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Unhappy Guilt after ripping out on cager?

I commute everywhere on my bike no matter what the time of day, I know that at most, if not at all times I have to look out for not only myself but for other people as well, noting new to anyone who has driven around cars for more than two minutes.

I never count on the right of way, although sometimes I have been guilty of not looking around enough when the light turns green, especialy on a slower bike, a bad habit that I have to work on.

Today I was on my way to Peekskill which is a small city with lots of quiet cross streets with alot of stop signs. Many have decent visibility and it is not uncommon to have people do a rolling "stop" at ten miles an hour,

I like to play the "what if?" game while riding or driving around and it keeps me occupied for the most part at trans-legal speeds, a scenario that I probably think about too much is usualy the asteroid one ( a girl had her car totaled by one a few years back and I know friends of hers that saw the car, luckily it was parked) but anyway,

I was riding my bright green ex250 and saw a newer Suburban aproaching from a cross road on my right, knowing that owners of these cars have little consideration for others (or the environment for that matter) I started to apply my front brake, I always cover both the brake and the clutch levers (exploding engines are also part of my what if book) I anticipated that he was going to turn right since that is where he was looking, but I was also prepared for him to go left , or the worst which is see me at the last moment and stop in the middle of the intersection, it turns out that he took the right,
for the 100 yard that I could see the driver on the cross street he never even glanced to his left, I had slowed the bike down at this point with front and rear brakes while keeping my horn depressed I was probably a little more than a car length away at this time and I let off the brakes enough to be close to his rear where he could see me in his sideview (keeping in mind he may retaliate by slamming his brakes) and it would look as though his innatentiveness had caused a near accident , when it was only a potential near accident, If it was an actual near accident I would not have gotten on the horn, or stuck around near the offensive vehicle,

he turned into the same parking lot as I was and I drove by looking at him and gave him the old two fingers to the my eyes signal and shouted "look next time" which is much better than the single middle with an equaly uncreative four letter slogan, (they will probably wish they had hit you with that and it is a poor way to educate anyone) and drove away but then noticed that he was shouting back, and stopped, He was likely in his late forties and in a pinstripe whith tie and pocket protector no less, he was noticeably upset and kept repeating "I didn't see you" a few times while being defensive and said it was because I was on a motorcycle and how he got ran of the road into a bush on his bike twenty years ago and broke his arm, and that he stopped riding after being rear ended sitting at a stoplight, he felt that his motorcycle endorsement was a defense for his innatentiveness, I told him that it doesn't matter what I was in that he wouldn't have seen me regardless since he never once looked left before turning right and that it was a rolling stop,something we all do, but you have to look both ways, he stopped for a moment to think about this, and since it was true there was nothing he could say, he then apologized and said that he was glad we didn't hit each other, satisfied with this I told him that people need to be more patient, I put out my hand and he gave it a firm shake and said he said "peace, right"

he seemed like a decent person that was concerned about things but was in a bit of a rush, and we could have probably spent some time chatting over a few drinks had situations permitted, he hopefully realised that the potential for saving a few seconds was not worth the consequences, I did not think to tell him that the town has several motorcycle police who would have been alot less forgiving, but maybe next time, although I hope I don't have the oportunity,

I felt a little bit guilty since I saw him coming and was prepared for what he did, I feel that I may have been a little bit dramatic and may have freaked him out a bit more than I intended, and could have just took it on the chin seeing as how things like that happen all the time, it may have had to do with him being a former biker who had much more difficulty than me.
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Riding home from work last fall, on a five lane road (two each way + turn lane), this Caddy STS makes a left out of the mall parking lot and goes to a slow roll in the turn lane. I'm in the leftmost of the two right lanes and drop anchor, anticipating him making a last minute merge in front of me, but he continues with his slow roll. By this time, I'm all over the binders and gesturing with my right hand for him to merge; still nothing.

I decide to take a chance and get back on the throttle, swerving momentarily into the right lane as I pass him to give maximum clearance for him to do something stupid. As I roll beyond him, I do the "think, man, think!" tap on the helmet. He pulls up on my right at the next traffic light and rolls down his window, saying "I saw you, I always look out for bikes; I ride a Daytona. Nice TL!".


I felt like a complete heel.

You ain't alone, L/T.
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botom line:
Did he hit you? NO
Were you attentive? YES
Were you prepared for him to kill you? YES
did you avoid the accident? YES
Did you freak him out by making him think he almost killed you? YES
Will he look better for us bikers in the future? Maybe
If the answer for above is yes, GOOD!!

You just saved the life of a fellow biker. Good on you.

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Thumbs up

I think it was a fine and tactful way to resolve the situation!!

Making a driver think about what he/she did will make a constructive impression. Telling drivers that they are
"Number 1"---> just sends people off the handle and worsens the situation. You did fine.....

If you wanna see some ridiculous reactions, read the thread: <WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A CAGER TRIES TO KILL YOU>
You've got people giving the bird, kicking cars, throwing grand pianos off their bikes at people, etc.

Anyway I hope with the weather improving in spring, that more people will look out for the 2-wheeled commuters

Take Care.......
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I think you handled it perfectly. You left him in a state of mind where he didn't hate bikes and their riders but was still made more aware that his driving has the great potential to hurt others.

You gave him an eye opener that he needed without doing anything to really piss him off. What more could you ask for?
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nipplebandit has put it well for me as well.
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