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Angry My Rant: Shorts and T-Shirts (Semi-Long)

OK, I rant rarely, but my drive in this morning drove me to type this.

I'm cruising along (in my cage) just heading to work and there are a large number of bikes out this morning...and here's what I saw.

4 Goldwings - All riders wearing shorts and T-shirts, 0 Helmets, 0 Gloves
3 Cruisers - 2 Jean's and T, 1 Shorts and T, 0 Helmets, 0 Gloves
5 Sportbikes - 5 Jeans, 4 T's, 1 Jacket, All Gloves, All Helmets

So the logical deduction is that sportbike riders seem to have more brains than the others.....WRONG!!!!

Why is it that the general public passes a blind eye to a 60 year old guy cruising along on his Wing with Shorts, T and shades, but when a guy/gal on a sportbike goes by in full/mostly full gear they rant and rant about how dangerous we are?

The reality is (to me as an observation here in Phoenix) That sportbike riders are 100% more inclined to wear a lid than any other type of rider, we're about 50% more inclined to wear a minimum jacket and gloves, 75% more inclined to wear at least jeans and decent boots...Cruisers are slightly less protective and Wings are the least concerned about their safety?

What I usually get if I pull up next to a wing or hardley is a grunt (if that), when really I should be the one sitting there shaking my head because this a-hole refuses to wear any gear, and when he wrecks he ends up affecting my insurance rates and my general reputation (because all moto accidents get lumped together).

I recognize its hot here, and I can understand slacking up on the jacket, but how much of a moron do you have to be to hop on a bike with sneakers and shorts on with no lid?

It just dumbfounds me that they give licenses to these people...and that they continue to live while die hard riders (like most of us) suffer the true tragic accident when a cage slides out in front of us, or some other circumstance arises that we can't prevent....

Not that there is much we can do about it, other than protect our own reputation by promoting things like "The Pace", Proper Gear, good riding techniques and education. Because the truth to the public is "That guy on that Crotch Rocket is way more dangerous than that fat slob plopped on that Wing" (nothing personal Wing riders).

Just my rant....
Have a nice day
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Thumbs up damn straight

i agree. i've been riding for 5 years and have only been on a bike twice without the bucket. everytime i'm at a light and somebody pulls up next to me without a lid i ask 'em why. you'd be amazed what people will try and pass off as logic. bottom line no one is allowed to ride with my group without buckets. nothing personal, but if i don't get to know you then i don't have to go to your funeral either. yea it may be your life and your bike but like red said it affects my insurance rates everytime the paramedics have to scrape your ass off the sidewalk. i know its hot in the southwest in the summer but nobody said riding a bike was going to be easy.
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Thumbs down Sorry for hte length

I agree!!! Unfortunately I used to be one of those people that would ride without a jacket in the summer (it gets damn hot and stickey in GA).

But, one day on the way to work I low sided my bike becasue I accidentally locked up the front tire during a panic stop. You know trunk suddenly stops to see some thing on the shoulder and me being a rookie rider did not reailze that I was following to close. I was going less that 20 Mph when the bike finally decided to lay down and go to sleep with me still on it. I was not seriously hurt (I always wore my helmet just no jacket or gloves) but, I hated those strawberries and realized form then that I could have been very messed up.

I learned my lesson and traded my 'cool looking' full leather jacket for a Teknic textile one and have always wore while riding ever since.
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Haha, Hey bro! (Congo_Grey)

There are a LOT of cruisers here at VA beach, and I will say that none of them wear jackets or gloves.

In fact very few sports bikes wear very much as well (from what I have noticed). I have been riding by myself because I don't care to ride with people who don't at least wear a Jacket and gloves (helmet is law).

I always wear Leather Jacket, Gloves, Helm, and these big ass boots that make me feel like a dork.

Rather sweat a bucket then bleed a bucket.
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i dont know about arizona but i have seen 2 women leave a HD shop wearing nothing but shorts and bikini top in florida.
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Originally posted by bs7206
i dont know about arizona but i have seen 2 women leave a HD shop wearing nothing but shorts and bikini top in florida.
God bless 'em!

I just went home for my 10 year reunion. It was very weird seeing folks ride around without helmets, as WA is a helmet law state.

Most of the bikers were cruiser/HD types, and I noticed more of them without helmets than the sportbike guys, though the sportbikers held their own in the "deficiently dressed" category.

It doesn't have to be fun to be "fun".
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I think the deal is that most of the cruiser and touring bike riders that you see dressed that way can be grouped into 2 categories.

1. The middle aged guy that just now can afford to get a bike, or is going through a midlife crisis, so he goes out and buys a Goldwing or a Vulcan or Intruder, VTX, whatever. He almost invariable refuses to take the MSF course, because "He knows how to ride, and he really doesn't ride enough for anything to happen to him." He doesn't wear protective gear because, it costs too much, it's uncomfortable and he doesn't ride much anyway. He is scary.

2. The "Harley rider". This guy can be just about anybody, but a very large percentage of the are White Collar Executive types that like to break out of the mold and act like the hooligan 1 percenter on the weekends. These guys are posers. They have something to prove and wearing protective gear isn't "macho." They are into the Harley acccessories.

Many of both categories have been riding less than a year and will put less that 1500 miles on their bikes in a year. A high percentage of them will turn into foamy pink streaks on the pavement before the year is up.

I ride a Goldwing on long trips and occasionally use it to commute to work. I have been riding for 32 years now, though. I won't ride anything without the appropriate riding gear. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went on a cruise through the mountains for a Saturday on the Goldwing. We got behnd another Goldwing for about 4 or 5 miles. I was honestly afraid to pass the guy, because he was so shakey, that I thought he would freak out if I did and crash into me or something. He was also riding two up with his wife/girlfriend on the back. The were both in shorts, sandals and T-shirts. They were wearing helmets because it is required in Georgia. He was on the brakes all the way through EVERY corner. I was sure that he was going to crash at any time, but somehow, he didn't.

In this area, we definitely have our share of the squids on sportbikes too, though. I see 'em all the time hangin' off the seat in corners, wheelying in traffic, burnouts in parking lots...all in shorts and t-shirts. You would think that if you have ridden a sportbike for more than two weeks, you would have scared the bejeezus out of yourself enough times to at least convince you to wear the right gear.
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IMO i think that the general public thinks...

that since they have been cut off or seen someone that has been cut off they assume that all riders drive like this. This puts a stigma on sportbike riders. Pulling off a wheelie, burning out or doing an endo wil just re-enforce there opinions of us.
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When I bought my bike, a 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200s, the guys where I work all said those things will kill you. They all have Harleys. I'm wearing a helmet, jacket, gloves and all I see them wearing are their illegal skull caps. They say the legal one are too big. Who's the one thats gonna get killed when they lay down their bike and rap their head on the ground?
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No protection on a Goldwing..

You don't need protection if you're riding a Goldwing - hey you're almost in a car I mean any driver in their right mind wouldn't put out infront of one of these things - they're almost as big as they are
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