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What do you do when a cager tries to kill you?

So I'll start with the question. When someone turns in front of you, cuts you off or some other method of trying to cut your trip short what do you do?

I know I just had this happen today with an old bag in a big old town car. Since the freeway by work is closed there is a huge line waiting for this stop sign on the 2 lane road so I was cruising along when I come up to the line. I had seen it once in the car where someone just appeared out of the cars and nearly took me out. So being a smart rider I had slowed down to a crawl and saw a car coming out of a little dirt section off to the left. I didn't see an opening in the cars but I soon as I was close to the cars the one pulls up and this car comes screaming in front of me. After she was nearly hit by the cars coming the other way she almost kills me and then damn near stops in the road. I was on the brakes as hard as I could and missed her by only a couple of feet. I was debating on what to do and decided to follow, I am revving the engine and honking at her and she is just crusing at 10 or 15 through this subdivision. I see that she is like 70 or 80 grey haired bitch. Then she pulls over and I pass and stop in the road as she drives by me again. The next time she pulled over I got as close as I could to the car and knocked on the window but she didn't move. I proceeded to open my visor and get up close to the window and yell "You crazy old bag you almost killed me and the guy coming the other way, what the hell are you doing. Are you f***ing blind you old bitch, learn how to drive" She then looked over at me scared as hell. I rode off

I just want to be able to plan for next time...
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Just a simple salute!

I hear ya man, I hate being cut off.
Depending on how close there were to taking me out affects how much anger is in my response.
Most of the time i flash my Bright White Bulbs to high in each of their mirrors and some horn action. Then as i pass them i give them the one finger salute
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Carry a pocketful of nickels and ping their damn windows......
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I got cut off too.

I was driving down a back road with no one in site. I then came up to a road that had a car that was waiting to turn left. I saw them roll forward then look at me and stopped then started to roll backwards. I thoght I was in the clear so I kept on cruising. As I got about 40 feet from them and all the sudden they go for it. I grabbed a fist full of brakes(foot to) and came to a almost dead stop.Thank god my bike breaks better then cages cause I probley would have plowed them any ways I told them they were #1 and shook my head thinking f*cking idiots. If cagers would pull there heads outa there aces be would all benifit from it. Ride safe and remember your brakes are your friends

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A small handful of ball bearings are even cheaper than nickels if the situation (read they deliberately try to kill you) warrants an extreme response. For the simple minded asses who are just to stupid to look around while driving I usually settle for the classic or maybe tweak their mirror in order to remind them it's there for a reason when I pull up next to them.

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Well, at the risk of sounding like the voice of reason ( which has no place in a sportbike world anyway) I'd guess that many of the close encounters of the car kind have more to do with the lamebrain aspect of car drivers than any true intent to kill us. When someone pulls a move that means I have to get on the brakes hard I like to lock up the rear at some point to cause a loud-ass tire squeal to wake them up and it usually scares the shit out of them for fear that some car or truck is about to cream them. The trouble with trying to get at them by throwing things or cursing or damage to their car is that even if you're riding a Boss Hoss V8 bike and they are in a Yugo, They can still kill us NO PROBLEM! You never know what wacko is behind the wheel. If you really think they were trying to kill a motorcyclist the only answer is to hunt them down and kill them in a safer way for you. Figure out where they live and take it from there. But if it was just some moron move, learn from it and move on. You may miss the next threat to your life by being worked up over the incident.But as always, ride fast-take chances.
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I play in traffic every day on the bike, and you do see some stupid sh*t going on, but it's not always the car drivers fault.

Don't worry about bikes, car drivers don't cut each other any slack either. On the occassions I do drive the freeway, if I want to change lanes and do the mirror check, indicate, head check thing, and I see it clear, then it's my lane to move into. If a bike appears out of nowhere flying into the same spot as me...then bad luck I am still going. You need to understand no matter how pissed off you feel, I am still taking that spot. Period. Might not get another chance before my offramp.

Forget about that duty of care to your neighbour crap...it's not my responsibility to save your life...it's yours.

ps: I can't wait to read the post...I was riding home and dropped it on these ball bearings that some d*ckhead dropped on the freeway........
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I always carry a few oil drain plug bolts, pull in front and toss it over your shoulder. Paybacks are a bitch
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Well, I try to look at it this way...every cager out there is out to kill me. It's my job to keep them from it. If they try and don't succeed, then I won. I just show them thier IQ in a little victory salute and go on and enjoy the rest of my ride. There have been times when I was tempted to go much further with retaliation, and once when I followed one to a parking space that she was literally racing across the parking lot for (when she nearly tagged me) and parked behind her, got off the bike and beat the shit out her her car while cursing her for everything I was worth at the top of my lungs. When I realized about 10 or 12 people were gathering around to see what the hell was going on and she was absolutely terrified and sobbing to the point she couldn't even talk, I figured she had enough and I left. I think she will watch for motorcycles now.
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Originally posted by Larry Kahn
Well, at the risk of sounding like the voice of reason (which has no place in a sportbike world anyway) I'd guess that many of the close encounters of the car kind have more to do with the lamebrain aspect of car drivers than any true intent to kill us.
I agree. Just relax and move on. You'll encounter many more brain-dead cagers, some worse than this one.

After a decade or two, the unexpected becomes the expected, and the desire for retaliation wanes. The only times I get pissed off anymore are those when, due to inattention, a predictable move catches me by surprise. When analyzing my feelings at a time like that, I usually discover that I'm pissed off at myself for failing to scan thoroughly or to predict the potential brain-dead maneuver.
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