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I think there is room for improvement in my shifting. Any pointers? What is the best rpm to shift at?
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different bikes have different shift points but they all have a redline, so shift there.
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A little more information is necessary before anyone can give you any meaningful advice.....

What kind of bike?

What kind of riding are you doing?

What are you having trouble with? Are your shifts not smooth? Are you ending up frequently in the wrong gear? Are you missing shifts?

Have you taken any MSF courses?

There is a lot more to shifting than meets the eye. There are times that shifting can be dangerous. (such as when you are leaned over in a corner) When and how to shift may not be something that can be adequately explained in a forum, but if you can be a little more specific, I'm sure you can get some degree of help.
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You know after reading this I think I can use some work on mine as well.

I am a new rider (only been riding for about 7 months). I'm also new to driving a manual, so it took me a while to get the hang of shifting.

However I have realized I have the tendency to shift a lot on turns. Mind you I am not pulling any knee dragging turns, but I do catch myself up shifting a lot. Specially if I make a turn from a stop, I tend to shift up mid turn.

Once I was making a left turn, and I did a toe dragger... it was different.

I don't ride hard, and I drive a '01 YZF600r, I also try and make big curves at around 6000rpms.
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I have taken the MSF cours.

I have a 2001 Katana 600

Most of my riding is done on the street of Philadelphia. Stop and go stuff.

I think i shift 2 early. I'm in like 5th doing 40. From the way you guys talk on the board, It sounds like yous are in 1st or 2nd at this speed. I hear other bikes screaming by and you can't even hear me. I guess I'm acared to wind it up, don't want to trash my bike after only 400 miles.

When I down shift coming to a stop, I sometimes get stuck in between 2nd & N
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Try to be in the right gear when you enter the corner. The whole idea is to keep the suspension loaded about equally front to rear, to maximize the available traction on both tires. When you roll off the throttle and pull in the clutch to shift, you end up shifting weight to the front tire and unloading the rear tire some. This can upset your traction. What you should be doing is a smooth, slow roll-on after the turn in. When you are leaned over, you are on the smaller diameter of the outside edge of the tires, which effectively changes your gearing and causes the bike to s down some. This isn't indicated by the speedometer, but it happens. When you slow down, you shift weight to the front, thus the slow roll on to keep a steady speed through the turn, thus keeping the supension loading constant and balanced and not upsetting the traction. Then, you simply continue the roll on as you straighten the bike up at the exit of corner. It is better to be a little slower going into the corner, choose the gear you need before you turn in and be smooth rolling on through the corner. Always look through the corner, also. Look where you want to go. You will go where you are looking whether you want to or not, so it might as well be where you want to go.
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OK Bronko...that's a little better info

You are short-shifting. That really ain't good. For one thing, you aren't on the power band at all, so if you needed to scoot out of someone's way real quick, you'd lose a little time downshifting, or waiting until the bike got on the power under load. You need to keep the revs up a little more on that bike. Not real high, mind you, but try using the next lower gear for the same speed. Also, you need to get the revs up some while you are breaking the bike in, or the rings won't seat properly. The engine parts need to go through cycles of building up heat (loading) and cooling down (unloading).

Get out of the city traffic for a little bit and find some empty backroads where you can play with it. That bike has a lot of room in the RPM range to use. You will find after a while where the bike is most comfortable, but you have to get out there and explore it.

As far as missing the downshift to first, that's a common problem with new riders, especially if you wait until you are stopped to shift down to first. Try downshifting from 2nd to 1st while you are still moving, just before you stop. Also, don't put the bike in neutral while you are waiting at stop signs, or red lights until at least one car has come to a stop behind you. And always watch your rear until then. If you are in neutral with the clutch out and you see that the car coming up behind you isn't going to stop, you could be in trouble. If you are in gear with the clutch in, you can scoot out of the way.
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I'm also curious what RPM you guys normally shift at if your not trying for a new land spead record? I have found myself shifting around 6000, but cruising 50 to 60 in 5th or 6th, thats kind of a high gear to be in huh? This is on a F4i with 300 miles on it. I havent taken it above 8000 yet, thought I had to be "nice" for a while. Do I?
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up to now (400 miles), I was shifting to second right after I started moving. Then shiftin up each gear at about 3000 rpm.
This left me in 6th gear doing around 50 mph.
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Heck I figure out how to Shift it and Make the Front end Come up in 4th, like 1/2 inch or it gets a little lite. Scary stuff, but as you guys know, you're moving by the time 4th gear happens. Just had to add that in.
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