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I Did Something Really Stupid

So last 4th of July, I took a ride out to Ortega Highway. Real nice day. Got to talk to a few nice folks. I was feeling really great. So I decide to extend my ride and rode up the Coast. It got late in the morning and it started to get real hot. Probably in the 80's and humidity close to 90%. I was riding homeward and I was hitting every single signal red. I was getting hot. I was getting real impatient. I was approaching this intersection and the light went yellow. Shit! I'm thinking this is the 5th signal that I've had to get on my binders hard to stop. So I decide to gas it instead. I rolled on the throttle and just as I did, I look to the left of the intersection and there were TWO motorcycle cops sitting there waiting for the light to change. I'm fooked! I get off the gas and slammed on my binders....HARD. I was on the rear and squeezing the fronts hard. I was just going way too fast. I squeezed on the fronts harder and the bike just dove and I had visions of doing a stoppie right in front of Mission Viejo's finest. At that point, I decided NOT to do the stoppie or loose the front end, so I didn't squeeze the front any harder. That's when I felt the rear start going left, although the front was pointed straight. I locked up the rear! I went right by the crosswalk, right in the middle of the intersection when the bike finally stopped. Picture a red and grey Hayabusa with the front end plowing, the rear end smoking going right across the intersection on a red light with two moto cops sitting and watching the show.

When the bike finally settled, my reaction was to put the bike in first. Couldn't do it since the bike was stopped. So I'm sitting there for about 10 seconds trying to shift the tranny back up to 1st. Cops rode up to me. They yell out, "You locked up the rear!". No shit Sherlock. Then, to my surprise, they go around me and ride on! So I back up the bike BEHIND the crosswalk. When the light went green, I rode up to the sidewalk, stopped, got off the bike, and shook off the jitters! I guess the cops were as surprised as me that they just rode on, so they do a U and rode up to me again. They asked me what happened. Aaahh....Errr...Well, I just cleaned the bike's brakes with Contact Cleaner(I did), and I took the bike out for a quick ride(I did), and I was surprised to get a yellow light so I hit the binders hard(I did). However, the front brakes didn't give me the stopping power I was expecting(I lied) so I locked up the rear in a desperate attempt to stop on time(I did). They believed me. They told me that's what happens when you first clean the brakes, and that I should take it easy the first few miles. Ahhh....okay officer. They smiled and said have a nice day, then rode away.

Am I lucky and stupid or what? Hope you guys had a happy 4th of July!
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lol, You are just lucky as can be! Not that the cops didnt hastle you, but the fact you kept from doing a stoppie/endo/homerun slide with that fine machine!
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I think they saw you coming up to the intersection and realized the choice you were faced with, realized that you are on a VERY big bike, and perhaps they were impressed that you DIDNT want to run the red light, didnt want to do anything stupid, and tried like hell to stop as best you could.

Perhaps they were impressed that you didnt lay the bike down and maybe felt a bit of empathy for you.

I think they realized you were not having a good day at that point and were not "just another" squid.

Its always nice to hit the human side of a cop. Its a rare thing anymore.

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Oh NO! A cop!

Not all cops are bad or are looking to nail bikes.

Several years ago I was Riding with a friend. Both of us had full leathers on. Both on GSXR750's. We were riding out in the country out of the way of people...Scenario is set...

Came around a 75mph curve and got on the gas on a 1/2mi straight when, you guessed it, a cop came around the next corner. We started slowing down (45 limit) and met the cop. We didn't see radar but he was watching us. After the turn, we started getting on it again before we hit a stop sign. The cop comes around the corner with lights! Well, I took off from the stop sign. He was maybe 1/4mi back. My friend just sat there. I ran fast about 2mi up and pulled in behind a church. I thought I would be seeing my friend and the cop go by. Waited....nothing. I thought for a while...I didn't see radar...what had we done that he could prove? So I pulled out again and went back. Sure enough, the cop had my friend pulled. When I stopped he came over and said "I guess you decided not to run". I said "No, I never saw you and was worried when I didn't see my friend". All he did was question us about jobs, marrital status, drinking, riding background, etc. Then he said that he also rode bikes and for us to take it easy, he didn't want to get a call about some bikes smeared all over the road. Said have a nice day and let us go! They are not all bad!
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Originally posted by HondaNut!
lol, You are just lucky as can be! Not that the cops didnt hastle you, but the fact you kept from doing a stoppie/endo/homerun slide with that fine machine!
Hee-hee! I have haven't I? I think my luck might start to run out so I've decided to slow it down and take it easy again. I was really scared shitless about locking the front and loosing it. It was all my fault anyway.
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(Pee-Wee Herman voice) "I meant to do that."
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Originally posted by tigerblade
(Pee-Wee Herman voice) "I meant to do that."
LOL! I'm sure that's what Eric Bostrom was saying after his botched pass on Duhamel under braking at Turn 11 at Laguna!
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my story

ok, heres one...not on a bike, im in my z
i was coming home after work at about 2:30am (i work out of town with a mobile rock climbing wall). im going through town in a 35-40 zone, i dunno, when a cop zooms up on my ass and stays there half way to my house when finally the lights came on. all he does is say something about not drinking and tell me how he has wanted a 300zx since high school. "how fast does it go?" i said it goes about 40mph. then he niticed my university sticker and started talking about that shit too! im like, its 3am and time for bed dude. well thats the whole story, i think some cops are just bored, especially in the middle of the night.
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... Said have a nice day and let us go! They are not all bad!....

I hate to say it, but with the exception of a female officer that I used to date, every cop who has pulled me over has had a hard-on for sportbike riders. I am always courteous (to an extent), and I generally admit my wrongdoing, but that doesn't seem to help around here. Even the Bike Cops (who happen to ride Hardly's), hate other bikers. Got pulled over the other day because two Hardly Cops heard me coming around the corner and said that by the sound of my exhaust I must've really been on the gas. I hadn't even gone the speed limit yet, and wasn't even playing around! They held me there for 30 mins and didn't even really say anything to me except that I needed to get a "real bike", to which I responded, "When are you gonna get one?" They finally let me go, and told me the next time they catch me out they're gonna "take me to jail and drag my piece of rice-shit jap bike down the street behind a hook, and that the next time I would see it would be after I hit puberty!"

Our cops hate us pre-pubescent rice-shit, jap bike riding upstanding citizens, even when they are supposed to be our fellow bikers!
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That happened to me once; however, I was driving my friends 98 Mustanga GT, which has flowmasters. I was on first gear going about 25 mhp and the car sounded really nice. I didn't notice a cop behind me till he put the lights on me. I pulled over and asked him why did he stop me. He said,"I had my eyes on you for a while, and I am going to give you ticket for EXHIBITION OF SPEED and also for having flowmasters because they are illegal." I was going 25 mph on a 35 mph limit; futhermore, there where two cars in from of me going at the same speed as I. I told him that, and then he went and asked me for my license, ins. and reg. I couldn't find the reg. and he went to say "you...I can give you another citation for not having your registration." I was pissed off when he started acting like a little b****. I told him to give me whatever he wanted and that I would see him in court. Well, we went to cour and to make it short this is what the judge said. "I am here wasting my time with a stupid citation giving by so and so officer when he was actually going 25 mph ( the man wrote i was going 45 mph). Furthermore, there were 2 cars in front of him, and you (the man) didn't even radar his speed. Therefore, I am going home and you sir (that's me) can go home as well, and need not to worry about anything." I was glad and laughing at the stupid officer for behin such a jerk. Furthermore, I am glad that some judges have a common sense.
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