pass. But still the vast majority of people just pretend like your not there and sit in your way, never using the turnouts.

I had someone give me the thumbs up and shout to me when I passed him in the mountains this weekend. Always nice to see cagers who like the way I ride.
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Today I rode in the mountains of west central Florida and had the same thing happen to me!! All kidding aside . If I am stopped I will let someone cut in off a side street. and if confusion does arise at a 4 way stop I will wave them on. I am not always in a hurry especially in rush hour.I have been waved on only a time or two. and I nod and wave if someone is courteous to me...but alot of other drivers (cage) are out for themselves.I do know of a case where a cager was trying to give an open lane to a sportbike being driven at triple digit speed(speedlimit was 55 or 60....3lanes each direction).The cager moved to middle lane from the fast the rider moved to the middle lane to pass the cager.sad to say the motorcyclist was killed.since there are few hills in fla. we dont have many pull offs. those were for heavy, slower moving trucks to pull into to let faster traffic by .right?
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I most definately waved at the people who let me by. I will also let people in at busy intersections. As for confusion at four way stops, I tend to let the car go. It seems safer that way.
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Id just say, don't get used to it

Originally posted by sidewaysducati
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