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Superstitous Routines?

Heya all! It's raining and thunderstorming and lightning here today in Upstate SC, but it got me thinking about superstitions. First of all, a group of friends I ride with, well, I've kinda nicknamed us "The Storm Riders". It's seems that each time one of us bought a bike, the day we picked it up and rode home, it was raining/storming. Today, my Corbin seat is coming in and it's really storming. I kinda think of it as a good sign... so far anyways.

But going back to superstitions, I'm Filipino. First Generation American for my family... first American in my family too! If any of you know Filipinos or are Filipino, well, we're a very superstitious lot. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you riders have any superstitious routines you do before riding your bike so you believe you'll make it home safe and sound. Other than opening the throttle to start your bike in cold weather. For me, other than routine maintenance (checking tire pressure, working lights, etc.)

I say three "Hail Mary's" before I get on my bike. AND the bike has to be seen by me, so it's usually within touching distance and I'm putting on my leather jacket, helmet, and gloves.

A friend of mine (not Filipino) takes a big dump everytime he plans to ride (sometimes more than once). Says it helps with weight or something. Not that I think he can go from 280 to 220 after a massive sh!t, but I could be wrong.

Another friend of mine talks to her bike and she and her boyfriend always pop open their seats before getting on. I guess it's to make sure their respective disc locks are where they should be.

And still, another friend always unties and reties his shoes (army boots) and tucks away the laces. Dunno what he's gonna do once he gets the SIDI vertabraes...

Anybody else have any?

Sorry this is so long. Just wondering if there were other superstitous riders out there. Someone posted that there were a bunch of riders on this forum who have been in wrecks and it's not even summer yet! So that kinda sparked this thread as well.

Ride Safe,

Omega Purp
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Cool Bamaged my Drain

See this is funny, cause today is my day off. It's 9 a.m., most of the whackos are off the road. I feel like it's the right time. I am heading over to Philly to do some Bday shopping for one of my little sis'. I'd say that I have no superstitious routines, but I know when to ride. It 's like a gut instinct. Maybe it's an angel on my shoulder, but I have been accident free since I started riding in the spring of 99'.
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I don't have any superstitious rouitines. I just make sure all of my gear is on, and the disc lock is off the bike. After that I am on my way.
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I am very superstitious about talking about something not happening... dropping my bike, accidents, flat tires, run out of gas, etc. To me, there is a joking fate out there that takes great pleasure in slapping you down for these little boastfull comments.

Of course, you can nullify the problem a little by touching wood.

When someone says, "I've never dropped my bike", I instantly step outside the "fall line", and start looking for a condolence card.
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It bugs me when Im about to go on a ride and someone says 'be careful'.

I never ride the week before or after Christmas either.
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A little different that I would never race with a number 13 plate in fact for yrs many racing groups would never issue a number 13. Mind you I liked plates with 7s be it alone, 17, 77, 171 etc.. Also when practicing up in the hills for different forms of comp, if I came off 3 times right at the start, in terrain I rarely came off, & to close to each other I would call it a day.
On the street/hwy if I get a gut feeling that I should NOT be riding, then I sneak home & stay there.
I'm a bit short arsed, so this never effects me now, in that I never mount the bike from the right, but if one goes back to the late 40s & early 50s saddles were much lower & one could but not me.
Just a few of my kinky ways, but none about getting on the bike or such. Hey even in the gym I never stop at 13 reps.
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I purposefully embrace superstitions, specifically to mock the superstition. I'll walk under a ladder, use the #13 whenever possible, go out of my way to let a black cat cross my path, pick up a penny that is tail side up. Shoot, when I played baseball/softball I would step on the foul line on the way to the mound, just as a way of saying, "Hah! In your face, silly superstition"

And no, I have no superstitions for riding, either. There are too many other demands on my attention for me to spend on non-riding specific habits.
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Prayer, sincere prayer that I will use all my skills & experiences to avoid accidents & have fun. Then I make sure all my protective gear is the way I like it. I have to do my part then Heavenly Father will do his. Kinda hokey I know but I always feel better. Much like bluebandit I'm not much into superstitions so the idea of worrying about them just doesn't fit me.
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i must flip off every photo radar van when i pass . not that i'm always speeding . i know several cops, my wifes cousin is with az d.p.s. and my wife works for the police department. and they all make it clear to me at least, that sportbikes are their #1 desired traffic stop . like we were some kind of rarely seen 10 point buck .
why tiptoe through life just to arrive safely at death--reaperwear......

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When there is hail and tornados, I usually take that as a sign that I should not ride that day.
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