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Who in here dropped their 1st bike?

Saw this in another thread, thought it was a good question. Be sure to give details.
I for dropped my first hurricane 3 times. Once coming up on a stop sign and grabbing alot of front without seeing the sand in the road.Whoops, there went 1000.
2nd time the ass end came out from underneath me while shifting to 2nd in the middle of a turn. Whoops, there went another 1000.
3rd time low sided on some leaves in a turn. Whoops, end over end, no fixy this time.
This was within a few months.
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Sure did. My 1st bike, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th...
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First time i fell of my bike i was at stand still. It was an old 125
2-stroke . It cut out on me and in the panic to get it restarted I jumped on the kick start so hard i fell over and the bike came too. Right on its side in the middle of the road at a junction. Boy was that embarassing.


One broken clutch lever
One dented ego!!!
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My first STREET bike......GS1000....only hit the ground
when I was in a hurry and did not put the kickstand
all the way down....very embarrassing..put 30,000
miles on that bike....
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hmm define dropped..


First moped. layed into a side walk very dumb.. 12 years old

First Scooter.. 125 Honda Elite..at 14 took a turn too fast. face into a curb.. Ouch

First Bike.. Intereceptor 500 16 in a turn in a canyon, just slid from under me was doing about 20 MPH..

First Rental drop.. GS500E in greece at 18. Thought I was on asphalt similar to California, but in the greek isles, it was ver slippery.. so the front ran away.

Last, but certainly not least.. an idiot cager parked on the side of the road decides to pull out and do a uturn at once.. Lets just that car was also totaled..

Bottom line.. you ride you drop..
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Yeah, dropped the Yamaha 400 special that I learned on by hitting a patch of gravel. Then I dropped the '89 Hurricane that I had after that pushing it around. That was the last thing I dropped but not the last wreck. Got hit by someone on my F2, and destroyed a TL-R on a target fixation excercise .
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Technically speaking, no. I never did drop that YSR 50!

I dropped my first full sized bike three times:

1) First time around the parking lot, first time riding it, I forgot to put my feet down when I stopped. (That's a mistake one tends to make only once.) I couldn't save the fall but I did leave my leg under the bike so no damage was sustained.

2) Same day, I had graduated from parking lot circles to riding around the abandoned residential streets of Ft. Ord, CA. My first 90 degree right turn, I panicked. I didn't trust my lean, or the bike and ran into a curb instead. The bike fell over completely, cracked the upper and the turn signal. The rest of the day was spent upright.

3) about 1 month later, I was down at the DMV practicing the CA riders test. I was definitely not skilled enough. (CA riders know that test is a biatch!). YZF600R's were never made to go in a circle that small! Broke the mirror on that one, which was promptly launched into the neighboring parking lot, and the chain link fence was dented from repeated kicking. I got really drunk that night.

I can laugh at it now, but I was about as mad as I've ever gotten on that third drop.
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I was gonna post a poll on this Monday! What timing!

I also feel a little better now. Not much, but a little.

I have dropped my current bike 3 times.

1. Pulled up in front of the house. Left the bike in neutral while "I run inside real quick!" I got about 12 steps before I heard the crash.
Lesson - always turn off the bike if you are going to be more then 1 step away.
Damage - one left fairing and one clutch lever
Added frame savers after that!

2. Doing a u-turn on a country road where the road is more like gravel held together with tar. The shoulder collapsed under the front tire and down she went.
Lesson - give yourself plenty of room when doing a three-point u turn. If in doubt back it up and get more in the middle of the road.
Damage - scratches to the left fairing (again)!

3. Up the hill and into a lefty doing about 40 and lo and behold there is a stop sign at a T-intersection. The space adjacent to the stop sign was occupied by a large box type delivery truck. I got on the brakes and the bike stood up. Hit some leaves and the back started to skid. Off the brakes in time to get onto the shoulder where there were alot more leaves on the grass. Thought I could save it.........I was wrong. Down she goes on her left side again!
Lesson - don't go as fast when there are a lot of leaves on the road and know the road better. (Can you ever really know a road?)
Damage - Cracked left fairing. Bent shifter. Glad I have the frame savers and boots.

I am going to be nice to myself and qualify only one of these as a true "get-off/laydown/accident".
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I must be pretty lucky that in the 3-1/2 years of riding I never dumped anything. Almost did during my riding exam twice though. It was in a hick town with sand and gravel all over the lot, so the arse slid a little during the slalom, and the front locked during my braking test. The next closest time was on the ZX-11 going about 45 up the road and let the clutch out too fast turning into the local hang-out. The back wheel did some screaming and everyone was watching. Pulled that one out my butt and ended up looking pretty cool...beads of sweat falling and all. Shoulda lost that one I am afraid. Then there was the time on the Katana at 80 on the interstate that a damn semi decided to yank his wheel over and cut about 3 feet in front of me. Changing of shorts required.
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I dropped my 1st Bike the 2nd Day I had it. I dropped it 3 times after that. And these weren't wrecks, I actually dropped it LMAO Once in at a Stop sign, Once in a parking lot, and another time down in Savannah. The one in Savannah would be closer to a wreck, I pulled into a spot and the front tire slid out on some sand.

Thank god i haven't dropped the 2nd Bike yet
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