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Talking 62 miles now

OK, guys.

I'm up to 62 miles now and have two negative observations.

1. This engine "break in" deal really sits in the roadway of happy biking like a two-week-old dead steer. I'm calcing about 15+ more road-hours of it (if I cheat). I've reviewed some old posts here, on the subject, and I'm just going to gut it out as best I can.

2. But, I may wear out the paint on the back of my tank before I get out of the break in. My crotch just naturally rides right there, and one of us is going to be polished shiny before this relationsjhip is much older.

What's the scoop here? Am I sitting this hoss wrong?

I've tried to push my butt back on the seat, but that seems to be almost straight uphill. I don't think I can ride like that. Uh-uh.

Is this where a tank bra comes in?
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62 miles and your uncomfortable with the seating position already....

Ummm... can you still return it?
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Hey, I have a cheap fix. Comes with a money back guarantee. $500, you ship the bike to me, and i'll BREAK it in for ya. If your not completely satisfied, i'll keep the bike and give your $500 back.
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Get a tank bra or a tank protector (stick on magnetic or vinyl)immediately; this'll protect your tank from scratches from zippers, belts, buttons, keys, etc. Can't do much about the riding position besides an aftermarket seat, most likely you'll get used to it. I end up right there too, but I can move around on my seat pretty easy, sounds like yours has a sharp slope.

I have a half-tank bra from Targa- I like it, it's washable, and you can remove it easily. I think Second Look has matching bras for your color scheme if you don't like black.

The break in? yeah it sucks, but the fun starts in only 500 miles. Take a weekend and ride it constantly, it'll be over in no time.

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OK, I'm trying to think back, this is your first bike right? If so, you're going through the same thing I went through when I started riding. It's not the seating position that's wrong, it's that your body is wrong for that seating position. To explain, your muscles in your back and legs and arms have never been used this way at all and especially all at the same time. It's a takes a bit of conditioning (Riding all the time) to get used to it. To things that might make it easier on you:
1. Sit close to the tank until your back stops hurting, if it's not, it probably will start soon.

2. When you have your hands on the grips, try to remember to just have your calesus' (Sp) and your fingers on the grips. I found that putting my palm on the grips was very uncomfortable and caused my hands to fall asleep alot. Esp, on long long rides.

As far as the break in, well yeah it sucks, be careful, and don't worry if you go over 6,000 RPM a little. Heck with my FZ1, the breakin was like 7,000 RPM. Hell in 6th gear at 9,000 RPMs the bike would do 90, easy. So I only ran it real fast a few times. Oh yeah one other thing, I don't want to hear you whinning about break in periods anymore. In 1 week, I put 600 Miles on my bike, in 2 weks, I had just over a 1,000. Imagine how pissed I was when I got screwed by the dealer for the break in service, $170.

Hapy riding, and always keep one wheel down!
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Joss, for a tank protector, try www.thetankslapper.com . I have this product on my bike and I am 100% satisfied with it's ability to protect the tank from scratches, and unless you're a foot away, you can't even see it. If you prefer a half-tank bra, IMO, there is none better that Second Look for fit and quality (I've used them before on my VFR and Superhawk). www.second-look.com

As for your seating dilemma, how are your arms positioned while riding? They should not be locked at the elbows, you should try to position your forearms as parallel to the ground as possible, using your leg and back muscles to support the weight of your upper body. Doing this should allow you to scoot farther back in the seat.

Don't worry about babying your bike *too* much during break-in. 5K rpms for the first 300 miles, 7K for the next 200 miles. A few quick hits past that will not do any damage, and will in fact help to seat the rings. Baby it too much and you may end up with an oil-burner. One important aspect of break-in is a complete cool down between rides, so if you go out and do a few miles and decide to go back out soon thereafter, wait until the engine is completely cooled down.

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I'm sure some one has done better than this but when I broke in the 929 it took me 3 days. I bought the bike on a Friday and took it in for the 600 mile service on Monday.
The one thing I heard about breaking bikes in was to cycle up and down throught the RPMs but never going too high. As previously stated 6 or 7K would be a good top. As you get more miles into it though, start to push it a little harder.
The biggest thing for comfort would be to let your body adjust and get used to it. You will grow caluses on your hands, your wrist muscles will become stronger, your back muscles will become stronger and eventually you won't notice it as much. Unless you go on a really long ride. The other thing you could do is concentrate on relaxing your body. Since it's your first bike (?) and you just got the thing, you are probably using WAY too many muscles trying to make sure you don't screw up and dump it over at a stop light or something. Just relax.
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I guess I wasn't clear enough about it. Let me be more specific.
It is not uncomfortable. Arm fatigue is also managable, as mentioned here, by taking the weight in my back rather than my arms. Works fine.

But, now to what I actually needed...

Is the best spot to ride, the natural place the bike puts you? It would seem to be on mine, as the seat seems pretty adamant that I sit right there... tucked up agains the back of the tank.

The concern I have is that it would seem that the paint on the tank would soon lose the competition for that space. Makes me wonder why Kawasaki didn't cover that spot.

Thanks for the tips on the tank guards/bras.
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On my R6, I usually ride near the tank when I'm crusing around or I'm Highway riding. Otherwise when I'm out in the woods tearing up the corners, I usually scoot all the way back on the seat and tuck right in. It's comfortable considering I'm switching back and forth so much.

You may want to go int othe Kawasaki forum and ask if anyone has an 6R and what they've figured out.
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I see you're online now Joss- Get your ass out and ride! Lots of good roads in GA, that thing should have been broken in the second day.
The solution to your tank-humping may be a grippy seat cover. Try Sargent or a local upolsterer.
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