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almost went down, turned into went down!

fu(k i feel stupid! its my fourth week of having my first motorcycle and i was trying wheelies. I heard all kinds of stories about people going down, and this and that. But i was freaking determined to be the one exception. I have been going to this store recently that opend up right around the corner called Cycle Gear and there always playing those damn videos of people poping wheelies everywhere. On the freeway, doing stand ups, etc... Well my dumb a$$ started reading posts about how easy everyone says they are. EASY my fu(king a$$!!! I went to start practicing them last night about 7:30 sunday. I also read some post that some guy had been poping them after 45mins of practice, so i figured i would just duplicate his efforts. Well i'm on a pretty dead side road, with no cars around and i'm driving back and forth popping wheelies every time i get the chance. The front end would mainly just stay kinda low and not come up much, and there were only about five that really got some nice heigth. Then as the time went on i figured out that my problem was not holding on to the throttle long enough. I would pull the clutch then rev high, but then when i poped it i would kinda let off the gas. Once i figured that was my problem the wheel started coming up a bit higher. Out of FU(KING know where i pop my last wheelie of the day and feel the bike just shoot straight up in the air. And i closed my eyes, i just remember having my head slide on the freaking ground and a sharp pain in my ankle. After i stoped rolling. I jumped up and felt that my ankle was really weak. I started hopping over to my bike, that was about 75 feet from where i was. It was laid over on its side, pooring out oil and coolent like no tomorrow. Some guy from a tow truck company came running out and asked me if i was okay, and i said i was fine, then he helped me pick up my bike. FU(K......... I couldn't even put it in neutral to roll it because the damn gear set was completely broken off. The hole left side fairing was totaled, it was craked and scratched in multiple places. The windshield brakets were all bent and my tail was broken off. The mirror was broken, and gas tank bent in, etc.................... You know what realy sucks is that this was the first god damn day i haven't woren my jacket in four weeks!!! can you belive it!! I swear to god i have woren that jacket everytime i have left the house and rode more than a block. So guess what my hole left arm is all burnt up with road rash!! I was in the shower yesterday night trying to clean all the black asphalt out of the cuts and scratches and i was yelling so freaking loud when that water hit my road rash for the first time. Then came the scrubbing. Oh yea, don't forget that i couldn't walk on my ankle all night and today and still can't. Actually just got back from a foot doctor and its only sprained. "thank the lord" so i have to wear this little booty for a few weeks. I just wanted to write this letter and vent a bit, to tell the world its not the freaking motorcycle's its the motorcyclists(like my self of course). I was a stupid dumb a$$ young kid that wanted to do what he saw on TV. I was riding and trying to do things beyond my level of experiance. I had just bought this bike four weeks ago, and it was used, from a private party, but it was absolutely cherry. Had all original stickers and parts. It was as clean as if it came off the freaking show room floor. But not for long with my dumb as$ behind the controls.
I'm really just disapointed in myself that i went down. I have never ever crashed my car in the 8 years of driving it. And that was not just driving like a turtle either. Damn i wanted to be that one person who didn't go down and what even bothers more is that it was so soon. I mean, i would have understood if maybe it was at a track day, trying to push the limits, but fu(king doing a dumb ass wheelie. GIVE ME a BREAK!! there wasn't a car that came cureaning into my lane, there wasn't a wild out of controled pedestrain running on the roads. There was just my dumb ass!! plain and simple.

Well if anything is learned from all this, its i hope that others will read this and not be as stupid as i was. Give it time and don't rush this stuff regardless of who is doing what. Its looks so god damn easy, but it aint! I feel like a damn poster child of what could happen, when you act like an idiot on your new bike.

oh yeah, I can't wait to get back on my bike and take some damn driving class's by keith code. I think maybe i need them

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sorry to hear you went down.hope your arm and ankle get better fast.Ihad always wore my Tecknic leather riding jacket ..even in 80 degree weather...except on the day I crashed.But I landed out in a field.minimal road rash.dont be so hard on yourself. we all make mistakes. some get away with more than others. are you going to fix it did yo insure it? Time not only heals our crash injuries but also our egos.Those videos do make it look easier and less dangerous than it is.Plus those guys in the videos have paid their dues and crashed a few bikes in the process. Anyway..hope you are riding soon! Good luck and get well.
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I re -read your post. you have only been riding 4 weeks and you are doing wheelies?What's the hurry?
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nope no full coverage insurance, just the basics. But to make it rideable it should only be a few hundred bucks. The left side will look ugly as hell, but i don't care. I have always hated new looking toys. My bicycles and skate boards i was always in a hurrry to get them all used and abused looking. I guess maybe something along the lines of it looking like you actually use the damn thing, and aren't some punk posser. I probably shouldn't be call'n anyone names after what i did though. At least those possers have a nice looking sweet ride. AHH who cares... To Each His Own BTW: one of my favorite colours on a car is primer grey--- tell you anything

just rereading my post, i guess people could tell i ride the bike by looking to see if the thread is taken off all around the tire, but i had to take it up that extra level extreme baby!

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The first point in learning to ride is realizing when you make a mistake and not trying to blame it on "something else" You have done that, and good for you. Once you have your bike back together I'm sure you will continue to ride and take it a little bit slower. Sorry that you crashed, but I'm glad you are (somewhat) ok.

Robert Basil Founder Founder

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work765: "fu(k i feel stupid! its my fourth week of having my first motorcycle and i was trying wheelies."

Hard to find fault with your statement's accuracy. It was stupid... pretty much all the way around from reading the rest of your post.

As Robert said, though, the most important thing is that you realize the problem and learn from it. I think you know these now:

1. You are just like the rest of us.
2. You bleed just like the rest of us.
3. It is easy to tear something up... hard, hard, hard to fix it.

Let me add one you might not have thought of:

There is a result in-between being hurt (but healing) and death, that we don't like to think about. It is where you are not dead, but will never be "normal" again, either.

Becoming a "quad" fits in this. Neck bones break fairly easy.

Diaper-city, dude. Will someone please wipe my butt again? Will someone please feed me? Turn me to light, OK?

ps: damb is spelled "damn"
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ps: damb is spelled "damn"
yeah, i knew there was something after the "M", but i had forgotten.

I hear you on the crippled $hit. My girl was telling me yesterday that someone she met told her a story about there friend who was in a motorcycle accident and is a quadriplegic now. He is only able to blink his eyes, and thatís IT!!!! They know he is still is able to think, but heís not able to communicate in any way at all, only by blinking his eyes. So they figured this out and were having him answer questions, with responses along the lines of one blink: means yes, and two blinks: meaning no, etc... Well to get to the point, they asked him if he wanted to DIE and he said, "yes" that he wanted them to kill him. But they wouldn't do it, so he sits in a freaking convalescent home and can't move or anything. Itís really a sad story and i wouldn't wish this torture upon my worst enemy. Well maybe bin laden

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I think that is actually taken from a novel... "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

It is about WWI, and a guy exposed to a shell blast. It blows off his arms and legs, blind and deafens him, and blows off his jaw and tongue. Can't talk, see, hear or move.

He learns to tell time by the warmth of the sun upon his bed and to communicate via Morse Code and tapping his head on the pillow. And, yes, he wants to die but can't.

It's brutal. They made a movie of it too.

The point in bike stunts is be aware that they are a gamble and there are stakes on the table we may not have even though of.

Keep the risk relative to the glory.
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Wheelies just aren't worth it, and it sounds like you found out the hard way. Trying wheelies after 4 weeks was a disaster waiting to happen. Even after 20 years I stay away from wheelies for the sole reason I'm not interested in trashing my beautiful bikes or my ugly body. You now have a tough decision: continue to wheelie and accept the fact that you WILL trash more bikes costing you more money and pain and perhaps ending your riding career...or put some serious effort into learning the basics of bike control and riding first...then perhaps taking up wheelies. Good luck!
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Joss, that's the black and white footage in Metallica's video for the song "One".
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