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Question Building a bike

ok, so I've been looking on ebay, mostly at katana stuff, but also at a few others, from what I can see you could easily build a bike from parts bought on ebay, I've seen for katanas:

titled frame $120
engine $225
carbs $35
front/rear rim $15
brake system $20
gauges $45
full plastics $125

total so far $585

prices where similar for other bikes as well, why don't some of you guys ever do this, or do you already? If I had a garage to work in I might consider building abike myself, but no garage and they don't allow us to even change a tire in my complex
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You are dreaming, UNLESS you are an experienced m/c mechanic & then all you need is buy a so called totaled bike & rebuild it with parts from here & there.
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Build a Bike??

You are up to $600.00 and you still don't have everything, wiring harness, lights, fuse box, the list goes on ad infinitum. You can buy something that you can drive and check out for $500.00 to $1000.00 if you shop everywhere you can. I think you are just dreaming about a bike, if you really wanted one you would save your money and just buy one, whatever you could find as long as it ran. Start riding already OK??
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first I didn't say I was going to do it, second why buy a wrecked bike when I can build one out of good condition parts for the same price, I looked into damaged bikes , for me they weren't worth it to rebuild. I am an experience car mechanic so working on a bike could not be much harder. but this is just a question, one bike I was looking to buy didn't have a title but came with a titled frame he bought for $100 off ebay so I would have to swap everything over, if I had a garage I would already own a bike. I was just wondering if anyone has done this
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I think this is one of those things that sounds great in theory, but once you get elbow deep into it, you realize there's alot more to it....
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I'm sure it is, just wondering if anyone has done it, I know a few of you have done some cool things, like buy zx-7 frames and use all your zx-9 gear on it, or something like that
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It is simply a WILD dream.

Even good automotive mechanics often buy a fairly stable bike & simply cannot correct flaws on/in it. We have seen this time & time again. Believe me cages are one thing & m/cs are another.
So many of these mechanics simply have a hard time understaning m/cs & are AMAZED at the cost of parts or how so called hardly used parts cost a fortune & for some strange reason will NOT fit on their bike even if it is the same make, model & yr for often partway into the yr the m/c makers will make some changes & only the distributors get wind of it.
PAST are the days of the early 50s to mid-60s when we could stuff a Triumph into a Norton 'featherbed' frame with dural engine plates all drilled to cut down wt., the making of special alloy oil tanks, the stripping of the simple electrics to some other set-up or change the head on the Triumph from single carb to a dual carb intake, or build a frame of your own that is superior to the manufacturer.
What you can do is watch American Thunder or what ever it is called about HD bikes & follow their building ideas FOR HD parts, special wheels & such are being churned out by so many.
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Well Neko, back in the day I would buy KZ anythings and put the motor from one in a frame from another and bodywork from a third, but I kinda have to go with the other guys on this one - by the time you got all the electrics, nuts, bolts washers, and a long list of oe parts that you would need to complete it, you would have spent just as much as you would have on a good used bike. And that doesn't take into account your time, which as you get older is worth more than money. Plus the stuff you had to throw away because it looked like it would work, but it came from a bike 3 years newer and is changed by .002", etc.
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Lightbulb Not a bargain but....

Many years ago I blew out the lower end of my bike (a '65 Harley chopper).

It was late fall and the plan was to have it ready to go in the spring.

As I tore into it I found things I didn't like and things that I 'might as well do while I've got apart' and such.

Then I started to think about what I really wanted. Laying it all out.

I had a frame custom made.

I spent the next 4 years assembling, and custom making parts. I wanted the bike a little wider and a little taller than stock.

1 year spent getting the paint right.

Then I moved.

Then I got married.

Then I had a couple kids.

Finially I finished the bike. 6 years of work.

I rode it for many years. I sold it and I wish I never did.

There is nothing like the satisfaction of running something you made yourself. If something goes wrong you know you can fix it. You know every sound the bike will make and what inside is making the sound. Absolutely amazing.

Knowledge isn't the big thing. If you've got the time and are serious you can work on it a bit and when you get over your head then you go out and get smarter. There are a lot of really smart folks who build bikes for a living. They won't give you the time of day if you just hang around the shop but if you come in and tell them what you are doing, even bring some pics, they'll show you what you need to know.

Best of luck if you decide to get serious!
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Interesting stuff along these lines you'll see:

FZR400's with FZR600 mills bolted in. (Frames are pretty much the same size, but the more expensive 400 uses an alloy frame, while the budget 600's is steel.)

Hawk GTs with CBR600F2/F3 front ends. (Do not pick fights with these guys in the twisties! )

RF600Rs with RF900R motors. (Again, not too big a deal, as the frames are pretty much identical, but makes for a real sleeper. Alternatively, you can just put 600 stickers on a 900, as hardly anyone can tell the difference.)

Early 600/750 Katanas with early Gixxer 750 motors.
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