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Need Help About a Speeding Ticket

Well, this morning I'm riding my bike down the highway to run an errand for the Navy (i was going to ship out tomorrow but this has set me back). A cop pulls me over for going 70 into a 45 zone. I was real nice, didn't make an excuse and he still wrote me up for the full 70. Since it looks like I'm going to have to go to court about this, is there anything official that talks about how bikes need to be passing cars rather than staying with traffic? The cages on the road were going about 60-65 and I was trying to get around them. The cop then told me I should have just stayed with traffic like everybody else. I didn't say anything about that even though I wanted to. This is my first ticket ever, much less on my bike. Any ideas of how I can get this thing reduced or prove I was looking out for my own safety? Any ideas would help. Thanks.
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Where I live (depending on the city I get it in) I can go pay an attorney a legal fee (like $37.00) and he will get it dismissed! It's kinda funny how they do it. They have the court hearing relocated from the city that you get the ticket in. Then the cop that gave you the ticket has to drive all the way to the other town. If the cop in fact show's up the attorney reschedule's the hearing for another date sooner or later the cop give's up or something and then it get's dismissed! I know what city you can't do this in so I never speed through them.

See if you can get an attorney to do that for you. I keep a running tab with my attorney!
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Speeding is illegal regardless of what you drive, so I highly doubt you'll find any official documents that say bikes can break the speed limit for safety reasons.

Here's some things you could try to get out of paying the ticket, or maybe get it reduced a little at least. Seeing as he wrote you up for the full 25 over, you don't have to worry about getting a bigger fine if the judge thinks you're a cock.

1. Make sure ALL of the information on the ticket is accurate. Date, time, type of vehicle, vehicle year, color, license number...EVERYTHING. Lots of states have rules where if a ticket is inacurate, it has to be thrown out.

2. Did he get you on radar?? If he did, when you go to court, ask to see the calibration certificate for the radar, the officer's radar operator certificate.

If they don't have the ticket correct, most likely it will get dismissed. If they don't have the calibration and operators certificate, most likely the fine will be reduced. The reason they won't drop it is because MOST cops can tell within a few MPH how fast a vehicle was going. They would probably ammend the ticket to only like 5 over because if the officer saw you speeding, and knew you were, but didn't have the radar stuff with him, the judge will still KNOW that you were speeding, but he has no hard proof then.

Good luck.
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well, since i'm under 21, they wanna pull my license. i need to have all open court cases wiped, so this time i am gonna try my defense on thursday and take the hit if it comes. next time i'll do that, definately though. i was thinkin today, i follow orders for the military and the local police give me a 'traffic ticket'. it would be different if i was joyriding, but i was taking care of business for this country. kinda makes me wonder what i'm fightin for... makes me lose heart sometimes.

by the way, he got me with laser. he must be a really lucky shot to lock onto me for the 3-5 seconds it takes to get an accurate reading.
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I speak from experiance. wear you best dress uniform. Have some sort of reason you were going so fast, (you just got recalled and were told that your unit might be going to the middle east).

Ive used these types of excuses for the last 8 years here in SoCal and only once did the judge not throw it out.

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Angry Ticket help

Was it GSP or FPD? Probably FPD if the ticket is 25 over. I was ticked by GSP about a month ago (in the Mustang) and he got me with 92 in a 65 (27 over ) and gave me a ticket for 89 in a 65 (24 over ) big difference. Every time I have had to deal with Georgia State Patrol they have been fair and professional with me. (incase they are watching) The laser bothers me because it needs a reflective surface to work properly and bikes are short on reflective surfaces. Were any other cars around you? He might have check its speed and got you any way. Also was he behind you? The only reflective place on the back of a bike is a license plate and I doubt he is that good of a shot with that thing. Fayetteville had a holy-er than thou government and its police force is likely to bend the rules to “fight crime” (very hypocritical ). Being in the Navy you should talk to a JAG lawyer to see if they can help. I used to work with a M1A1 driver who got a DUI on the way to drill. When he lost his civilian license the Army took his military license and some rank with it. There is a book called “Beat the cops”, it is full of methods you can use to find loopholes and errors that can get you out of allsorts of traffic violations. I hope that helps and good luck and thank you for serving your country.
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One other thought, since you live in Fayetteville, maybe you can call Southside Steve on 96 rock an see if he can help. the number is 404-741-9696. Call at 6:00 am. You should get thru. You also can call the F*#f you line at 404-962-7146 and cuss out the cop on the air.
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Can't you just go to traffic school? In Arizona you can go to traffic school for speeding tickets and they are dropped from your record. You can go once every two years. I went to one not that long ago for 90 in a 55.
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hey nico, get a lawyer. it will save you money in the long run! ask around, you should be able to get a lawyer for pretty cheap. you could also go visit the county atty. (wear your military gear! ). tell him it was an isolated incident, and that you cannot afford to lose the points on your license. most times if you act sincere, they will cut you some slack, or at least let you off with traffic school. if it makes you feel any better, i have a monday morning court date myself. 108 in a 55, and drag racing
i'll let you know what happens! good luck on yours
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