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Question Riding Under the Influence

Now, I am not posting this question to incriminate anyone, I just want some honest answers....(you can always say you were lying later )

I am curious to know how many of you have EVER ridden your bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs? No, I am not a drunk or "druggie", just ran into a few riders who literally scared the shit out of me!!!
I was at a local "drag strip" a while back, and there were at least 40-50 guys racing. This is not a track, but just a public road that "seems" ideal for drag racing late Sunday nights. Well, the mojority of the riders out there were on Hayabusa's, GSXR1000's, and ZX-12's, a few 750's, and even fewer 600's. I know the size of the bikes are somewhat irrelevant, but the bigger bikes are less forgiving if the rider makes a mistake.
The majority of the riders are locals who attend this weekly event religiously. They arrive followed by their "groupie" girlfriends in cages, and some of these cars are stocked with every alcoholic beverage you can think of. The scary thing about the situation is, THE RIDERS WILL ACTUALLY GET DRUNK IN BETWEEN RACING!! :eek But, it doesn't stop there. I have witnessed people roll up joints and blunts, and smoke WHILE they are drinking. Now, even if I wouldn't have taken the MSF course, I would still have the common sense to know that these things and riding motorcycles don't mix! Especially if you are out there Racing, and exceeding 100+ miles-per-hour.

So, that leads me to my question. Has any one of you ever ridden your motorcycles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Intentionally or not? Have you ever been at a bar and had too many drinks, but your only way to get home was on your bike?

Again, not trying to incriminate anyone, just curious to know how many of you has had a similar experience.

I will start this by saying that I have NEVER ridden my bike while under the influence of anything! Why, not because I am trying to "follow the rules", but because the thought of crashing scares the shit out of me. When I was 17, I was at a party where everyone was drinking and smoking pot ALL NIGHT LONG! I don't remember too much of what happened that night, but when I woke up, I was IN MY CAR, parked in front of the KC Royals baseball stadium. How I got there, beats the hell out of me. The funny thing is, the stadium was about 40 minutes from where the party was? After that night, I never smoked another "funny cigarrette, tweed, reefer, gonja, chronic" or whatever else it's called LMAO, and I even quit drinking alcohol for about 2 years. after that! Why, because it scared the hell out of me. Now I am 25, (not old, just a little wiser), and I can't figure out why some people would think that it is "cool" to do these things and ride a motorcycle??? :confused In my opinion, riding sportbikes takes a lot of concentration. It's bad enough that many people sometimes "daydream" while riding, but to daydream while you are DRUNK and RIDING??????????? Man, that's scary....

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Never have and never will. I lost a fiancÚ to drinking and driving in 1989.

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Ya in my younger days in my cage (well about three years ago) i went too a party at my friends cabin and i was piss ass drunk and thought ok i wated an hour and i said i can make the 30 minute drive home. So as i was leaving there was a train and i stoped at the light and put on my parking brake and waited..needless to say i fell asleep and woke up to a local sheriff knocking on my window. Lucky for me he knew my friends parents and gave me a lift back too the party and called everyones parents. I lucked out that time and i have never been drunk since. On the other side we allways have poker runs around here and they can be fun and are mostly for charitys(sp) i have gone on a couple and they were fun till every one started drinking. MY dad and i dont drink and ended up going home after the first couple stops. A couple weeks ago a woman and a man were killed on one of these runs. The lady was riding with a friend at the time and they were following the group and decided they wanted too be at the front of the group (wich is about 50-100 bikes). so they get into the other lane wich the street they were on was a two way highway. they were doing about 90mph at the time and came up over a hill in a no passing zone and slammed into the front of a truck doing 50mph. Needless to say she and the guy riding were killed. the lady left two kids and a husband. I think people who drink and drive are morons me included a couple years ago Bikes are dangerous enough as it is but too race at 100mph+ and being drunk is beyond stupid. IM torn between letting darwin do his work and hoping these kids live to see another day.

there's hope in the words and emotion in the eyes
it's so easy to be misled by the savvy gentle guise
and like fools we trust the delivery
but it's all just drunk sincerity
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I've driven drunk. Never passed out at the wheel after drinking. But one time i feel asleep at a red light, not sure for how long but i was really tired that night. Never ridin my bike drunk, but then agian ive never had the chance, but id like to think i wouldnt, seems even more stupid than in a car....
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Well I had a doozy about 20years ago when I first got my licence. Here in Aussie you could get your licence, and go to a pub, on your 18th birthday. I did both

Long story short I clipped a kerb and threw my near new Suzuki RG250 under a taxi. No damage to the cab but I cracked my left shoulderblade and banged up my knee, elbow etc. Picked up the bike and gingerly rode home. Due to drink driving laws I would have been mandatory tested if I went to hospital so I sat out an agonising 24hrs on the couch and went next day for x-rays and treatment. Did the standard..."I walked into a door"....claim to some very unconvinced doctors/nurses.

These days, much older and wiser, I might meet my riding buddies in the city ( 10km away ) for one, maybe two light ( really lo-alcohol ) beers on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Very careful not just to stay under the limit but to not even feel affected before the ride home.

Have you noticed if you ask a sober rider/driver if its ok to ride/drive drunk they alwasy go noooo way. Ask them 2 hours later when they're pissed and its like...hey I'm ok really, just give me my keys....

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Never have, never would. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs...well other than prescription ones following surgeries. These are so strong that I couldn't even find my bike if I were sitting on it, much less pilot the thing out of the garage I think the people that do not have the discipline or self control to not drink/use drugs on a motorcycle should check themselves into rehab
I mean just RIDING is more than enough of a HIGH for me
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i have done it in cars, so was curious about a bike. tried it and after a 1/4 mile of riding, turned around and came home. these bikes are scary enough without having FULL physical and psychological abilities at hand. i party alot and friends no i ride and they seem to put the two together: WRONG. i am extremely adamant about NEVER being under the influence while riding. i enjoy life, friends, girlfriend, and laughing too much to give it up to 'look cool'.

that's a shame those guys were dragging and getting fu&ked up. can't even imagine going 160 mph on a busa and seeing three roads in front of me.......stupid.
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I used to drink and drive in high school all the time. what an idiot i am. got a dui and that was it. I never drank and drove anymore. I'm kinda glad i got caught at least I didn't kill anybody. my life would have bin over! It never even crossed my mind to get on my bike after drinking. you'd be really asking for it. drinking and driving is just stupid. take it form me. lay off the booze if your gonna drive.
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I must confess to being guilty on all counts. In my younger days I drank and smoked ALOT. Back then I rode my bike on many occasions when I was definately in an altered state. I can think of at least 3 times that I dropped my bikes due to being wasted. One of them, my 550 Yamaha, was totaled. There must truly be a patron Saint of fools and drunks because I survived till today. Fortunately I saw the light about 12 years ago and have been clean and sober ever since. For years I wouldn't even take cold medicine that had alcohol in it! Having seen both sides up close I have to say, Drinking (and or Drugging) and riding has to be about the most foolhardy thing one can do on a bike.
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I have at the racetrack in the evenings. Not when I was racing but just when I was spectating and camping. Get drunk and ride to the showers, etc. instead of walking. The most I have ever had to drink and then ride on the public roads was about 3-4 beers over a 4-5 hour period. For fatasses like me that isn't alot of alcohol. That also is with me not drinking any alcohol for that last hour to hour and a half. I haven't done this in quite some time. I seldom ride the bike if I'm going to be drinking at all.
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