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Why do people ride drunk?

Well I see this to much not to say something about it. I think someone has said something before, but this just really pisses me off. Tonight marks the 3rd time I've run into this guy on a 2001 R6. Everytime I see him, he's DRUNK and RIDING!?! Tonight he wanted to know if any of us were gonna ride wheelies, cause he wanted to go riding. We all told him to kiss a$$ and take off.

So ok I'll admit that I did have one Drink Wednesday night, but I drank it really fast and then I sat on my bike for more than an hour. And I did not move it from the time I went into the bar and had my one drink. Until the time I went home. Mostly becasue all the hot women go in and out of the Dance club I was parked in front of.

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Post re: Why do people ride drunk?

The same reasons they drive cages drunk,
1. They're stupid.
2. They're so drunk that, they're stupid.
3. Stupidity
4. Momma dropped 'em on the head when they were a baby and they're stupid.
5. Inbreeding.

Build a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of his life.

Everything I know I learned from killing smart people and eating their brains.

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This is almost as big a mystery as why do people smoke crack. If you know that the likely outcome (eventually) is ugly, why would you do it? I can think of three reasons:

1. They think it makes them look cool to other people, or that they are impressing someone.

2. They have such a drinking problem that if they are going to ride they are going to be drunk because theya re always drunk.

3, They are just plain stupid.

The obvious cure for any of these is to make them social outcasts. Just refuse to be anywhere near them. Maybe they will get the message after a while and stop. You will be a lot safer too. For reason number 3, they will eventually kill themselves any way, which may be a good thing for the human race in the long run...maybe they won't have time to procreate.

I won't get on my bike if I've had anything to drink that day. Any tiny degree of loss of reaction time or judgement on a motorcycle can be deadly. In a car, you might get away with it...but still, if you do cause an accident, it might involve a motorcycle. You don't usually get to choose your victim. How would it make you feel to have been drinking and cause an accident in a car that killed or injured another motorcyclist?
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This is coming from someone who has done it before.


I had rode my bike to a party once that I had no intention of drinking at but by the time I left I was smashed. I did however have a sober friend who rode behind to make sure I made it. Looking back I have to wonder why he let me ride. Anyway the whole time I was riding I kept seeing cops I must have seen 20 on the ride home. I was consontrating so hard on just riding straight that I almost missed the stop light. When we got back to my place my friend told me that other then the stop light he has never seen me ride so straight and right at the speed limit. That whole experiance really sucked I felt so paranoid the whole way home. It was the last time that I've ever ridden drunk.
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Wmac 75,

I, too (years ago) have been guilty of this. In cars, trucks and on motorcycles. I feel almost hypocritical saying anything at all about it, but since it has been 20 years since I rode a bike under the influence and 9 years since I drove a car under the influence (I quit drinking 9 years ago), I have pretty good hindsight. Don't we all! By some divine providence, I never had a wreck drunk, nor did I ever get a DUI (or DWI, depending on what state you're in). All I can say is, if it had happened, I would have deserved it. However, anyone else that got involved, in the case of a wreck, wouldn't have deserved it.

I also had people follow me to "make sure I made it". Seemed logical at the time. However, if the guy behind you sees that a crash is imminent, what the hell is he going to do? Stop you from crashing? Or, watch you turn yourself into a pink foamy spot? Talk the police out of giving you a ticket?

Just as leathers and helmets are cheaper and more comfortable than skin grafts and corrective surgery, taxis are cheaper and more comfortable than DUIs and drunken crashes. It's been said at least a gazillion times, buty if your buddy is drunk, you HAVE to take his keys. Even if you have to fight him to get them. I'd rather have a live friend that's pissed at me than a dead one.
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I don't drink anymore....

But, I have this little story to tell...

I was riding with some of my friends that ride Harleys (Yeah, thats right, I go both ways.) and we had gone out to this dive called "Pub and Sub." I collected all the keys. One of our other buddies caged it to the bar.

Well, six beers and three tequilas later, he goes out to the car to get his cel phone. He's locked his keys in the car. He then gets the bright idea to drive home to get his extra set. Everyone else is smashed and like "C'mon man! You can't drive." He grabs his girlfriends keys and runs out the door. I chase him and then get behind the car.

He is REALLY drunk. I try to talk him out of it. He tells me he is getting pissed. I offer to drive him. He starts rolling backwards and ends up knocking me over. He keeps rolling backwards, not realizing I am 1/4 underneath the car. Everyone outside starts yelling and stops him.

That tells you something. He was willing to run me over for a set of keys. In fact, he wouldn't have ever known that he had ran me over.


My point is this: We need all our faculties to ride motorcycles. It means our lives. Save your friends life, and do what you have to do to get the keys from him/her.
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I know it sounds two faced to say this, but I have stopped drinking. I say it like that, becasue there were many nights when I did drink and drive my cage, that I couldn't even see the lines on the road. And I was scared too, so scared it was ridiculous.

Now I know you guys will say, "why did I drink one beer if I quit drinking?" Before I had no control of my drinking "disorder". I got sick of people thinking I was an alcohalic when all I thought i was doing was having fun. I wanted to stop that and quit smoking too. So I elimenated the things in my life that caused me to smoke, and drinking was top of the list. I got rid of all of my worries and stress. So it just confuses me so e times why some people still drink and drive.

I really wanted to do something about that boy last night, but I hardly know him. So I didn't feel right saying anything. But now I know I would have felt terrible if something happened. When he left, all the other guys said, "They'll be peeling him off of something later."

Is there anything I can do in those situations ro do I just let people make their own mistakes?

UGH .... LOL
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